Man kills two with Kalashnikov gun in Kuwait

Saudi man shoots dead brother and Kuwaiti; motive unknown yet

Cairo: A Saudi man went on the rampage on Monday and killed his brother and a Kuwaiti national, using a Kalashnikov gun, Kuwaiti media reported.

The murder, the motive of which is not clear yet, was carried out early on Monday in the district of Umm Al Hayman, south of the capital Kuwait City, Al Naba newspaper said.

The suspect, whose name was not disclosed, was arrested while he was attempting to escape into his homeland through the border crossing of Al Nuwaisib on Kuwait’s border with Saudi Arabia, the report said.

Police launched an investigation into the murder to determine its circumstances and motive, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Watan reported.

There was no immediate comment from Kuwait, or Saudi authorities on the report.

Tales of smuggling across the border

The smuggling stories on the barbed-wire fences are seen in a distance that does not exceed the distance of sight, the heroes of which are the Saudi Al-Khafji outlet and the Kuwaiti port of Nuweib. 

Adventures narrated by customs tracks witness to tales of the poisoned struggle led by Uncle Malboro with red and white masks. The flight of tobacco coils that took pictures and forms of smuggling between the two implementers after raising their prices recently with soft drinks. Between rising prices and manipulating importers, a black market run by labor and smugglers on the other hand are flourishing to dominate the funding channels for smokers and to monopolize the price imposed by the smuggler. 

There are many ways and means of passing smoke puffs on customs inspectors. Not every luck has a smuggler. Most of them are discovered and confiscated.

In this context, informed sources according to the newspaper "the citizen" Saudi Arabia the latest statistics on smuggling operations, where seized the largest shipment of Cruz Malboro, about 100 cartons of 2500 cherries of cigarettes, the youth are the most volatile and then followed by the category of families. 
On the most important positions that faced the officers of the port, one of them said to the "citizen" that he suspected a car carrying 10 passengers each day round trip back through the port of Khafji to the port of Nuweibe, to reveal the order of smuggling the equivalent of 2 cherries, a day, 

Malburo's smuggling activity is used to exploit the difference in price. Cherk is sold for 100 riyals in Kuwait. In Saudi Arabia, the smuggler sells it for 240 riyals and sells for 190 riyals. Saudi citizen 


The Directorate General of Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of the Interior commented on the video that was circulated on the social networking sites and includes the Egyptian victim being beaten by two citizens who were caught and one was being searched. 

The administration noted that after intensifying investigations and locating the fugitive citizen, the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation managed to arrest the other person who committed the incident at his residence in Salwa area and was taken to the Shuwaikh Industrial Investigation Office. 
And the investigation with him has made his confession on the incident and the necessary work in preparation for referral to the jurisdiction

Two citizens tried to smuggle 110 kg of narcotic cannabis across the sea into the country in collusion with five Iranians

Security forces seized 110 kg of narcotic cannabis Two citizens tried to smuggle them across the sea into the country in collusion with five Iranians.

In the details, the information received from the Ministry of Defense's intelligence and security agency had indicated that a large quantity of drugs was smuggled across the sea by a 42-year-old Kuwaiti citizen who was involved in drug trafficking cases and that the smuggling would take place on Tuesday evening. By the Criminal Security Sector (General Directorate for Drug Control) and the General Directorate of Coast Guard, take the necessary legal action.

The suspect, along with another partner, was also followed when they arrived at the old age of Fintas. They were caught on arrival with 110 kg of hashish. The General Directorate of the Coast Guard also arrested five Iranians on the lug carrying the drugs.

The General Directorate of Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of the Interior said that the suspects and seizures are being transferred to the jurisdiction.

'Real cash' international scammers using Facebook arrested in Kuwait

Police warn against tricks to dupe victims into paying money upfront

Two men belonging to an international scam and money laundering network have been arrested in Kuwait.

The men, one from South Africa and the other from Nigeria who had been sentenced to 10 years in jail in a different case, were implicated in duping Kuwaiti nationals and foreigners into transferring money ahead of receiving large amounts of cash.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior said that the network contacted people in Kuwait through social media — mainly Facebook — and built relations with them in order to get more personal details about their potential victims.

Afterwards, the fraudsters request assistance in transferring money to Kuwait where they want to settle with the large amounts of money in their possession.

