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The State of Kuwait is steadily moving forward in the vision of Kuwait 2035 towards realizing the desire of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to transform the country into a global financial and commercial center that attracts domestic and foreign investments. 
The "Silk City" project is spearheading the vision of Kuwait 2035 and is considered the largest marine front project that will put Kuwait on the economic, investment and tourist map of the world. 

Kuwait is currently working on improving public services, developing statistical systems and national information, and providing an attractive environment for investment in order to support development and improve the standard of living of citizens through various governmental institutions.
Kuwait will also focus on attracting foreign investors to the development of economic activities as well as achieving security stability in the region and the formation of fertile ground for further foreign investment. 

And accelerate the implementation of the project (the city of silk) has positive effects reflected on the economic, social and development of Kuwait and contribute to reduce government spending to be a key factor to attract domestic and foreign investments in light of the growing population growth. 
The project aims to address the challenges and transform them into strengths and opportunities that will help activate the partnership between the public and private sectors through the establishment of a model city to be followed in the world and put Kuwait in its position on the map of important financial and trade centers in the region and the world.

The idea of ​​the project, which is considered a dream for every Kuwaiti to establish an independent free trade zone and be subject to Kuwaiti sovereignty in full with the independence of administrative, financial and legislative and create a new fertile investment environment in the north of the Gulf covering various areas and sectors vital. 

The project aims at establishing an international economic zone in the north of the country that will help strengthen relations and cooperation with neighboring countries. The region will be densely populated by various nationalities to be the focus of the world's attention, not just Kuwait. 
The strategy of implementing the project depends on the exploitation of the Kuwaiti islands by financing their needs from the capital and private capital markets in addition to the State's contribution to the financing of this project.

Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait

The participation of Kuwaitis will be maximized in the process of establishing the city as it will organize training programs for Kuwaitis to learn the skills of project management, planning, design and construction followed by environmentally and socially committed construction practices. 
The Silk City project is located in Al-Sabia area in north-east Kuwait on an area of ​​250 square kilometers and is expected to take about 25 years to build at an estimated cost of US $ 86 billion. 

The Silk City project, which will accommodate 700,000 people, includes the construction of a 1001-meter (250-storey) tower, equipped with state-of-the-art climate-friendly technologies, including seven offices, facilities, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. The city is about 100 billion USD.
The project, the world's largest waterfront project, is one of the longest bridges to link the capital to the Silk City, which will provide a strategic link between the capital Kuwait and the northern region. 

Jaber Bridge, the fourth longest bridge in the world, is a key element in the plan to establish and develop a free economic zone in northern Kuwait. 

The five islands project, which is one of the most important and major projects of the development plan, includes the construction of the Greater Mubarak Port project which will contribute to the opening of the country to the world commercially and economically and serve the interests of Kuwait and the countries of the region. 

This port will support the plan of transport and ports and will serve 24 berths and will be a major hub for regional transport linking the land to the sea with multiple modes of transport, such as highways and railways, which will constitute a qualitative leap in the transit trade sector.
The city of Silk includes natural habitats, wildlife reserves and migratory bird sanctuaries from Africa and Central Asia. It contains vast areas for pasture and freshwater, an environmental research center and specialized scientific studies of natural life. 

Madinat al-Hareer/City of Silk by CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne Associates in Subiya, Kuwait

The project includes four residential, financial and commercial districts and a recreation village with resorts and hotels attracting tourists. It also includes cultural and sports centers. It also includes a residential area belonging to the Ministry of Housing, with housing vouchers and surrounded by Silk City (Zmoudi contract), which provides visitors with parks, parks and lakes. 

Including environmental protection for the conversion of landfills into land suitable for construction, the use of modern methods for oil and energy exploration and exploration, and the establishment of marine stations to monitor the provisions of the seven phases of the seven global standards for the protection of the marine environment. These environmental standards will transform Kuwait into a leading center for climate protection.

The city is also connected to a modern network of roads, transport, bridges and tunnels, which are connected to other cities in Kuwait and abroad, designed to avoid traffic congestion and problems resulting from the poor organization of the city's infrastructure. 

As for the legal considerations and the management of the project for the establishment of (Silk City), the city of silk is to be established for the establishment of a government company wholly owned by the State, which includes its authority to coordinate with the competent authorities in the State to prepare a special bill for the establishment, management and implementation of the "Silk City" project. And management of the Silk City project. 

The company distributes the city in phases, including each stage part of the economic, commercial and residential project and the establishment of public shareholding companies for each stage, distributed as follows the government sector and 20% share, while the private sector owns 40% and the remaining 40% for public subscription . 


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