Eid al Adha on Tuesday August 21, 2018, Arafat Day on August 20

Eid al Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday August 21, 2018, Arafat day will be on Monday August 20, 2018, the Saudi Supreme Court announced after the Dhul Hijjah moon is sighted today on Saturday August 11, corresponding to 29th of Dhulka'edah 1439 AH

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Eid al Adha on Tuesday August 21, 2018

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Eid al Adha on Tuesday August 21, 2018, Arafat Day on August 20

Eid al Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday August 21, 2018, Arafat day will be on Monday August 20, 2018, the Saudi Supreme Court announced after the Dhul Hijjah moon is sighted today on Saturday August 11, corresponding to 29th of Dhulka'edah 1439 AH

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Local banks announces holiday for Eid

Local banks announces holiday for Eid ..

Kuwait The local banks will be closed on Monday, August 20 to August 23 on Eid Al-Adha holiday, the banks will reopen on Sunday, August 26th

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The Civil Service Bureau is preparing to form a committee to continue implementation of Civil Service Council Resolution No. 11 of 2017 on the rules and procedures for the appointment of government posts.

Sources explained that according to the text of the resolution, the Bureau will prepare a study for the next fiscal year 2020/2019, including the identification of functional groups covered by the recruitment of posts, and the percentage target of the number of Kuwaiti employees of the total employment force in the government.

The sources added that the work of the committee extends to each government agency separately, and then determine the number of non-Kuwaiti employees, whose services should be terminated to reach the percentage indicated in the resolution.

The sources said that the plan to dispense with expatriates working for the government for the new financial year, will not include more than 3000 arrivals, noting that the number will be less than last year.

The sources pointed out that the plan to dispense with expatriates can not take place once "it is difficult to dispense with all expatriates working in the government at once."

The decision aims to reach after 5 years the target percentage of Kuwaiti employees in the total labor force, according to the table issued for this decision.


A copy of the list of prices of the Kuwaiti vegetable product of vegetables and fruits in the Andalusia and Al-Sharja forests on Friday, according to the Kuwaiti Farmers Union.



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The Philippine president visits Israel

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterti will pay an official visit to Israel next month, which will take three days.

This is the first visit by a Philippine president to Israel.

The Israeli ambassador to Manila, Avi Ben Matityahu, said that the visit was due to start on September 3 and that Dotterti would meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin.

"It will be the first such visit by a Filipino president," Matityahu told reporters on Friday.

"Agreements are under way to strengthen military and economic relations between the two countries, as well as the relations between the two peoples," he said.

Duterti is expected to be accompanied by a business delegation, where he expects to sign contracts for cooperation in the fields of technology and manufacturing.

Matityahu expressed confidence that the trip would "pave the way for more positive energy" in bilateral relations.

He also expressed the hope that Duterti's visit would help start talks on direct flights between Manila and Tel Aviv to increase tourism rates.

There are about 30,000 Filipinos working in Israel, most of whom are caregivers for children or the elderly. Israel visited 23,000 and 500 Filipinos in 2017, up 61 percent from 2016, according to official statistics.

Sponsors view domestic helpers as child-like and untrustworthy, despite the extensive responsibilities they shoulder in caring for the home and children


A recent social media controversy in Kuwait stirred up regarding the working week of domestic helpers in Kuwait. The reality is that the vast majority of domestic workers do not get a weekly day off, despite the legal requirement to do so.
In an informal survey conducted by Kuwait Times with more than 200 Filipino domestic helpers, we found that around 78 percent do not get a day off work each week. The survey confirms that a majority of employers do not follow the domestic labor law, limiting their adult employees freedom and basic working rights.

A memorandum of agreement (MoA) was signed between the Philippines and Kuwait in May detailing working hours and days off that were specifically requested by the Filipino president in exchange for lifting a temporary ban he had imposed on sending Filipino workers in Kuwait. However, two months after the signing of the MoA, more than two-thirds of Filipina housemaids still do not get a weekly day off from work.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte imposed the ban in February in the wake of reports that Filipino workers were abused and even died in Kuwait, including domestic helper Joanna Demafelis, whose body was found in a freezer at her employers’ residence.

“I really hope and pray that one day, we are allowed to go out regularly. This is my wish – I really need a break after the long week of work. We are human beings and have all the right to take a break and enjoy life,” said Lina, a maid in Kuwait for more than 12 years.

“I only get a day off every Christmas – that’s it. But given the chance, I want to enjoy life during off days, but I don’t get any,” said Felicitas. Another participant in the survey said she only gets 2-3 hours off per month. “At least I can send money to my family in the Philippines,” she said.

Sponsors often treat domestic helpers, especially younger women from the Philippines, like little more than children. Though these women are legal adults and given huge responsibilities including the care and feeding of children, they are not permitted to leave the sponsors’ homes without chaperones.

“My mama (female employer) doesn’t allow me to visit Kuwait City or any other place without ‘bodyguards’ (ie without being accompanied by someone from the family) as they do not trust anyone mingling with us, especially strangers. I think this is okay – I am being cared for and protected,” said 56-year-old Amfaro F, a housemaid who has remained with one sponsor for the past 20 years.

