Revealed: 10 cities with highest salaries this year

Analysts at a bank catalogue the salaries of workers around the world and here's what they find out

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Workers in Zurich, Switzerland are the highest paid in the world, while those in Dubai aren’t far behind, ranking among the top ten destinations where residents bring home the most cash, according to the latest analysis.

Deutsche Bank has recently catalogued the cost of goods and services in key cities to highlight how living costs vary from one place to another.

Analysts looked at everything from how much it costs to get a haircut or buy a pair of jeans to the monthly rent of a two-bedroom flat.

Among the indicators that the bank looked into is how much salary consumers pocket each month.

Out of the 48 cities included in the study, Zurich topped the list, with the average person working in Switzerland’s largest city bringing home $5,764 (Dh21,000), net of taxes, every 30 days.

Dubai came in at the ninth place, with an average monthly income of $3,447, or a little over Dh12,000. Current salaries in the emirate have dropped from the previous year’s average of $3,548, but they’re higher than those in a number of popular expatriate destinations, such as the cities in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and France.

Dubai has been ranked as one of the top cities for expatriates to live and work in.

However, workers in a number of American cities, such San Francisco, New York, Boston and Chicago are slightly better off compared to their peers in Dubai, with average salaries in those destinations averaging more than $3,400 (Dh12,400) a month.

10 cities with highest salaries
(Monthly salary, net of taxes)

1.Zurich, Switzerland: $5,764
2.San Francisco, US: $4,974
3. New York City, US: $4,115
4. Sydney, Australia: $3,914
5. Boston, US: $3,740
6. Oslo, Norway: $3,664
7. Chicago, US: $3,650
8. Copenhagen, Denmark: $3,462
9. Dubai, UAE: $3,447
10. Frankfurt, Germany: $3,389

At the other end of the scale are professionals in Jakarta, Indonesia, where workers earn only $436 (Dh1,600) a month, approximately 12 per cent of the average salary in Dubai.

Salaries are also among the lowest in Manila, Philippines, at $498 a month, as well as in the Indian cities of New Delhi ($666) and Bangalore ($764).

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