Kuwait:  Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf has issued directives to the directors of all departments of Residency Affairs concerning the possibility of renewal of visit visas for expatriates who enter the country on various types of visit visas, for a maximum of two weeks under any humanitarian and medical reasons, provided they pay the relevant fees for the renewal.

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Major General Sheikh Faisal said this during an inspection tour of the building of General Department for Residency Affairs. He listened to observations, complaints, demands and obstacles facing citizens and expatriates. He told them about strict instructions from the Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior ret. Lieutenant General Khalid Al-Jarrah and the Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham to apply the law on everyone without exception and to iron out the obstacles facing visitors to all Residency Affairs departments.

Major General Sheikh Faisal affirmed that the directives of the ministry leadership stipulate the need to exert maximum possible effort for building team spirit and curbing the negative aspects that hinder progress and work mechanism.

It is worth mentioning that Major General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf had previously issued instructions to ensure all types of visit visas are valid for only one month instead of three months.

He had the opportunity to listen to presentations of all departments, express his observations and issue directives for ensuring improvement to the work process in order to enhance the services and provide them with ease.

Major General Sheikh Faisal asked the departments about the kind of support they might need to improve the services in order to achieve the desired success. He said continued efforts by the departments will represent a big blow to the violators of residency law, stressing the need to continue to pursuit of law-breakers with the cooperation of the concerned authorities in this regard in order to take suitable action against them as quickly as possible and deport them from the country.

Major General Sheikh Faisal called on the employees of all the Residency Affairs departments to work hard for improving the services so that better services can be offered to the public, but prioritizing people with special needs and the elderly.

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Kuwaiti social media star Sondos Al Qattan has returned to social media after a quick hiatus. She recently posted a photo of her thanking her 2.4 million followers for supporting her amid backslash on her controversial remark against Filipino domestic helpers.

The photo shows Al Qattan holding a cake designed with the words “Congratulations, Sondos” at the bottom.

“Thanks for your support,” Al Qattan captioned the photo with a heart emoji.


The Kuwaiti social media star also uploaded a video of her makeup tutorial and a selfie on Instagram.


Al Qattan found herself in hot water after questioning the Kuwaiti government’s reforms on the kafala system which now allows Filipino domestic workers to have the right to days off and possession of their own passports.

Since then, several beauty and cosmetic brands that used to be associated with, such as MAC Cosmetics, Phyto, Shiseido, Max Factor Arabia, Chelsea Beautique, and M. Micallef, have severed ties with her after the backlash she has received

However, she has also defended her side by telling those who criticize her to not “judge a person without full understanding of the situation.”


She also said that the attacks thrown to her are “attacks on Islam, the Hijab and Kuwait”.


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The Ministry of Interior publishes via the communication sites the baggage that is prohibited to enter the plane.
The Ministry of Interior has posted through the communication sites the names of the baggage that are prohibited from entering the plane in case of travel, as in the attached pictures. 

This comes in line with the expectations of increased travel during the coming days, especially with the holiday of Eid al-Adha. 

"Dear traveler, for security and safety during the flight, please follow the airport security instructions before boarding the plane," the ministry said




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Kuwait Airways are by no means the only airline in the Middle East to ban Israelis from their flights

Kuwait Airways agreed to compensate a British-Israeli woman in her discrimination claim for refusing to sell her a flight ticket due to her Israeli nationality as per the company’s policy.

“Kuwait Airways has agreed to pay substantial damages plus costs to an Israeli National who was refused a ticket on a Kuwait Airways flight from London to Bangkok on the grounds of her nationality,” the UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) published on its website, having helped the plaintiff Ms. Mandy Blumenthal obtain representation for her claim.

Despite agreeing to pay Ms. Blumenthal for her claim, the company did not admit liability.

The airline has justified its ban by pointing to a Kuwaiti law that prevents citizens from dealing "with entities or persons residing in Israel, or with Israeli citizenship."

Back in November 2017, Ms. Blumenthal was denied her wish to purchase a return ticket from London’s Heathrow airport to Thailand with a stopover in Kuwait.

A video of the incident posted on Youtube shows the Kuwait Airways ticket clerk repeatedly refusing to sell her a ticket due to the company’s police that “Israeli passport holders are not permitted to travel on Kuwait Airways”.

An attorney for Ms. Blumenthal in the matter, David Berens said the airline would now have to face a decision whether to end the discriminatory practice or end its UK routes entirely. 

“The law is clear: direct discrimination on grounds of nationality in the provision of a service to the public is illegal. Ms Blumenthal has done a service in showing up Kuwait Airways’ illegal policy. Kuwait Airways is now legally obliged to end this policy or end its services from the UK altogether,” he said. 

