Unsafe’ girls school shutdown in Fahaheel

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Ministry of Education has responded to warnings from the Government Center for Tests, Quality Control and Researches at the Ministry of Public Works and decided to shut down Latifah Al-Fares High School for Girls at Fahaheel in Ahmadi Educational Area, thus transferring 700 students therein due to report that buildings of the school are no longer safe, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting a source explained that the concretes were detected to have cracked, indicating the structures could collapse at any moment. He said the Educational Facilities Sector decided to shut down the school and include it on the list of structures to be pulled down for reconstruction, and excluded the school from those in service for academic year 2018/2019.

He informed that immediately after the decision was taken to shut down the school, the problem concerning the mechanism of distributing the students to other schools surfaced. He indicated one of the two schools selected for this purpose is not at Fahaheel, so concerned students and their parents were confused.


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Woman Dragged, Robbed In Fahaheel

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Kuwait An Egyptian woman filed a complaint at Fahaheel police station against an unidentified person who assaulted her and robbed her bag after being dragged, a case was registered

Three arrested in connection to Asian man’s death

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Interior Ministry operations received a call about a dead body found in the parking lot of a Salmiya school. Investigations revealed that three of the Asian man’s friends were involved in his death. The three were arrested and confessed that the victim was with them when they were abusing the psychoactive drug ‘chemical’, which is a street name for a drug prepared from ‘Spice’ (synthetic marijuana) with added chemicals. The victim lost consciousness and started bleeding from the mouth and nose, so his friends dumped him between cars and escaped, they said. They were sent to concerned authorities.

Secret of BANANA" Made in india ???



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Cricket.. Ball-and-bat game extremely popular during weekends in Kuwait

Cricket, the world-renowned bat-and-ball game, has millions of followers globally and in Kuwait many enjoy playing the sport during the weekends.

At any given Friday, one could spot a large group of Indian and Pakistani players playing cricket with a passion, possibly outnumbering the amount of people who play football or basketball. For more infocheck the website https://www.kuwait-cricket.com/


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Kuwait aviation authority addresses ultimatum to Wataniya Airways

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Saturday addressed an ultimatum to Wataniya Airways to resolve problems such as recurring flights' delay and cancellation.

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The DGC warned in a statement that in case the company failed to fulfil its duties properly, its permit would be suspended, effective September 6 for three months as an initial penalty, while compelling it to fulfil its financial and legal liabilities toward passengers.
If Wataniya Airways fails again to tackle these problems, it will be stripped of the license permanently.

The directorate said several warnings had been given to the company to no avail. It assured passengers that it would do its best to ensure their safety and rights, vowing to follow up on Wataniya's commitment to secure their comeback either on its aircraft or planes of other companies.


Olly Esse, an Italian DJ, has alleged that she was manhandled by an Air India outsourcing staff at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on August 19, a charge denied by the national carrier.

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M Mahesh, Airport police inspector said they received a complaint from her on April 19 and booked a case under sections for punishment for voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation of IPC and were investigating it.

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In a video posted in the social media, Ms Esse said she was travelling on an Air India flight to Delhi, which was delayed by nine hours. She went to the Air India counter and asked for help, but the employee at the desk did not respond properly.

"The lady at the desk who was supposed to help me was rude. At the end of the story she slapped me. I want to complain to the police, but that was not possible as the guy (police) who should take the complaint was not there. I feel violated," she said in the video.

When contacted an AI spokesperson denied the charge and said the lady whom Esse met at the Air India counter was an outsourcing employee. 

"The person (female employee) is an outsourcing employee. She did not slap her. That was a false allegation. Ms Esse was filming the employee with her mobile phone, to which she (the employee) objected and tried to stop her. In the melee, her phone slipped from her hand, but did not fall on the ground," the Air India official told PTI.

The police official said they verifying the footage and that investigation was going on.

 Source: timesofindia


An investigation into a deadly plane crash at Nepal's international airport has blamed the captain who wept and suffered an emotional breakdown during the flight after his skills had been questioned, according to a draft of the report leaked Monday (Aug 27).


The Mar 12 flight from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka crash-landed at Kathmandu airport and skidded into a football field where it burst into flames, killing 51 people in the deadliest aviation accident in the Himalayan nation for decades.

The draft copy of the final investigation report, seen by AFP, concludes the US-Bangla Airlines captain was "under stress and emotionally disturbed" after a female co-worker had "questioned his reputation as a good instructor".

