US national under contract with US Army accused of drug trafficking


Kuwait City-An American national suspected of dealing in drugs is under investigation in Kuwait.

The suspect, who works under contract with the US military base in Kuwait, is accused of selling all types of drugs to students. 

Initial investigation revealed that he targeted mainly male and female students enrolled at foreign schools and universities, as well as the European and Asian expatriate communities. 

The anti-narcotics officers arrested him in an undercover operation and seized drugs worth KD1 million, in addition to other cash money in Kuwait and foreign currencies, gold chains, watches and other valuable items. 

The officer, identified as “Eric B”, received the gold chains, watches and other valuable items from foreign students in exchange for supplying them with drugs, mainly in the governorates of Al-Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabeer. 

He confessed to smuggling the drug undercover of the consignments shipped to the YS Army in Kuwait, exploiting a serious security loophole. 

Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major-General Khalid Al-Dayeen gave directives to refer the suspect to the Public Prosecution and launch an inquiry. 

The suspect, who was born in 1970, lived in the neighbours of Al-Manqaf. He was caught red-handed as he was selling drugs to an undercover anti-narcotics officer near his house. 

The anti-narcotics and liquor squads searched his accommodation and seized 6 kilogrammes of marijuana, 250 grammes of pure cocaine, a scale, KD40,000, 47,000 Pesos, a big quantity of gold chairns, watchers and neckalces and 8 bottles of imported liquors. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will address a detailed report to the US embassy in Kuwait about the case of the suspect, nicknamed “The Emperor” among his customer.

Filipino maids dancing on a street

Filipino maids dancing on a street in Bayan district, Kuwait / SUMMER JAM



Kuwait Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday the closure of a pharmacy and a clinic in a basement of a residential building in Mahboula.

As soon as the ministry heard about this illegal place, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice, the medications were seized, the ministry said in a press release.

The amounts of medical drugs and equipment used in the clinic and pharmacy were confiscated by the authorities and being processed according to regular procedures.
After inspection, the seized drugs and equipment turned out to be illegal and unlicensed.

Your next smartphone could be worn on your wrist.

The flexible phone you can wrap around your wrist: Chinese firm to take on Apple with radical handset

Your next smartphone could be worn on your wrist. 

Chinese phone manufacturer Nubia has released a prototype device that's part smartwatch and part smartphone. 

Called the Nubia Alpha, its creators are billing it as the 'world's most advanced wearable smartphone.


The gadget attempts to make the sci-fi dream of a screen that wraps around the user's wrist a reality. 

Nubia Alpha, which was featured at the IFA 2018 conference in Berlin, uses the firm's proprietary 'Flex' screen, which is a large organic LED panel. 

The screen is situated inside a plastic case and a metal wrist strap that features traditional watch links.

It runs on an Android operating system, Engadget noted, and has all 'essential functions of a smartphone to the user at their fingertips.'



  • Makes and takes calls using 4G network connectivity
  • Plays music and videos
  • Can act as a fitness tracker 
  • Takes photos or places video calls
  • Displays notifications 
  • Can be used to pay for purchases
  • Includes a 'Find My Phone' function 

So far, it has basic functions like the ability to make or take phone calls thanks to 4G network connectivity. 

It also tracks health data, such as your steps, can be used to control music, pay for purchases and it has a Find My Phone function in case you've misplaced your iPhone.

Nubia Alpha also has an onboard camera that can take selfies or be used to make video calls. 



Despite its somewhat clunky watch face, users have reported that the device still remains light and not too heavy when worn on a wrist. 

Even though the Nubia Alpha was put on flashy display at IFA, the ZTE spinoff didn't release any details about the device's specifications. 

It's not yet known what the screen's resolution is, what kind of processor it uses, or its memory and battery life. 

The company says these things are likely to change in the next few weeks as it ramps up development of the Nubia Alpha. 



What's more, the device is still in the early stages of development, according to the company. 

Still, it's aiming for the Alpha to be ready for launch before the end of the year in China. 

