An Indian tourist was killed and another was injured during a shootout in Bangkok, Thai police said today.


The shootout between two groups of teenagers took place on Sunday night next to a parking lot of the Centara Watergate Pavilion shopping mall in the city's Pratunam area, reports Xinhua news agency.

According to Metropolitan Police One commander Pol. Major General Senit Samransamruatkit, the unidentified attackers were armed with AK-47 assault rifles.

The police said the two groups emerged from a nearby snooker club into an alley beside the parking lot and the fight quickly escalated into an armed battle.  Three more people - two Thai, one Lao - were also injured.

 Source: ndtv

Nearly 2,000 bodies have been recovered from Palu since an earthquake and tsunami struck the Indonesian city, an official said on Monday (Oct 8), warning the number would rise with thousands still missing.


The death toll from the twin disaster on Sulawesi island that erased whole suburbs in Palu has reached 1,944, said local military spokesman M Thohir.

"That number is expected to rise, because we have not received orders to halt the search for bodies," Thohir, who is also a member of the government's official Palu quake taskforce, told AFP on Monday.

Authorities have said as many as 5,000 are believed missing in two hard-hit areas since the Sep 28 disaster - indicating far more may have perished than the current toll.

Hopes of finding anyone alive have faded and the search for survivors amid the wreckage has turned to gathering and accounting for the dead.

The disaster agency said the official search for the unaccounted would continue until Oct 11 at which point they would be listed as missing, presumed dead.

The government has said it will declare those communities flattened in Palu as mass graves and leave them untouched.

Gopal, whose aunt and uncle are missing, picked through wreckage on Monday knowing just days were left to find his loved ones.

"Even if they (search teams) stop looking, we will still try to find them ourselves," the 40-year-old said in Balaroa, one of the hardest hit neighbourhoods.

"When we can no longer do it ourselves, we leave it to Allah," Gopal, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, added.

Excavators and rescuers combed Balaroa on Monday, where a massive government housing complex was all but swallowed up by the disaster.

Rescuers have struggled to extract decomposing bodies from the tangled mess left behind.

Officials say as many as 5,000 people were feared buried at Balaroa and Petobo, another decimated community.

Petobo, a cluster of villages, was subsumed when vibrations from the 7.5-magnitude quake turned soil to quicksand - a process known as liquefaction.

Relief efforts have escalated to assist 200,000 people in desperate need. Food and clean water remain in short supply, and many are dependent entirely on handouts to survive.

Helicopters have been running supply drops to more isolated communities outside Palu, where the full extent of the damage is still not entirely clear.

The Red Cross said Monday it had treated more than 1,800 people at medical clinics and administered first aid to a similar number in the immediate disaster zone.

Indonesia sits along the world's most tectonically active region, and its 260 million people are vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

 Source: channelnewsasia

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the cancellation of the application of the salary certificate from the Kuwaiti sponsor as of today, and the suspension of the financial guarantee imposed by the Philippine side on the recruitment offices in Kuwait. 

The source said that the meeting today, touched on the need to preserve the rights of all parties, and it was agreed not to require the presence of the Kuwaiti sponsor of the Philippine embassy upon the renewal of the contract of domestic labor. 

Sunday, 07 October 2018 22:28

Bahrain parliament approves draft VAT law

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Bahrain parliament approves draft VAT law 

Manama: legislators in Bahrain approved a draft law that would see value-added tax (VAT) imposed for the first time in the kingdom on goods and services. On Sunday, the kingdom’s bicameral parliament, holding an extraordinary session upon a royal order issued last week, approved VAT at the rate of 5% effective from January 1 next year.


Kuwait's human rights record has been widely praised by concerned international agencies, said an official Sunday.

"The political leadership attaches great importance to human rights issue", said Kuwait's Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Ambassador Sami Al-Hamad. His remarks came in a speech at the first Kuwaiti-Filipino technical meeting on the South Asian country's labor in Kuwait.


In the meeting, Ambassador Al-Hamad stressed Kuwait's keenness to cater for the rights of all residents, including the Filipino community, within the framework of laws in force.

He praised the positive role played by this community in various sectors, pointing out that this meeting strengthens the friendly relations between the two countries and their desire to overcome the recent crisis regarding the domestic workers' issue.


He assured the full readiness to cooperate with the Philippines to resolve all employment-related issues in line with local laws and regulations.

He also referred to Kuwait's "deep and friendly" relations with the Philippines, which are based on trust and cooperation in accordance with international charters and laws.
For his part, the Philippine's Deputy Foreign Minister for Domestic Workers' Affairs Renato Ibarley praised Kuwait's concern toward Filipino workers.


He stressed that bilateral relations are on "high levels," hoping to discuss the employment contracts in detail, including the provisions of housing and food, keeping of passports and cell phones, and opening of bank accounts for domestic workers.
He also expressed his appreciation to attend to such a meeting, which he described as "complementary" to the agreement reached last May on organizing Philippines domestic employment in Kuwait.

"In order to reach positive results, the Philippine is keen to implement the legal aspects to complete the agreement," Ibarley explained.


