US national under contract with US Army accused of drug trafficking


Kuwait City-An American national suspected of dealing in drugs is under investigation in Kuwait.

The suspect, who works under contract with the US military base in Kuwait, is accused of selling all types of drugs to students. 

Initial investigation revealed that he targeted mainly male and female students enrolled at foreign schools and universities, as well as the European and Asian expatriate communities. 

The anti-narcotics officers arrested him in an undercover operation and seized drugs worth KD1 million, in addition to other cash money in Kuwait and foreign currencies, gold chains, watches and other valuable items. 

The officer, identified as “Eric B”, received the gold chains, watches and other valuable items from foreign students in exchange for supplying them with drugs, mainly in the governorates of Al-Ahmadi and Mubarak Al-Kabeer. 

He confessed to smuggling the drug undercover of the consignments shipped to the YS Army in Kuwait, exploiting a serious security loophole. 

Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Major-General Khalid Al-Dayeen gave directives to refer the suspect to the Public Prosecution and launch an inquiry. 

The suspect, who was born in 1970, lived in the neighbours of Al-Manqaf. He was caught red-handed as he was selling drugs to an undercover anti-narcotics officer near his house. 

The anti-narcotics and liquor squads searched his accommodation and seized 6 kilogrammes of marijuana, 250 grammes of pure cocaine, a scale, KD40,000, 47,000 Pesos, a big quantity of gold chairns, watchers and neckalces and 8 bottles of imported liquors. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will address a detailed report to the US embassy in Kuwait about the case of the suspect, nicknamed “The Emperor” among his customer.

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