Quite often sponsors cite possible risks including the helper obtaining a boyfriend and getting pregnant – a crime that can result in the helper going to jail, since sex outside of marriage is illegal in Kuwait – or the domestic worker absconding.
A 2015 report by the International Labor Organization on employers attitudes toward domestic helpers in Kuwait cites similar ideas:

“Another practice that reinforces the power and control of employers over domestic workers was the perception that it is up to the employer to grant a day off, rather than the domestic worker’s right to a rest day. Furthermore, if days off were granted, it was perceived that it is up to the employer whether the domestic worker could spend the day off outside or inside the home. “If the worker leaves the house she would later bring problems to the house.” “It is for her [domestic worker] security to stay at home.””

The last hints at another major problem. Sponsors view domestic helpers as child-like and untrustworthy, despite the extensive responsibilities they shoulder in caring for the home and children. This extends to the government on both sides as well.

In his recent visit to Kuwait, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Deputy Administrator Arnell Arevalo Ignacio floated an idea of a day care center for Filipino domestic helpers. Local agency owners initially agreed to the idea, but nothing has been heard about it since then.

“The memorandum of agreement is there and it was signed. But it is just a piece of paper and we have to do more, for example, the implementation, mechanism and some groundwork to meet the needs of all stakeholders. The president wants me to work on details. We didn’t sign this agreement just to leave it hanging,” Ignacio had said.

Initial talks on the MoA were held in July in Kuwait, to be followed by a second round of talks in the Philippines.




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Warned: Authorities in multiple countries

Warned: Authorities in multiple countries are warning teenagers about it after one young girl reportedly committed suicide

The rise of 'Momo': TERRIFYING doll-like character used in controversial 'suicide games' spreads fear online as social media users crown the viral figure the 'Slenderman of 2018'

Momo' is a viral challenge where the figure of the grotesque woman adds kids on WhatsApp to get them to do challenges. A similar situation with the character Slenderman .





إغلاق دوار الشيراتون حتى 8 سبتمبر

The Sheraton Roundabout closes until 8 September

The General Directorate of Traffic announced the closure of Al-Jahra road tunnel for the coming from Al-Jahra roundabout to the United Nations roundabout. The alternative route is the parallel service road parallel to the tunnel from Khaled Al-Marzouq Road "Second Ring Road" from Friday until Saturday September 8.

Israel pummeled the occupied Gaza Strip in more than a dozen strikes Wednesday night amid warnings from a United Nations official that hospitals in Gaza were about to run out of emergency fuel.

Gaza’s health ministry stated that Inas Muhammad Khamash, a pregnant 23-year-old, was killed by bombing in central Gaza along with her daughter Bayan, one and a half years old. The woman’s husband, Muhammad Khamash, was moderately injured.



Gaza’s health ministry also announced the death of Ali al-Ghandour, 30, in northern Gaza. The circumstances of his death were not immediately clear.

The assault followed a series of escalations beginning with the killing of two Gaza fighters Tuesday morning.

The Ma’an News Agency named the two men as Ahmad Murjan and Abd al-Hafiz al-Silawi, members of the Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

In that incident, Israel claimed that it hit a Hamas facility in response to fire from Gaza.

Hamas denied Israel’s claims and it later transpired that soldiers mistook gunfire during an exercise at a Hamas naval commando base for a sniper attack.

“Israeli troops mistakenly thought the gunfire was aimed at them and responded with tank fire,” the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

The shooting took place two kilometers away from where the soldiers, part of an engineering corps, were operating.

Palestinian groups fired dozens of rockets towards Israel – four of them hitting the southern Israeli town of Sderot – earlier in the evening on Wednesday after Israel attacked a “Hamas target” in northern Gaza.

That was reportedly in response to gunfire hitting a civilian vehicle involved in the construction of a barrier along the eastern perimeter of the territory, as is said to be shown in these photos:

Nine Israelis were injured as a result of rocket fire on Wednesday, according to Haaretz. Gaza’s health ministry reported six injuries requiring hospitalization.

Photos and videos uploaded to social media show Israeli strikes in densely populated areas in Gaza:



The escalation comes as Hamas and Israel were reportedly nearing a deal following weeks of indirect talks mediated by the United Nations and Egypt.

The multistage deal would reportedly see the easing of Israel’s blockade and the implementation of internationally funded humanitarian projects after the declaration of an immediate ceasefire, including the halting of incendiary kites and balloons sent from Gaza.

Nickolay Mladenov, the UN Middle East peace envoy, decried the escalation late Wednesday, stating that “Our collective efforts have prevented the situation from exploding until now.”

He warned that if not “contained immediately, the situation can rapidly deteriorate with devastating consequences for all people.”

Gaza’s health ministry warned earlier on Wednesday that its fuel reserves would soon run out and called on “all concerned parties to act soon to avoid disaster.”

UN humanitarian coordinator Jamie McGoldrick demanded that Israel immediately allow the entry of emergency fuel into Gaza.

“The well-being of two million people, half of whom are children, is at stake,” McGoldrick stated. “It is unacceptable that Palestinians in Gaza are repeatedly deprived of the most basic elements of a dignified life.”

Emergency fuel is needed urgently to prevent the closure of Gaza’s hospitals and the overflow of sewage into the streets of one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

“Hospitals and other critical health services are reducing operations, with five hospitals facing possible closure in the coming three days, if emergency fuel is not allowed in,” McGoldrick’s office stated.

Two thousand patients relying on electrical devices in Gaza’s hospitals are at highest risk.

Funding for emergency fuel for all critical facilities is due to run out in around a week, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

OCHA added that “$4.5 million [is] required to ensure that a minimum level of essential services can continue to run through the end of the year.”


Source: electronicintifada

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