Aircraft belonging to Kuwait-based carrier catches fire after arriving in Hyderabad - reports

A plane belonging to Kuwait-based Jazeera Airways caught fire after landing in Hyderabad, India, on Wednesday, it has been reported.

Local media said one of the engines of the Jazeera Airways aircraft, carrying about 150 passengers, caught fire after arriving at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday morning.

Airport sources were quoted as saying that air traffic control staff alerted the pilot who shut down both the engines immediately.

All the passengers disembarked safely and no injuries were reported, local media said.

In April, Jazeera Airways announced double digit growth in both revenue and flown passengers in the first quarter of 2018.

The airline recorded an operating revenue of KD14.3 million, up 42.7 percent from Q1 2017, and a net loss of KD0.3 million, an improvement of KD0.636 million from Q1 2017.

Passenger numbers in the first three months of 2018 totalled 403,863, up 43.1 percent from the year-earlier period.

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday he might send the navy’s most modern frigate to waters off Libya in a bid to “save” three Filipinos and a South Korean kidnapped last month from a water plant in the north African country.

South Korea has redirected a vessel taking part in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden to help in the release of the four men taken almost a month ago, according to news agency Yonhap.

Duterte said he might do the same and would raise the issue next week at a regular meeting of his top military and police commanders.


“If they start hurting those three Filipinos, I will bring a frigate there, I am not kidding,” he said in a speech.

The men were taken near Ishwirif by an unknown armed group.

Video footage appeared on social media this week of the four men confirming their names and nationalities and appealing to their presidents for help.

Various armed groups, including Islamist militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State, have a presence in Libya. Risks for foreign workers have been high due to insecurity in much of the country in the years following a 2011 uprising.


KUWAIT, Aug 2 (KUNA) -- British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Thursday issued a statement apologizing for historical fabrications and false allegations about Kuwait's sovereignty.

It said that the question, which was raised by Trending Show presenter Rania Attar over Kuwait's historical sovereignty, appeared to have been asked in a wrong and unclear way that did not meet the BCC's impartiality criteria, and that's why an apology was needed.
It added that it cannot be a party in this regard or even adopt a certain view, especially in controversial matters, according to the statement.

"BBC would like to confirm that it handles such matters, which are related to its editorial policy based on balance, objectivity and neutrality, with much seriousness, and to do everything necessary to ensure that these criteria are met," it noted.
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information on Thursday categorically rebuffed the fabrications and allegations of a BBC Arabic show on Kuwait's sovereignty

Imran Khan on Monday said that he will take oath as Pakistan's Prime Minister on August 11, according to a media report.

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The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), led by 65-year-old Khan, has emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly (NA) after the July 25 elections, but it is still short of numbers to form the government on its own.

His party on Sunday announced that it is trying to reach out to smaller parties and independents to form the next government.

"Will take oath as Prime Minister on 11th of next month (August)," Khan was quoted as saying by Radio Pakistan.

"I have also decided about chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which I will announce in the next 48 hours. Whatever I have decided in this regard is in the best interest of people," he said while addressing PTI members of provincial assembly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

He said alleviation of poverty from interior Sindh will be among top priorities of his government.

Earlier, PTI spokesperson Naeemul Haque on Saturday told reporters that party chief Khan will take oath as the Prime Minister before August 14.

He said that he hoped the president would call an assembly session and Khan would take oath as premier before Independence day.

Although the PTI has emerged as the single-largest party in the National Assembly after the polls, the final results issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) show that the party is still short of numbers to form its government independently.

According to the results, the PTI has bagged 116 general seats - 22 short of simple majority - whereas the PML-N and PPP have won 64 and 43 seats, respectively.

The PTI is short of the 137 needed for simple majority and is trying to woo independents to join the party.

To meet the required number of votes, the PTI leadership has reportedly been approaching the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P), the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), PML-Quaid (PML-Q), and the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), as well as independents.

Meanwhile, two major parties - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party - have agreed on formulation of a "coordinated joint strategy" if the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf manages to form its government at the Centre.

 Source: timesofindia
Friday, 03 August 2018 11:18


An Aeromexico passenger plane with over 100 people on board has crashed after taking off from the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport near the city of Durango, Mexico.