A German court ruled in favor of the company, upholding their policy of forbidding Israeli passport holders from flying with them, though a senior German Justice Department official urged the government to revoke landing rights for Kuwait Airways.

UKLFI confirmed that it would help other potential claimants following the favorable result.

The policy has caused no little controversy in recent years. The airline halted its flights between European cities in 2016 in the wake of lawsuits filed in Switzerland in the name of an Israeli, and in 2015 it stopped its flights from New York to London when the United States demanded that it drop its ban on Israeli passengers.

An Arab-Israeli social media star had also published a video denouncing Kuwait Airways' ban on Israeli passengers after being turned away when he tried to board a flight to India.

"This is daylight discrimination, and it should be illegal," Nuseir Yassin, also known as Nas, said in the video.

Nevertheless, Kuwait Airways are by no means the only airline in the Middle East to ban Israelis from their flights.

Despite Israeli officials repeatedly hinting at Saudi Arabia's increasing fondness for the Jewish state, the flagship air carrier of that country has freely admitted to barring Israelis from traveling on their jets.


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An Egyptian took revenge on his daughter's rapist and stabbed him with a knife inside the Public Prosecutor's Office in the Egyptian governorate of Beheira.

The father assaulted the young man raped his daughter during his presentation to the prosecution and transferred to Kafr El Dawar General Hospital in the province of the lake in critical condition.

The father of the 16-year-old girl was reported to have filed a rape complaint against his daughter, according to preliminary investigations and medical examination of the girl.

After the arrest of the accused and during the presentation to the Public Prosecution, the girl's father assaulted the young man with a knife and was taken to the hospital.

Syrian presidency sends wishes for a speedy recovery after first lady diagnosed with early stage malignant tumour


Asma al-Assad, the wife of embattled Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, Syrian officials have said. 

A post on the Syrian presidency’s official social media channels on Wednesday said Ms Assad had been diagnosed with a malignant tumour which was detected early. 

 The 42-year-old was bearing the illness with “strength, confidence and faith”, the announcement said, wishing her a speedy recovery.

The news was accompanied by a photograph of Ms Assad sitting in a chair in a hospital room hooked up to a saline drip whilst smiling at her husband sitting next to her. She appeared to have lost a severe amount of weight since her last high profile public engagement last month. 

Sana, the Syrian state news wire, said she was being treated at a military hospital in Damascus. 

A British citizen, Ms Assad was born and raised in London to Syrian parents. She worked in investment banking before marrying Mr Assad shortly after he took over the presidency following the death of his father Hafez in 2000. 


She has stood by her husband in her role as first lady since Arab Spring protests against the Assad family’s oppressive rule broke out in 2011.

The brutal now seven-year-old civil war is thought to have left 500,000 dead and displaced half of Syria’s pre-war population of 22 million from their homes. 

Ms Assad last appeared in public in July, meeting the children of Russian soldiers who have died fighting on the behalf of the Syrian government.

She and her husband read to the children, posed for photographs and played with a cat. 

The Syrian government was forced to deny rumours in Middle Eastern media last year that Mr Assad had suffered a stroke and mental health problems after speculation that leading a country engulfed in civil war had taken its toll on his health. 

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Mumbai : Major blast in Chembur BPCL factory

Mumbai : Major blast in Chembur BPCL factory ... Entire Chembur shaken Over 43 injured


At least 43 workers were injured after a fire broke out following a boiler blast in the refinery of Bharat Petroleum here this afternoon, officials said. The incident took place at the public sector oil firm's plant on the Mahul Road in Chembur area of East Mumbai around 2.45 PM, they said. Forty-three workers were injured in the incident, said Shahaji Umap, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-VI).

Kuwait: Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship, Passport and Residency Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf on Wednesday issued a circular to all residency affairs departments in all governorates to declare that all types of visit visa dependent, commercial & tourist will be valid for one month and will be extended up to 14 days only from entry with effect from Aug 8.

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Saudi Arabia has executed and crucified a man who stabbed a woman to death.

The man from Myanmar was beheaded and his body put on display on a cross in Mecca on Wednesday.  Elias Jamaleddeen broke into a woman's home firing a gun and then stabbed her.

Saudi Arabia has executed and crucified a man from Myanmar who stabbed a woman to death. Pictured: A previous crucifixion in Yemen
The man was beheaded and his body put on display on a cross in Mecca (pictured) on Wednesday

He was convicted of robbing her home and another, attempted rape, and stealing firearms and ammunition.

His conviction was upheld by the courts and his execution was endorsed by King Salman, the state-run Saudi Press Agency said.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world's top executioners, but crucifixions - in which the condemned is usually beheaded and then the body put on display - are rare.


Source: dailymail.co.uk

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