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Lebanese authorities just banned 'The Nun'

Lebanese authorities just banned 'The Nun' for religious reasons

In yet another controversial decision, Lebanese authorities have just banned the new supernatural horror film The Nun from screening across the country.

The movie - which tells the story of a priest and a young novice sent by the Vatican to investigate the suicide of a nun in Romania - was deemed "offensive to the Christian faith" by Lebanese officials.

"We received a verbal confirmation from the General Security," Georges Asmar, founder of media agency Moviegoers.me, told The New Arab.

"Last Wednesday, the Catholic committee watched the movie and asked the General Security to ban it in Lebanon for religious reasons," Asmar added.

On Monday, March Lebanon - an NGO fighting censorship in Lebanon - said the ban has not been confirmed yet.

 The film, which has already been releasedin the UAE, has also been removed from Vox Cinemas' list of upcoming movies in Lebanon.

Furthermore, it does not appear on Grand Cinemas' or CinemaCity's list of upcomingmovies either.

Anis Tabet, a film reviewer in Lebanon, confirmed the news



Not the only film to be banned for "religious reasons"

In August, Lebanese authorities pulledthe horror film Annabelle 2: Creation from theaters the night it was scheduled to premiere across the country. 

Movie theaters were askedto put the film on hold after Christian clerics expressed their objection to some of its scenes.

Censorship in Lebanon

In recent months, the country censored several local independent film productions and banned Hollywood blockbusters including Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

The ban on Gadot's film was hailed by many, given that the Israeli actress had once been a soldier in the occupying state's army and even commended a military attack on Lebanon.

However, there have been inconsistencies in the way such decisions have been made over the years.

"We need to highlight the inconsistencies with censorship in Lebanon and then its absurdity. There is nothing about this movie that [warrants] it being banned. It's kind of alarming and that's why we need to raise our voices to prevent this from happening," Lea Baroudi, the president of March Lebanon, told The Daily Star in January.


Source: By Leyal Khalife


Kuwait: A Filipina maid who went missing in Kuwait has been found inside a house in Hatteen area, a police source said on Wednesday.Ronalyn Yonting Lawagan was reported to have run away from her employer after working for 2 years was found inside a house in Hatteen area.
Earlier, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait announced that the officials are looking for a missing ofw.

the Citizen and the maid will be sent next Sunday to the General Directorate of Residency for the investigation.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 17:48

Husband strangles wife to death

Image result for Suicide

A 54-year-old Kuwaiti man killed his wife in the neighbourhood of Jaber Al Ahmed, according to Al Qabas.

The suspect assaulted his 48-year-old wife during a heated argument before strangling her to death.

The suspected killer then surrendered to the police who handed him over to the competent authorities for investigation.

He confessed to strangling his Kuwaiti wife to death following a heated argument, claiming that he had no intention of killing her.

Related image

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to pay an official visit to Kuwait next month.

Al Anba newspaper quoted a high-level diplomatic source, who confirmed the visit is scheduled for mid-October.

The same source said President Duterte would designate a new ambassador to Kuwait before he visits the country.

Former ambassador Renato Villa, who was declared persona non-grata and ordered to leave Kuwait, was appointed Deputy Ambassador in Washington.

Kuwait City: A bilateral meeting will reportedly be held late this month to discuss the issues of Filipino expatriates and the implementation of the agreement which was signed in this regard between Kuwait and Manila.

Diplomats from Kuwait and the Philippines will take part in the meeting that will focus on details of the deal and the contracts binding domestic helpers to their employers.

Citing sources, Alqabas said that the Philippines president’s Adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers Abdullah Mamao recently met Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Ministry Khalid Al-Jarallah and expressed his country’s satisfaction at the pace of growing relations


Kuwait City: South Saad Al Abdullah city in Kuwait is billed as the Middle East’s first development to be both green and "smart", according to Euronews.

