Student Visas | U.S. Embassy in Kuwait

Embassy of the United States in Kuwait on August 13 and 17 to issue student visas.

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Man Murders Wife In Nugra

Video / Egyptian killed his Lebanese wife in around the moment of handing himself to a security man
Kuwait: A Lebanese woman was killed in Nugra area where she was repeatedly stabbed by her husband, Police and paramedics rushed to the scene in response to an emergency call reporting a murder crime, The Egyptian suspect was referred to the proper authorities for further action.

Ministry of Interior: ‘Parking’ cars in places meant for disabled has been transformed from a traffic violation to a misdemeanor

Ministry of Interior  applies a law against those who wrongly use the parking spots designated for the disabled people has been transformed from a traffic violation to a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for one month and a fine of 100 dinars


Ministry of Works proposes to the Cabinet to impose fees

Newspaper: Ministry of Works proposes to the Cabinet to impose fees on the use of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway


Today In Kuwait's History ..

1990 Saudi Arabia hosts Kuwait's Crown Prince and Prime Minister His Hihgness Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah and Iraq's Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Ezzat Ibrahim in Jeddah to resolve a dispute ignited by Iraq when it accused Kuwait of stealing its oil. Iraq abandoned talks two hours after commencement.


Environmental Law Violations : Stricter Penalties for Garbage in Public

The following are some violations of the public cleaning law ( KuwaitPAGE )

- Throwing the paper Handkerchiefs or garbage or spitting on the sidewalks or roads or public places. 
- Leaving or throwing the wastes or Leftovers in front of houses or on roads or public places.
- Drying the clothes or carpets on the balconies that overlooking the roads and public places.
- Throwing the wastes of the trees or gardens in the public places 
- Throwing the animal?s manure in places that are not dedicated for that 
- Throwing or leaving the old hardware or equipment or parts of them on the sidewalks or public places.
- Throwing  or leaving the wastes or garbage bags in front of shops or public or private shops or  outside the containers that are used for that purpose .
- Leaving or throwing the leftovers  in gardens or beaches in the public places and land space 
- Leaving the neglected cars in roads or sidewalk in the public places.
- Not using the protective cover of the means of transportation tightly leads to the loss of their contents.
- Liquefaction  of sewage from absorptive holes  or sewers or links  or none tightly cover 
- Washing cars or machineries  or transportation means in none legal places


Kuwait municipality liberates 240 violations of the environment to people gathered in public places and leave their waste!

New increases in fees for health services for expats within two days

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Minister of Health Dr Jamal Al-Harbi announced activation of the decision to increase fees for services offered to expatriate residents and visitors, and indications are rife that the next few hours may be witness to massive reshuffling of Ministry of Health officials at various levels.

While launching the “National Fence” campaign Monday, Dr Al-Harbi declared the Blood Bank at Sabah Health Region will be inaugurated soon. He added the campaign has restored the value of unity, kindness and love of the country while marking the anniversary of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

He explained the rate of increase in fees for services offered to expatriate residents will be insignificant, while the reshuffling will affect directors of health regions and hospitals, their deputies and head of health centers.

He stressed the ministry is considering the establishment of an independent health authority. He also said the Ministry of Health in Kuwait superintends and audits and provides healthcare services, and there should be an independent body to monitor healthcare services provided by the ministry — as observed globally.

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi – Al-Seyassah Staff

Kuwaitis welcomed in Turkey with no entry visa

Kuwaitis will no longer need an entry visa to visit Turkey as of Sunday, it was announced in Ankara.

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A resolution by the Turkish cabinet came into effect Sunday, after being published in the official gazette, providing for the exemption of Kuwaiti citizens from visas to enter Turkey, the Anadolu news agency said.
A Kuwaiti visitor can then enter Turkey for 90 days.

Up to 180,000 Kuwaitis visited Turkey in 2016, and 30,000 during the first three months of 2017. More than 6,000 Kuwaitis own real estate in the country.
Bilateral trade hit USD 152 million during 1Q of 2017, marking a rise of 17 percent compared with the corresponding period last year. For the entire year in 2016, trade exchange between the two countries reached USD 1.287 billion, as Turkish exports to Kuwait totaled USD 431 million, while imports hit USD 856 million.
Kuwait's direct investments in Turkey have reached USD 1.7 billion, and up to 280 Kuwaiti companies are having trade activities there.

Halt on visas for parents, siblings

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Security sources said expats cannot bring their parents or siblings on family residence visas even if they are ready to pay the increased health insurance fees for them, until a new fee list that was sent to the National Assembly is approved. They added the new fees will increase exponentially.

The sources said the interior ministry has begun imposing increased health insurance on parents and siblings who are already in the country when they renew their residence permits, adding that 1,500 such persons renewed their residencies this month out of 13,000 that are required to do so.

The sources said the decision includes relatives of Kuwaitis and there are no exemptions, except for those with special needs. They said the decision includes non-Kuwaiti parents and siblings under the sponsorship of citizens and expats, and are required to pay the new health insurance fees to renew their residency permits. The sources said husbands and children of Kuwaiti women are not included in this new regime. – Al-Rai

SQU to begin construction of solar parking lots in August


Sultan Qaboos University has announced that it will begin construction of solar parking lots on their campus from August, 2017.

According to a statement from SQU, the car park will be covered with photovoltaic cells, and construction will be done in two phases. 

For phase 1, the project site is the College of Engineering parking lot. This 82 kW project is expected to reduce carbon emission by 82.6 ton/year. 324 units of PV modules will be installed with an expected annual energy production of 140MWh.

Prof. Abdullah Al Badi from the College of Engineering said that the total cost for phase one is OMR108,000 which will be funded by Jacobs International Engineering Consultancy, LLC. The main contractor is Nafath Renewable Energy. An agreement in this regard was signed by SQU and Jacobs International, who agreed to help not only with the required funding, but also in providing support to SME to engineer and construct the project.

Oman enjoys high solar radiation ranging from 5,500-6,000 Wh/m2 per day in July to 2,500-3,000 Wh/m2 per day in January. This high level of solar energy density in Oman is among the highest in the world, with SQU saying that there is significant scope for developing solar energy resources throughout Oman and solar energy has the potential to provide sufficient electricity to meet all of Oman's domestic electricity requirements.

A team from the college of engineering had proposed covering 100 car park spaces using photovoltaic (PV) modules instead of conventional shading material. The team includes Dr. Mohammed Al-Badi and Dr. Rashid Al-Abri, and are led by Prof. Abdullah Al Badi.

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