Interior Ministry stresses women’s right to drive without obstacles


JEDDAH: Women have the right to drive without facing any obstacles, and traffic regulations will be applied to both genders, said Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki. Female residents and citizens who want to familiarize themselves with traffic regulations can do so by reading the Traffic Law, he added.The speed limit might increase on some roads to 140 km per hour, so “it is crucial to follow speed signs,” he said.

The director general of the traffic department, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Bassami, said the amount that people are fined for violations is being reconsidered.

A new strategy will be ready in a few months that will include developing the performance of traffic personnel and relying on technology, he added. The traffic department is also developing a list of driving schools and monitoring them, as well as new regulations promoting public safety, Al-Bassami said.
Mobile radar will be used to monitor violating cars, drivers using their phones and those not wearing seatbelts, he added.

A traffic-violation points system will be applied in the Kingdom, as will a system of withdrawing driving licenses. According to a royal decree, women will be allowed to drive as of June 24, 2018, Al-Bassami said. “We are holding meetings to organize and prepare driving schools to receive female trainees,” he added.
Maj. Gen. Bassam Al-Attiyah of the Interior Ministry said there is an accident every minute, a death every 20 minutes and four injuries per hour, and 70 percent of accidents occur outside cities.

A royal decree was issued in September allowing women to drive in the Kingdom. It ordered the formation of a ministerial body to give advice on the practicalities of the edict within 30 days and to ensure the full implementation of the order by June 2018.
The prohibition of driving is considered a social issue in the Kingdom, as there is no actual law or religious edict that prohibits it.

Immediate compensation from insurance companies for those affected by traffic accidents

"Investigations" refer the chapter in the "simple" to the traffic sector

The General Directorate of Investigations intends to refer the chapter on minor traffic accidents that do not result in deaths to the traffic sector by the beginning of next year, so that the separation of accidents that cause deaths or injuries shall remain the responsibility of the General Directorate of Investigation.

Security sources told Al-Rai that the General Directorate of Investigations "counted 12 investigators for the training of traffic officers in the two provinces of the capital and was initially in charge of dealing with traffic accidents."

"The mechanism that will follow depends on the traffic sector to identify and photograph the damage and prepare a report of the incident, and the victim of the incident to bring a repair report including prices and then go to the area to receive an official report to the insurance company to obtain immediate compensation.

The sources said that «the agreement with the insurance companies provided that the companies compensate the affected amount of 300 dinars in the maximum, and if the estimated compensation increases the victim is sent to the judiciary with the aim of finding a more judging judgment through the courts».

A 5-magnitude earthquake hits southwest Turkey

A 5-magnitude earthquake hit southwest Turkey at 20:22 GMT on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said. 

The epicenter of the quake was 31 kilometers southeast of the Mugla province on the Aegean Sea and was at a depth of 10 kilometers, it said

ANNOUNCEMENT : Uber clients urged to change their ATM immediately

Kuwait: Cyber security & electronic crimes advisors Raed Al-Roumi urged clients to change their ATM cards which used in "Uber" app after the company admitted it covered up a data breach in 2016 that affected 57 million customers and drivers.


ANNOUNCEMENT KUWAIT : ALERT EVERYONE Fake gold jewelry worth KD 80,000 found at Mubarakiya, Alrai

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the seizure of 6 kilograms of counterfeit gold works of international and fake brands with a market value exceeding 80 thousand dinars imported at various sites distributed between Mubarakiyah and irrigation and forwarded to the Attorney General.

The ministry said in a statement that the seized works are counterfeit to international brands and stuffed with precious material for the purpose of weight gain, consumer fraud and profit illegally. 
The ministry confirmed the intensification of supervision rounds on the gold and jewelry markets, to verify the validity and safety of the scales used in the shops, as well as the percentage of stones added to the shops and other obligations stipulated in the law.

The ministry warned shop owners and workshops that they would not hesitate to apply the legally sanctioned penalties against violators and protect consumers from any kind of fraud that can be provided by the weak souls to increase their profits by deceiving the consumer.

She pointed out that she is following her surprise campaigns and monitoring precious metals and precious stones both in the markets and from the factories, at the level of factories located in the country or imported from abroad.

Accident at Al-Farwaniya High School for girls this morning


Al-Farwaniya High School for girls this morning and during its entrance to the school with a car inside which had crossed the iron fence in the middle of the night. 

The source said that "the owner of the car was unable to control it and hit the wall, which did not prevent him from entering the school building, indicating that the guard immediately contacted the director and the relevant authorities to inform them of the incident." 
He added that the owner of the car, a Somali citizen and a large age was exposed to some of the injuries transferred to the hospital for treatment.


Kuwait: Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash said any expatriate caught not wearing a seatbelt by the police or using a mobile phone while driving will be deported from the country

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 The Ministry of Health denied that the public health laboratories at the Ministry of Health had conducted any culture of onion bacteria and confirmed that it is not true what is claimed and traded on the image of the farm of bacteria, and it is true that the procedures used to examine onions, which are done in the laboratory by placing pieces of onions in a special detector .

The Ministry of Health appealed to the media, individuals and institutions to investigate the accuracy and objectivity before publishing news that harms health and food safety, and retains the legal right to pursue abusers to any health care services.




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Kuwait Cricket is currently participating organized by Pakistan Cricket Board under the Asian Cricket Council at National Cricket Academy in Lahore


Abdul Qayyum, Level 1 certified match official of Kuwait Cricket is currently participating in the ongoing Level 2 match official's course organized by Pakistan Cricket Board under the Asian Cricket Council at National Cricket Academy in Lahore where each associate country in the region is participating as well.

One of the senior and well respected umpires of Kuwait Cricket, Abdul Qayyum has officiated in some of the leading ACC tournaments in the past and is now aiming to become Level 2 certified to further strengthen the match officials department at KuwaitCricketOfficial











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