Construction work on the site, which will cover 64 square-kilometres and cost an estimated $4 billion, is expected to start late next year.

The smart city is part of the country’s 30-year vision to transform itself into a hub for trade, finance and tourism - cutting its dependency on oil revenues.

The project is being developed in partnership with South Korea and once finished, it will be home to around 400,000 people.


“We’re thinking about using a lot of ideas like smart mobility, in which we’ll use the latest technologies to control the traffic management and monitor the infrastructure,” reveals Naser Adel Khraibut, deputy director general of Kuwait’s Public Authority for Housing Welfare.

Whilst South Saad Al Abdullah city is still a few years off, smart technologies are already being built into other new housing developments like South Al-Mutlaa, close to the capital.

The foundations are just being laid for what is Kuwait's largest housing project so far - with more than 28,000 homes being created.

For architecture companies in Kuwait, the ever-changing needs of the population are disrupting traditional design thinking.


“We’ve been doing business in Kuwait for over 50 years now and the way that we design and the way that our projects are configured is totally different,” says Ian Purser, PACE’s head of architecture.

“That’s important for Kuwait and it’s important for the future - because of the population growth, because of the demands on the economy, for the demands of the environment,” he adds.

Kuwait's oldest souk is also being earmarked for the "smart" treatment. University researcher Ali Al Enezi has come up with a hi-tech vision to take it into the future.

“There’s huge potential here,” he says, “starting from parking, where we will have sensors. Plus, we could have technology to manage the souk, starting from cleaning, water management and supervisors.”

Kuwait is one of the countries in the Middle East with ambitious plans to develop connected, competitive and convenient cities - contributing to the global smart cities market which it’s estimated will be worth $2.6 trillion by 2025.

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Video: Shop selling statues shut down


Kuwait City: A shop selling miniatures and statues has been shut down in Kuwait.

Social Media users launched a hashtag calling on the authorities to shut down the controversial business, reported Almarsd.

They claimed that the “miniatures and statues would be worshipped as idols within years”.

Scholars and clerics had also their say, considering that Islam bans idolatry.


Municipal Councilor in the governorate of Hawali posted a tweet announcing the closure of the shop which sells items described as “haram”.

A video recording posted on the social media websites showed empty shelves after the removal of statues and miniatures.

Kuwait City –  An Asian expatriate man was sentenced to one year and eight months in jail for defaming the British ambassador to Kuwait.

The defendant was arrested after posting a message on social media websites threatening the British envoy.

The Criminal Court of Appeals convicted him of committing a hostile act targeting the British Ambassador and ordered his deportation on serving the prison sentence. 


Colombo: A Kuwaiti man and woman convicted of assaulting customs officers at Sri Lanka's main international airport were handed a six month jail sentence suspended for five years, an official said Saturday.

A magistrate sentenced on Friday the 32-year-old woman and her 29-year-old male partner, who were also fined 138,000 rupees ($860).

They were arrested trying to smuggle in a Burmese Mastiff into the country in July without following quarantine procedures. The woman was caught on CCTV cameras assaulting customs officers who tried to stop them.

Bringing pets into the island without quarantine clearance can lead to the forfeiture of the animal as well as a fine of up to 100,000 rupees ($625).

Customs spokesman Vipula Minuwanpitiya said the pet dog was confiscated and later given back to the couple to be taken out of the country.


Expats will be allowed to stay back in the country for a "longer period of time" after retirement, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has announced. He did not specify how long the residency period would be.

This came as Sheikh Mohammed chaired a Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

"We approved a decision to reduce the fees of electricity in the industrial field. We also approved a one-day court system at the federal level," the UAE Vice-President tweeted.

Sheikh Mohammed also said that the Cabinet has approved new federal standards for all public and private hospitals in the country.

"Today, we chaired the first Cabinet meeting after the summer holiday. We will continue our journey of improving the national economy," Sheikh Mohammed said. "We are going to keep on updating and improving our government."


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