The network subsequently dupes the victims into believing they will be receiving a cargo of millions of dollars to Kuwait by showing them fake documents and shipment policy forms filled in by a cargo company.

The victims, expecting the cargo, are duped into sending upfront money to the scammers.

The ministry’s media department said that another trick used by the international network was to show potential victims stacks of banknote-sized papers.

The victims were then told the bank notes were "real cash" (as shown above) — but dyed in green or black — supposedly to avoid detection by the authorities. 

The victims, led on to pay advance money as part of the deal, are told all they needed to do was to buy chemicals that would be used to remove the dye.

The Ministry of Interior thanked Kuwaitis and expatriates for their cooperation with the security agencies and urged them to continue their assistance to help tackle scammers and ensure there would be no victims.


A Lebanese teenager shot and killed his father and two other people, the building's keeper and his wife, Surian, in the Zaqqat al-Balat area near Husseiniya in Lebanon.

It was reported that four wounded people were injured in the area because of the fact that he fired at everyone he encountered on the road.

Securitymen have arrested two Egyptian nationals

Kuwait: Securitymen have arrested two Egyptian nationals for smuggling 3 kilos of Shabu inside a truck arrived from Iraq





MOI arrested a neurological formation of 6 people

The Criminal Security Department, represented by the General Directorate for Drug Control, has been able to control a neurological formation consisting of 6 people, including customs personnel and another in civil aviation, bringing in drugs from one European country and bringing them into the country for trafficking, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. 

In the details, the Department explained that information was received from one of the sources of the General Directorate for Drug Control, according to which one person brought large amounts of psychotropic substances and pills through the air cargo and with the assistance of a group of people of different nationalities. Fahaheel was found in possession of a quantity of narcotic substances.

The administration pointed out that, upon confronting the accused with information and investigations, he confessed to committing such acts and that a large consignment of narcotic substances was being completed without being revealed by his partners, two of whom were working in the General Administration of Customs. At the farm of one of the Wafra, a large quantity of Cepagon pills, estimated at 30 thousand tablets. 

The administration confirmed that the defendants admitted and admitted that they brought the narcotics in this way and with the help of a group of people, and that the shipment is still in the air cargo building where the shipment was revealed and it was a collection of bags (personal belongings) and inside a large quantity of narcotic pills by about 2 million grain. 

All the accused were arrested and referred to the competent authority to take legal action against them.

2928 violations and seizure of 132 vehicles and 55 violators during a traffic campaign

A traffic campaign was carried out in all areas of Kuwait under the supervision of Assistant Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, Major General Fahad Al-Shawi. All traffic departments and operations departments of the Traffic Sector participated in the liberation of 2928 traffic violations and 132 vehicles transferred to the parking garage. Two to the General Directorate for Drug Control, as well as three events to the concerned authorities.

Maj. Gen. Al-Shawi said in a statement on the sidelines of the campaign that "traffic campaigns continue on all areas to reduce acts of recklessness and care in the leadership and work on the application of the law to protect the users of the road," stressing that "traffic men through fixed and mobile patrols monitor the misconduct and direct the direct violations And indirect so that this deterrent to the violators.

 The campaign began for 12 hours from 5 pm to 5 am today.

The Public Relations and Security Information Department at the Ministry of Interior confirmed the continuity of the awareness campaigns in all the print, audio and video media, the Ministry of Interior website and the street signs in order to increase awareness and traffic culture among road users and to protect public and private lives and property.

Taxi Driver Arrested

An Egyptian taxi driver was arrested in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia in Khaitan area, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling Khaitan area when they suspected a taxi driver with a passenger and ordered him to pull over. However, as soon as the driver stopped, the passenger jumped out of the taxi and started running. Securitymen chased him but he managed to escape. When they asked the taxi driver about the passenger, he said he did not know him.

After securitymen asked the taxi driver for his civil ID card, they noticed a sachet containing a white substance in the driver’s pocket as he was pulling out his wallet. They checked him to find drugs and drug paraphernalia on him.

During interrogations, the taxi driver admitted that the runaway passenger is his friend of the same nationality and that they were taking drugs inside the taxi. The taxi driver was arrested and referred to the Drugs Control General Department. An arrest warrant was issued against the other suspect.