Kuwait on Tuesday expressed serious concern over the humanitarian crisis facing the Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar. 

Kuwait's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Jamal al-Ghunaim, said at a special special session of the council to discuss the situation of Myanmar Muslims that Kuwait immediately moved to help and help Muslims in Myanmar and continues to help them. 

Al-Ghunaim pointed out Kuwait's participation in the presidency of the international donor conference to support the Rohingya refugees and donate $ 15 million to help the needy. He also referred to Kuwait's call to the international community to shoulder its responsibilities in dealing with the Rohingya crisis.
Al-Ghunaim said that the importance of the special session of the Human Rights Council is based on the invitation of the Government of Myanmar to carry out its duties to protect the population of the Rakhine region of Myanmar and to cooperate fully with the fact-finding mission established by the UN Human Rights Council. 

He stressed the need to engage with the government of Bangladesh to return the people who were forced to leave their homes and to address the causes of the Rohingya crisis with the UN Human Rights Council follow up on this subject until a suitable solution is found. 
He called on members of the United Nations Human Rights Council to adopt the draft resolution before the session, saying that it would contribute to addressing the humanitarian crisis suffered by the Rohingya Muslims and minorities in Myanmar and the preservation and maintenance of their rights and end the brutal violations against them and prevent the return and repetition.

Al-Ghunaim told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the sidelines of the special session that Kuwait supported the convening of this meeting based on its conclusions concerning the need to deal with human rights crises through the UN mechanisms and through the Council as well. 
He added that Kuwait's efforts support international efforts to solve the problem of Myanmar Muslims, not only by dealing with the humanitarian aspect of the current crisis, but also by tackling its roots and starting to formulate fair solutions that guarantee the rights of minorities in Myanmar.

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