Two Iraqi policemen killed in suicide attack near Kirkuk


At least two policemen were killed and three wounded today in a suicide car bomb attack on a checkpoint near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, police sources said.  
Police said the attack took place in the Abbasi district, about 65 km southwest of Kirkuk.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Plan to control school goods


The sector of commercial control and consumer protection in the Ministry of Commerce that the sector has taken the necessary measures to control the prices of school goods through the development of the necessary plans.

The sector said in a press statement that the inspection teams distributed to the six provinces began to work on the control of goods and receive complaints related to the school season.

He pointed out that the sector has developed a plan in preparation for the academic year by forming specialized teams touring the cooperative societies and central and parallel markets to find out the discipline of the companies providing the school goods and their commitment to the regulations and standards circulated by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

The sector revealed that during the inspection tours of the teams were seized a number of companies did not put prices on their goods in addition to the existence of two different prices for the same goods.

And that they have been referred to the competent authorities to take necessary and apply the necessary punishment.

The sector noted that all companies that sell school supplies must adhere to the laws in force so as not to be exposed to legal violations.


Kuwait: An Indian worker in his 50s died on the job after his head was smashed with a heavy metal piece at a worksite in Burgan, a case was registered, in another case, An Indian driver ended his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to the ceiling of his room in Firdous area, police went to the building and recovered the body after receiving an emergency call about the incident, his corpse was referred to the forensics department.

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No work permit nor renewal of residence for Expats over 60 years old

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Govt restructures procedure for hiring workers

As a measure to resolve the issue of population imbalance and the need to regulate the labor market, Ministry of Interior with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Public Authority for Manpower have issued a series of decisions and physical procedures to reduce the number of residency law violators, and unskilled and marginal workers.

A source was quoted as saying that government has restructured the procedure of hiring workers with new rules and regulations to be issued by the Public Authority for Manpower soon. He said the new regulation will prohibit hiring of workers who are above 60 years old and not 65 as observed in the past. It also includes stopping the renewal of work permit for expatriate workers after age 60. He revealed the new regulation will exempt certain rare and important professions.

However, those exempted must stick to their specialties. He stated “it is illogical to hire a domestic worker or driver who is above 60 years old, so the new procedure will control this process to improve the quality of workers and ability to carry out their duties, while reducing the number of expatriates who are 60 years old and above to restructure the population imbalance.”

Meanwhile, Ministry of Interior is said to be coordinating with several government agencies to control the issuance of work permits to unskilled workers due to reports cautioning that marginal workers quickly transform to security risks and putting pressure on public services.

They added the ministry is determined to deport residency law violators and persons wanted for criminal offenses who are caught during security campaigns.

They revealed the ministry has come out with several recommendations to solve the problem, which includes reduction in the rate of work permits issued to Egyptians, Syrians and Pakistanis to the barest minimum, indicating it will be restricted to government contracts, highly qualified people and technical specialties.

The fees for hiring of workers and health insurance will be increased as well, while workers will be mandated to undergo medical tests before entering the country. They affirmed that a decision will be issued soon to limit family visits to spouses and children only for one month, and it’s not renewable.


Source: Arab Times 

Unsafe’ girls school shutdown in Fahaheel

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Ministry of Education has responded to warnings from the Government Center for Tests, Quality Control and Researches at the Ministry of Public Works and decided to shut down Latifah Al-Fares High School for Girls at Fahaheel in Ahmadi Educational Area, thus transferring 700 students therein due to report that buildings of the school are no longer safe, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting a source explained that the concretes were detected to have cracked, indicating the structures could collapse at any moment. He said the Educational Facilities Sector decided to shut down the school and include it on the list of structures to be pulled down for reconstruction, and excluded the school from those in service for academic year 2018/2019.

He informed that immediately after the decision was taken to shut down the school, the problem concerning the mechanism of distributing the students to other schools surfaced. He indicated one of the two schools selected for this purpose is not at Fahaheel, so concerned students and their parents were confused.


Source : arabtimes

Woman Dragged, Robbed In Fahaheel

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Kuwait An Egyptian woman filed a complaint at Fahaheel police station against an unidentified person who assaulted her and robbed her bag after being dragged, a case was registered

Three arrested in connection to Asian man’s death

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Interior Ministry operations received a call about a dead body found in the parking lot of a Salmiya school. Investigations revealed that three of the Asian man’s friends were involved in his death. The three were arrested and confessed that the victim was with them when they were abusing the psychoactive drug ‘chemical’, which is a street name for a drug prepared from ‘Spice’ (synthetic marijuana) with added chemicals. The victim lost consciousness and started bleeding from the mouth and nose, so his friends dumped him between cars and escaped, they said. They were sent to concerned authorities.

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Cricket.. Ball-and-bat game extremely popular during weekends in Kuwait

Cricket, the world-renowned bat-and-ball game, has millions of followers globally and in Kuwait many enjoy playing the sport during the weekends.

At any given Friday, one could spot a large group of Indian and Pakistani players playing cricket with a passion, possibly outnumbering the amount of people who play football or basketball. For more infocheck the website https://www.kuwait-cricket.com/


Source: Kuna