Civil Aviation ahead of summer with "new services"


The General Administration of Civil Aviation has approved the travel season ahead of the start of the summer holiday and Eid holiday with a number of measures that will facilitate the travel of departures and arrivals, and relieve pressure and congestion at Kuwait International Airport.

Civil aviation procedures, including the introduction of automatic baggage inspection, the introduction of the first two passenger and transit passenger visas, the introduction of automatic passenger baggage and the installation of new baggage inspection equipment.

Improved services:
The report pointed to a number of improvements to airport services with the aim of reducing the load on Passenger Terminal «T1».

One of the most important mechanisms mentioned in the report is the reduction of additional flights and the increase in the volume of aircraft, as well as the opening of the passenger terminal of Jazeera Airways (T5) recently, which will reduce the load on the T1 terminal by 15% operating card up to 2.5 million passengers annually, and the transfer of a number of companies Economic Flight of Sheikh Saad Abdullah Building.

The report noted the operation of the passenger terminal T4 operating card up to 4.5 million passengers annually allocated to Kuwait Airways and is expected to run on July 25 next.

New Services:
As part of the improvement in the level of services, the report referred to the early delivery of bags outside the airport building for Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways, and the commissioning of a summer 2018 team to support civil aviation personnel to organize and assist passengers, as well as setting up information counters and passenger services in weight areas, Self Boarding Card Self Check in.

The report pointed to the creation of two new halls, the first to issue 500m2 passenger visas, the other for 500m2 passengers, the addition of a service for the delivery of passengers arriving at home at a symbolic price, and the installation of an external umbrella on the exit bridge with water sprinklers.

According to the report, there has been an increase in the number of seats for the passengers and the elderly in the areas of weight and arrivals lounge, and the implementation of the system of automatic luggage inspection of the weight areas 2 and 3, which contributes to the easing of security inspection lines, waiting and raise the level of security inspection and accuracy, Areas of weight 1 and 4 to areas of weight 2 and 3 in case of failure of the security services.

The report referred to the implementation of customs inspection system of the Customs Service through the installation of new equipment to inspect the bags of passengers arriving outside the Customs Hall and before receiving the passengers, which will facilitate the exit of passengers coming from the customs hall and increase the operational capacity of the arrivals hall and raise the level and accuracy of customs inspection, Cooling and air conditioning systems in the T1 passenger terminal, as well as the modernization of the T1 terminal.

Search bags:
The report pointed to the increase in the number of hand baggage inspection machines for passengers departing from 5 to 9 inspection devices, in addition to the work of 4 entrances to the transit area, the entrance of passengers citizens and the GCC countries. The entrance of foreign passengers, the entrance of the first class passengers and diplomats, the entrance of the crew of aircraft, not to mention the launch of awareness campaigns for passengers through social media to notify the passengers of the latest developments and the renewal of 4 existing chapels and the establishment of 6 new chapels in the Arrivals Hall.

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