Meteorologists in Oman are on alert as forecast models predict the development of a tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea that is expected to make landfall later this week.




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KD 500 fine for burning garbage

As the camping season approaches environmental police have increased their presence in the areas and any acts of arson or ‘deliberate fire’ to get rid of garbage fall under Article 32 of the Environmental Protection Act of 2014 and its amendments.

The treatment, dumping or burning of garbage in non-designated places are punishable by KD 500 which can reach up to KD 10,000, local daily Al-Rai daily reported.

The Environment Police will apply the law firmly against the waste disposal in open areas in the desert.



The Embassy of India issues a new set of guidelines and advisory for Indian associations in Kuwait. According to the advisory to all Indian association, the embassy urges them to respect and comply with the relevant Rules & Regulations of the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Government of Kuwait. The Embassy also reiterate that the registration of the associations by the Embassy of India is an acknowledgement of their presence and functioning, and is not an assumption of any responsibility by the embassy for their activities. The responsibility lies entirely with the office-bearers of the associations, embassy stated. 

Recently, the embassy had removed number of associations from its registered association list. The registered association list currently contain 69 associations whereas the total number of association was over 250 last year. In its advisory to community associations, embassy says that a review of various associations will take place time to time and may remove the names of association according to the review report.

In its recent review, the embassy had removed number of associations from its registered list as in many case, it is found that they are either defunct or with no meaningful activities. A few remaining ones have been deviating from the terms of the registration including indulging in commercial activities, misrepresentation of membership details etc. The list on the website has been amended accordingly, and those associations desirous of renewing/reviving their registration may feel free to contact the embassy if they wish, embassy said in its advisory.

Government of Kuwait has displayed tremendous confidence and trust in the law-abiding nature of the Indian expatriate community. With its obligation towards ensuring responsible community activity, the Embassy said that the quality and vibrancy of the activities should be the guiding principle for associations. Taking into consideration of the sensitivities of the host government and the trust and confidence it has reposed in the community, the embassy will always maintain a reasonable balance between the essence and spirit behind the association, it said. 

According to the new guidelines, published by the embassy, a minimum 500 adult members, who are not counted in the membership of other associations, would be the general norm for accepting an application for an association. The validity of registration will be for 3 year, however, Embassy reserves the right to revisit and review the status at any time.

Any associations for smaller administrative units such as Residents’ and Alumni etc, Associations based of cities/towns/districts etc will not be considered for registration, while professional organizations such as Indian doctors, engineers, lawyers, business persons, Chartered Accountants, Nurses etc. are admissible and considered on case to case basis. 

An association needs to be in existence for at least 2 years with noteworthy contribution to its members to be considered for registration.

The guideline also says that the associations will undertake their activities from within their own membership resources. Embassy’s registration is not a permission for collection or soliciting of funds from general public, it says.

Any activity which is commercial in nature is not permitted for the registered association. The guideline also says about the requirement of written constitution/by-laws of the association, regular annual AGMs, change of office-bearers on a periodical basis in a democratic fashion, ideally every year or 2 years at the least. Inability to pass on the baton can/will be interpreted as lack of participatory membership and can be adequate grounds for annulment of registration. Similarly, misrepresentation of details will lead to immediate cancellation of registration.

Any application regarding the associations need to be addressed to the Community Associations Section of the embassy. The detailed guidelines and advisory are published on the Indian Embassy website at www.indembkwt.gov.in

The Philippine President has acknowledged that he was recently hospitalized due to Barrett's esophagus, an inflammation of the tube linking the mouth to the stomach.

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has promised that he would step down if he has any serious illness, including cancer, according to Bloomberg.

Speaking to graduates of the Philippine Military Academy, the 73-year-old acknowledged that he is waiting for the results of the tests to get to "know where I am now physically."

"But I would tell you that — if it's cancer, it's cancer. And if it's third stage, no more treatment. I will not prolong my agony in this office or anywhere," Duterte underscored.

He acknowledged that going to a hospital for digestive tract tests after his esophagus became inflamed.

Duterte also admitted suffering from daily migraines and spinal problems issues, in addition to Buerger's disease, an illness which affects the blood vessels and is caused by smoking.

Separately, he pointed out that incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo is "very good" and "gentle" but that she is "strategically weak" as a fit for the presidency.

The Philippine constitution stipulates that the country's president should disclose any serious illness to the public, and that the leader should be replaced by the vice president after resigning. Duterte's six-year term is slated to wrap up in 2022.

 Source: sputniknews

Police have arrested an unidentified Filipina married to a Kuwaiti. She was taken into custody for selling homemade food near the Philippine Embassy, reports Al-Rai daily.

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The arrest came after a Kuwaiti woman posted a video clip in the social media showing several women selling foodstuffs near the embassy without permission from the concerned authorities.

A security source said patrolmen rushed to the place but found one woman outside the embassy selling food.

When she was referred to the concerned authority to prepare her deportation from the country, the authorities discovered they could not deport her because she is married to a Kuwaiti. However, other measures will be taken against her.

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