Filipina sentenced 10 years in prison followed by deportation.


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Filipina sentenced 10 years in prison followed by deportation.


Kuwait : The Criminal Court has sentenced today a Filipina woman for pledging allegiance to the (ISIS) which sentenced to 10-year imprisonment with hard labor followed by deportation .

Manama: A Filipina arrested in Kuwait for planning terror attacks in the country has been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

The criminal court also ordered that the Daesh sympathiser be deported following the end of the prison sentence, Kuwaiti media reported on Sunday.The Filipina, who was arrested in Kuwait in August, has the right to challenge the sentence at the Court of Appeals.According to reports, Livani Azvilo Pescaeda, 32, had been exhorted by her Somali husband to commit a “successful suicide attack in order to enter Paradise.”

Justice sources reported that Pescaeda, who had entered Kuwait in June as a domestic helper was communicating with her husband, a member of the Daesh terror group in Libya, through a special application and that she was waiting for the necessary explosive equipment to carry out her suicide attack in the northern Arabian Gulf state.The source said that Pescaeda worked in Saudi Arabia for two years where she converted from Christianity to Islam upon marrying her Somali husband.She subsequently left Saudi Arabia, announced her allegiance to Daesh and attempted to join her husband and the terror group in Libya.

However, she was unable to reach Libya and Daesh decided to take her to Kuwait where she would carry a suicide attack, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported in August.The Filipina obtained a visa and entered Kuwait, posing as a domestic helper for a family to avoid raising any suspicions before carrying out her act of terrorism.However, the security authorities became aware of her plans after monitoring her electronic communication with the man who recruited her for Daesh and who proved to be her husband based on her confessions, the daily added.During her questioning, she admitted that her husband promised her she would go to Heaven if she carried out her suicide attack successfully.Daesh in June 2015 recruited a Saudi man who flew to Kuwait and committed a suicide attack that killed 27 worshippers and wounded 227 during a group prayer inside Sadiq Mosque.

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