It could also be ready for global release by the end of 2018. 

Nubia noted that the Alpha would likely be priced in the same range as smartphones that are currently in the market, so in other words, it could cost as much as $1,000.

That could be a detractor for some consumers, as the device currently can't run Android apps without each developer formatting their application for the Alpha's elongated display. 



It comes as Samsung and other smartphone makers have been teasing foldable phones. 

This week, Samsung indicated that its foldable smartphone could go on sale as soon as November.

If Samsung does release a foldable phone, the event might serve as an indicator for whether or not consumers are on board with the flexible screen trend and, in turn, devices like the Nubia Alpha. 



Samsung has previously been awarded a patent for a radical design that allows a phone to fold in two.

It could lead to a handset that can easily transform into a tablet - simply by unfolding it. 


A complex hinge allows the device to be folded in half


When folded, the device resembles a wallet, patent drawings have shown

The document shows a narrow Samsung device with a screen that bends and folds like an old-school flip phone handset, with a large hinge.

The device is described as something that can be 'folded or unfolded semi automatically.'  


Tokyo: A powerful typhoon slammed into western Japan on Tuesday, inundating the region’s main international airport and blowing a tanker into a bridge, disrupting land and air travel and leaving thousands stranded. At least 11 people died and more than 300 were injured.Jebi, reportedly the strongest typhoon to make landfall in Japan since 1993, headed north across the main island of Honshu toward the Sea of Japan. It was off the northern coast of Fukui on Tuesday evening with sustained winds of 126 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 180 km.
































A number of schools will be shut down until next Sunday

Some schools decided to suspend the study until next Sunday because of the breakdown of air conditioning units, despite the previous assurances of the Ministry of Education full readiness for the new academic year. One of the schools that decided to disable the school is Al-Fadl ibn Abbas Primary School (a) Boys belonging to Hawalli Educational Zone, and Abdul Karim Al-Saeed School

Disabling study until next Sunday due to conditioning

The ministry said in a statement: The tour of the Minister of Education and Higher Education d. Hamed Al-Azmi, in a number of schools in different areas, during which he called for an urgent meeting of the directors of the educational zones and the leaders of the ministry, after the detection of a defect in schools relating to the conditioning and maintenance, where the minister found during his tour that some classrooms do not have air conditioning, creating a state of discontent between teachers And students and parents, who have been forced to withdraw their children from schools to avoid the heat, and maintenance contracts will be the focus of the minister's meeting with regional managers and leaders, and the Minister will take legal action against the defaulters



Humidity is going to stay with us till Sept 20

Kuwait Astronomer Dr. Saleh Al-Ojairi: Humidity is going to stay with us till Sept 20


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Kuwait announces 1 day holiday for Islamic New Year

The first day of the Islamic New Year Muharram 1, 1440 will be announced after moon sighting in the country


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Kuwait Food Bank plans to have several charity projects in India

Kuwait Food Bank is continuing to follow up the project to dig dozens of wells and build 100 mosques in India, Kuwait Food Bank Director-General Salem Al-Hamar stated on Saturday.

The project was launched by the bank this year to provide a decent life for the needy outside of Kuwait and a suitable environment for housing communities and religious duties, Al-Hamar said in a press statement.
Al-Hamar noted that the value of mosque construction in India is about KD 2,500 (about USD 8,257), and the wells' cost starts from 50 KD (about USD 165)

Muslim people in remote Indian areas are in dire need for drilling fresh water wells, where they suffer the most to get a drop of water, he added

Kuwait Airways operates additional flight to Baku today

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said Kuwait Airways would send an additional flight to Baku, Azerbaijan, Saturday morning to bring back Kuwaiti Citizens whose returning flights on Wataniya Airways were cancelled.

DGCA said in a statement, and urged Citizens in Baku to contact KuwaitConsulate in the Azeri capital to arrange their return on following numbers: (+994) 502-330-536 or (+994) 509-999-661