Eighty people have been injured in the crash, the Durango state civil protection spokesman has said. The state governor says none were killed. According to the Mexican transport minister, the plane had 97 passengers and four crew members on board.According to unofficial reports cited by Milenio TV network, none of those on board were killed, and some of those injured managed to walk to the airport seeking help.

18 people who suffered injuries in the crash have been taken to hospital, Durango’s Health Ministry reported.

Two of the injured remain in critical condition, according to the Health Ministry.

Images of the scene published on social media show a plume of smoke rising from the ground near the tail of a plane with the Aeromexico logo on it.

A video has emerged showing firefighters hosing down the smoldering aircraft as they attempt to extinguish the fire.

Bad weather might have played a part in the plane’s hard landing. The aircraft was taking off in heavy rain, the governor of Durango state Rosas Aispuro told local broadcaster MVS News.

Passengers’ accounts seem to confirm that stormy weather might be to blame for the crash.

“The storm was very strong, there was no visibility, we took off and we fell,” Jaqueline Flores, who was on board of the ill-fated flight, told MVS News.

Mexican airport operator OMA, which runs the Durango airport, has named“adverse weather conditions” as a preliminary cause of the accident. Operations at the airport have been temporarily halted.

Aeromexico has confirmed that the crash of flight 2431, bound for Mexico City, took place shortly after takeoff from the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport. The plane was an Embraer 190 with a capacity for 100 passengers.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has instructed federal agencies, including the Secretariat of National Defense, to attend to the plane crash.

The plane has been in service for 10 years and was bought by Aeromexico in 2014. Before that, it belonged to US Airways and another US airline, Republic Airways, according to the Airfleets database.

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Militants abducted and killed three foreign nationals working for international food company Sodexo in Kabul on Thursday, deepening concerns about security of expatriates in Afghanistan.

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A senior diplomat and two Afghan security officials said the three worked as cooks at Sodexo, the world's second-largest food and catering services company.

"An Indian, a Malaysian and a Macedonian citizen were abducted and killed. We have found their bodies," Hashmat Stanekzai, spokesman for Kabul's police chief, told Reuters.

Kidnapping has been a major problem in Afghanistan in recent years. While it mainly affects Afghans abducted for ransom, foreigners have also been targeted, either by criminals looking for ransom or by militant groups.

The Malaysian national was 64, the Indian was 39 and the Macedonian was 37. They were all travelling for work with a local driver.

An Afghan security official said they found identity cards next to the bodies and officials at Sodexo in Afghanistan have confirmed their identities. The company had no immediate comment.

Police said the three men were abducted near Pul-e-Charkhi on the eastern outskirts of Kabul but their bodies were found in a car parked in the Mussahi district in the southern part of Kabul province.

"They were shot dead and their bodies were found inside a car," said Nusrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for the interior ministry.

Sodexo manages canteens and facilities for offices, the military, schools, hospitals and prisons, and also supplies vouchers for meals and gifts. Its clients range from the Royal Ascot Racecourse in England to the U.S. Marine Corps.

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Maria, a Filipina kid with no arms and legs, does not let her disability stop her from living like a normal kid. She was only a baby when American couple Adrianne and Jason Steward adopted her.

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At first, the couple admitted that they had no plans of adopting a kid but they changed their minds after seeing Maria in an orphanage in the Philippines.

“Maria was on this first email that we received. Once we saw her picture we just fell in love with her. She was so adorable and had the most amazing smile. We knew it would be a challenge raising a child born without limbs, but we also knew that with God’s help and being surrounding by such loving friends and family and an amazing community of support that we would be able to do it,” Adrianne shares their touching story to The Filipino Times.

Through the years, the couple faced some challenges in raising Maria because of her condition. But the child does not want them to put limits on her abilities.

Today, she continues to inspire others with her endearing smile and inspiring story.

“With Maria it is 10 times more rewarding and exciting because we understand how difficult it was for her to learn that skill and it always amazes us at what she is able to do that we didn’t expect her to be able to do,” Adrianne said.

Maria’s family has one message for her: “We want Maria to know that her disabilities do not define her. She was born exactly the way God intended her to be, and she is beautiful and perfect just the way she is. We will always love her and support her in anything she chooses to do in life.”

