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Gold rose to a two-and-a-half-month high as investors sought haven after European stocks plummeted, as did rising tensions between Western powers and Saudi Arabia. 

By 1822 GMT, the spot price of gold was up 0.7 percent at $ 1266.50 an ounce after jumping earlier by more than 1 percent to hit its highest level since July 26 at $ 1233.26 an ounce. US gold futures rose $ 8.3, or 0.68 percent, to $ 1230.3 an ounce in the settlement. 
Among other precious metals, platinum rose 0.2 percent to $ 838.25 an ounce after touching its peak since July 10 at $ 850.10. 

Palladium jumped 1.7 percent to $ 1,083.90 an ounce, while silver rose about 1 percent to $ 14.69 an ounce. 

Source: Reuters

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The Egyptian security authorities at Cairo airport announced that the airport received five passengers yesterday morning and arrived on board one of the aircraft coming from Kuwait accompanied by a number of security men. 
In the interrogation of the deportees by the competent authorities at the airport, they acknowledged the violations and said that they were arrested by the Kuwaiti security authorities because of their illegal residence and their violation of working conditions.


A maid weeps when she leaves the home of her sponsor on vacation and advises the family members!

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Five expats under interrogation

The Hawalli police have interrogated five people in connection with the murder of an Egyptian, identified only as Abdu, who was working for a contracting company, reports Al-Anba daily.

Two of the five have since been released on bail while the other three are still being held by the security authorities for further interrogations. A security source said police have not ruled that out one of the suspects, identified only as R, who shared the room with the victim, is the prime suspect.

The sources say, R and two of his friends might have thrown the victim to his death from the fifth floor following a quarrel between R and the victim, a charge denied by the trio. It is learnt the victim’s lifeless body was found on the floor of the building compound three hours after the quarrel.

According to a security source, the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry was informed about the corpse last Thursday evening and police and personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department rushed to the spot and found the man in a pool of blood. It has been reported seven other men of the same nationality lived in the apartment which was rented by the employer company. The source said the security authorities have ruled out suicide.

Source : Arabtimes


Kuwait the general department of residence of the ministry of internal affairs of Kuwait today invited employers and residents who ensure domestic employment to renew medical examination procedures for such employment as soon as they return to the country.

According to a statement by the public administration for security relations and information, " according to the recommendations of the ministry of health the need to examine domestic employment of nationals of some states leaving the country and then return to them after their travel period, employers and residents have to review Department of public health of the ministry of health to renew procedures for medical examination of employment covered immediately after returning to the country ".
She explained that domestic labour, which required renewal of medical examination upon return from abroad, was nationals of " Angola, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea, the Gambia, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and South Africa And Djibouti ".
The Categories Covered by the resolution were also nationals of "Kenya, Somalia, the Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Cameroon, Benin, Zambia, Malawi, the Philippines, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Namibia and the congo".
The resolution also included nationals of "Bangladesh, côte d ' Ivoire, Nigeria, Niger, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nepal, Chad, Myanmar, Myanmar, India, Togo, GHANA AND MADAGASCAR".


Kuwait The Ministry of Interior's General Directorate of Residency Affairs has demanded citizens and residents to make new medical checkup to their domestic workers as soon as they returned from abroad.
The Directorate identified workers from over 30 nationalities as being affected by the new regulation.

In a press statement, the Ministry's Public Relations and Security Media Department noted that the decision was take upon a recommendation from the Ministry of Health.

Sponsors of the domestic workers have to visit the Public Health Department of the Health Ministry to conduct the medical tests for their maids once they come back, emphasized the ministry.

It pointed out that domestic workers from the following countries are affected by the new regulation: Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Central Africa, Uganda, South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Eritrea, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Cameroon, Benin, Zambia, Malawi, Philippines, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Congo, Bangladesh, Cأ´te d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Niger, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nepal, Chad, Ceylon, Myanmar, India, Togo, Ghana and Madagascar.

MOI: New medical examination of domestic workers is required or any domestic worker entering the country including those who have traveled and returned to their jobs in Kuwait

List of countries requiring medical examination on return:

Sri Lanka
Central Africa 
South Africa
Senegal Eritrea
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Burkina Faso 
Côte d'Ivoire 
Sierra Leone 

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte does not have cancer, the acting interior minister said on Tuesday (Oct 9), after the firebrand leader underwent tests in a private hospital.

 The public has been clamouring for information about Duterte's health after the 73-year-old missed two official events last week.

“He disclosed to us that the result of the test was negative, the one where they took samples from his intestines,” Eduardo Ano told reporters in an event posted on Facebook live by domestic news agencies.

Ano said Duterte made the disclosure during a cabinet meeting on Monday night. The president made an unscheduled visit to a hospital when doctors asked him to repeat digestive tract procedures three weeks after similar tests.

Duterte’s condition “is not serious” and will remain a confidential matter, his spokesman, Harry Roque, told a separate news briefing, declining either to confirm or deny the prior remarks of the acting interior minister.

“The president will abide by the constitution, but because it is not serious, he will treat his medical condition as confidential,” he said. Roque declined to give details of the test results and Duterte’s health.

“Let us wait for his disclosure. Anything that is confidential can be waived by the person alone.”

The Philippine constitution provides for the public to be told of the state of health of an incumbent president, if serious. If the leader dies in office, permanently disabled or removed through impeachment, the vice president succeeds to serve out the rest of a six-year, single term.

Vice President Leni Robredo, an opposition leader, was elected separately in 2016 and could fuel uncertainty in the succession process in a highly polarised political climate.

Duterte’s health was a constant source of speculation after he disappeared from public view for a week last year but his aides dismissed rumours of his medical condition.

Over the weekend, Duterte was in Hong Kong with his partner and young daughter on an unannounced trip, with his special assistant, Bong Go, posting pictures of the family on social media.

 Source: straitstimes

 This came after footage capturing the celebration was uploaded on a social media news page. In it, people can be seen gathered around the pet, offering him a birthday cupcake. 

While the phenomenon isn't new to the country, with several pet care centers offering birthday treats as part of their services, it still led to a heated discussion online. 

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The husband of the Filipina who claimed all contacts with his wife were lost for 18 months while working in Kuwait has voluntarily left for her home country, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a security source, she left for the Philippines at 12:00 noon on Sunday.

It is not known if she will return with her husband who raised the issue of her disappearance? The alleged missing wife was found working with another sponsor and she was interrogated in this regard before she left the country.


 Source: arabtimesonline
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