"This mistrust and stress led him to continuously smoke in the cockpit and also suffer an emotional breakdown several times during the flight," it says.

Captain Abid Sultan was "crying and sneezing on several occasions during the flight", it adds.

During the short flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu, Sultan - a former Bangladesh Air Force pilot who was also an instructor for the airline - talked non-stop as he tried to impress upon the junior co-pilot his competence and proficiency.

The captain's constant monologue led to the "total disorientation" of the co-pilot, who was flying the plane when it crashed. Prithula Rashid had only recently qualified and had never previously landed at Kathmandu airport.

Nepal's only international airport lies in a narrow bowl-shaped valley with the Himalayas to the north, making it a notoriously challenging place to land.

The wreckage of the airplane that crashed near the international airport in Kathmandu in March: an official report has blamed the pilot


As the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 turboprop approached the runway it made a last-minute change of direction, failed to sufficiently reduce its speed and did not carry out the necessary landing checks, investigators said.

The report revised the final death toll up to 51, including both pilots. Twenty passengers miraculously escaped the burning wreckage but sustained serious injuries.


Conflicting reports that emerged shortly after the crash had suggested confusion between the pilot and air traffic control may have caused the accident.

The report said air traffic control did confuse the two ends of the runway - referred to as "Runway 02" and "Runway 20" - but concluded "this had no impact on the flight".

A source at Nepal's Tourism Ministry, which led the probe into the crash, confirmed the authenticity of the draft.

The accident was Nepal's deadliest since September 1992, when all 167 people aboard a Pakistan International Airlines plane were killed when it crashed as it approached Kathmandu airport.

Just two months earlier a Thai Airways aircraft had crashed near the same airport, killing 113 people.

Nepal's poor air safety record is largely blamed on inadequate maintenance and sub-standard management. Accidents are common and Nepal-based airlines are banned from flying in European Union airspace.


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Rebranding Boracay into a normal tourist destination instead of a party island comparable to Ibiza or Majorca will be the government's priority with its reopening, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat said Wednesday.


"It won't really be a party place anymore. We want it to be as it is, more peaceful, and we want to promote sustainable tourism," Puyat said in an interview on ANC.

Puyat believes the move will not affect Boracay's yearly income of $1 billion as tourist arrivals in the country during the island's months-long closure did not let up.

"Tourism arrivals increased by 11.35 percent. That was a surprise for me because I thought it would dip because of the closure of Boracay," said Puyat, who thanked the private sector for diverting tourists to other Philippine destinations.

She repeated President Rodrigo Duterte's policy of prohibiting casinos on the island, months after plans to build a $500-million integrated casino-resort on Boracay were shelved.

"There will be no casinos on Boracay," Puyat said. "We follow the President's directive."

An ad campaign is underway for the soft opening of Boracay on October 26.

Aside from limiting the number of guests on the island and establishing a curfew, the island will also see e-tricycles donated by the Department of Energy exclusively used in its streets.

Puyat said she will meet with the secretaries of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Department of the Interior and Local Government to discuss the state of Boracay before its reopening.

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Some 300 to 1,000 caregiver jobs in Japan will be up for grabs for Filipinos in the next few months, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).


In his report on Balitanghali on Thursday, GMA News' JP Soriano said the guidelines for the Japanese government’s Technical Internship Training Program (TITP) have been finalized and are expected to be signed for implementation in September.

POEA deputy administrator Jocelyn Sanchez said applicants should keep an eye out for more job orders coming from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies.

"Mag-abang and mag-prepare na rin 'yung mga tao sa mga documents niya," she said.

The salary under the TITP has yet to be disclosed. However, according to the POEA, care workers in Japan are paid more compared to other Asian and European countries.

The goverment agency said it was possible that the salary would start at no less than P50,000 to P70,000 per month.

The POEA said applicants, apart from finishing a course on caregiving, are not necessarily required to be fluent in Niponggo.

"Pag napili ka, sila 'yung bahala du'n sa...language training fee mo," Sanchez said.

Aside from the TITP, the POEA is also coordinating with the Chinese government regarding 1,000 jobs for Filipino English teachers.

In the mean time, the POEA advised job-seekers to monitor job orders posted on www.poea.gov.ph. and be cautious about bogus recruiters.

 Source: gmanetwork