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Move comes amid emerging dispute over rules for employing domestic helpers from the Philippines

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Cairo: Kuwait plans pacts with four Asian countries to recruit domestic labour under clear regulations, Kuwaiti Minister of Social Affairs and State for Economic Affairs Hend Al Sabeeh has said.

The move comes amid a reported dispute over rules for employing domestic helpers from the Philippines.

 Al Sabeeh named India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as the other three countries.

“It is expected to recruit domestic helpers from India, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Bangladesh,” she said, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Naba.

The minister said that relevant agreements will be signed with authorities of the four countries after the holiday of the Muslim Eid Al Adha festival due later this month.

Al Sabeeh disclosed that a new online system is being developed based an application allowing the employer to select the house maid based on preferred nationality and age requirements. Fees will also paid via the application. “This way, we will be able to eliminate any corruption and guarantee rights of all sides,” she said.

“Work is also being done to handle illegal recruitment offices that do not meet regulations.”

Last month, head of the Kuwaiti Union of Domestic Labour Office, Khaled Al Dakhnan, said that an earlier pact on domestic labour between the Gulf country and the Philippines is in peril after Manila has demanded Kuwaiti recruitment offices to deposit an insurance fee of 10,000 dollars in banks to pay Filipinos in case of terming their contracts or withholding their salaries.

In May, both countries signed the agreement regulating the employment of domestic workers in Kuwait after their ties deteriorated over a row on treating Filipino employees and Kuwait’s expulsion of the Philippine ambassador.

Earlier this year, the Philippines banned its nationals from working in Kuwait over alleged abuses after a dead Filipina was found stuffed in a freezer inside an apartment in Kuwait.

The ban was later lifted amid a thaw in ties between the two countries.

Friday, 03 August 2018 09:54

Kuwaiti man fears ‘Alien abduction’

Police referred a Kuwaiti man, in his 40s, to the Psychiatric Hospital, reports Al-Shahed daily. The citizen stopped a police patrol at Sheikh Zayed Motorway asking for help, claiming that aliens want to take him. Upon checking security records, police found out an earlier order to withdraw the citizen’s driving license due to his condition

Mishal Kanoo advised the Kuwaiti influencer Sondos Al Qattan to apologise, but says 'clearer' laws are needed for domestic workers

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Mishal Kanoo advised the Kuwaiti influencer Sondos Al Qattan to apologise, but says 'clearer' laws are needed for domestic workers.

Kuwaiti influencer Sondos Al Qattan, who sparked worldwide outrage over controversial comments about domestic workers, has a ‘free right’ to her opinion, according to the chairman of Bahrain-based family conglomerate Kanoo Group.

Mishal Kanoo, one of the Gulf’s most prominent businessman, told Arabian Business that Al Qattan should be able to express her opinion.

“This is her opinion. I don't support it, but she is fully within her right to have her opinion and she should have the free space to say it,” he said.


Al Qattan, a makeup artist with 2.3 million followers on Instagram, criticised Kuwait’s legislation designed to protect the right of Filipina domestic workers.

“The new laws that have been passed [in Kuwait] are like a pathetic film. For her [domestic worker] to take a day off every week, that’s four days a month. Those are the days that she’ll be out. And we don’t know what she’ll be doing on those days, with her passport on her,” she said in a video in July, adding, "How can you have a 'servant' at home who keeps their own passport with them?"

The backlash saw a number of brands, including MAC Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills, cut ties with the social media star. This led Al Qattan to release another video where she states that the matter has been blown out of proportion, and that there are “more important things in life, like Botox”.

While Kanoo disagrees with Al Qattan, he believes laws surrounding domestic workers should be made ‘clearer’ as a household cannot be compared to a regular, corporate business environment.

“I think a full discussion needs to take place to help domestic workers know their rights, but also help employers know what they can legally do. I mean, no one should work 7 days a week, but a house is not like a business from 9 to 5. [There needs to be] a clearer way to be fair to both employer and employees,” he said.

The chairman added that he advises influencers like Al Qattan to think before they speak.

“We have an Arabic poem that says, ‘Your tongue is your horse. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. If you betray it, it will betray you’,” he said.

In a tweet on July 26, Kanoo had urged Al Qattan to apologise for her comments.

“She just doesn’t get it. Just apologize for the stupid statements and try to be a better person. But no. she had to defend her position. When will she learn?” he said.

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