MOH exempts expat domestic helpers (article 20) from fees increase

Filipinos Donate Blood to Vegas Massacre Victims

Filipino residents of Las Vegas, Nevada offered their support to the victims of the recent mass shooting by donating blood.

Heeding the call of Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo to donate blood, the whole Vegas community rushed to blood banks and hospitals in the area, such as United Blood Services and University Medical Center, even though they had to queue for several hours.

“What you see right now, it’s all about love and community. As you can say, you know – parang sa Pilipinas ‘di ba? – lahat tayo kapamilya ngayon,” ABS-CBN TFC quoted Toby Acuna, a Filipino volunteer, as saying.

On Sunday, 58 people were killed and more than 500 sustained injuries during a country music festival at the Las Vegas strip, including Arthur Andrade, a Filipino-American whose stomach was punctured by a bullet.

Police have identified Stephen Paddock as a suspect in the shooting. The case is still under investigation.

Photo credit: Justin Watkins via Daily Mail


A new study has shed new light on the importance of calcium in the body. It has been found that its deficiency not only affects bone health, but also increases the risk of heart attack. This explains the decrease in electrical function of the heart immediately before stroke and abrupt discontinuation.

Calcium deficiency increases risk of heart attack 2.3 times Research was conducted at the Cedar-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles, according to the Mayo Clinic Survey. The researchers believe these results will greatly help prevent heart attack and early therapeutic intervention when monitoring calcium deficiency.

The research was based on a few hundred cases of heart attack that often resulted in death between 2002 and 2015, and data were collected in a previous study of sudden death. The new study analyzed the health data and found that calcium deficiency was a common factor prior to infection With stroke.

The results showed that calcium deficiency increased the risk of heart attack by 2.3 times. Calcium is low when it is less than 8.95 mg per deciliter, and the highest health rate of calcium in the body is 9.55 mg per deciliter


Al-Jahra municipality has carried out a campaign .. closed 4 shops in Al-Jahra. It closed two restaurants, a cafe and a kiosk and directed several warnings and violations to amend the observations.



Egypt qualified for the 2018 World Cup after defeating Congo 2-1

1st time since 1990. Mohamed Salah with both goals in 2-1 win v Congo


Important Announcement to Egyptian citizens from Egyptian embassy

New terminals will be ready by mid of next year

Image result for The support airport or T4 and the Al-Jazeera passenger terminal at Kuwait International Airport

The support airport or T4 and the Al-Jazeera passenger terminal at Kuwait International Airport will be ready by by mid of 2018, local media Al-Anba daily reported. The another mega project of new Kuwait International Airport terminal, which is carried out by a Turkish Limak Construction at a cost of KD 1.312 billion will be ready by year 2020, daily added.

The Terminal T4 is built at a cost of KD 60 million and the Al-Jazeera passenger terminal at a cost of KD 14 million.

Following the completion of these terminals, Kuwait airport expects to make a qualitative leap of the highest level in terms of services.

The three projects together will employ a total of 5,000 workers and will have parking facilities for more than 20,000 cars.

City Bus introduces first ever electronic passenger information service in Kuwait


City Bus, a division of the privately-owned City Group Co. the leading transport operator in Kuwait, has today announced that it is transforming bus transportation in Kuwait with the first ever electronic passenger information service from Papercast Ltd, leaders in solar powered e-paper real- time passenger information systems.

The landmark solution aims to redefine service standards, replacing traditional bus stop paper timetables with Papercast’s first deployment of the double 32” e-paper display and onboard service information screens, with a fully integrated GTFS real-time passenger information platform. This overall solution also includes a transit management system for improved bus arrival accuracy and service performance management, and will enable a new mobile app in the new year – another first for Kuwait.

CITYBUS is the first public transport provider to introduce solar powered e-paper technology into the GCC states, with an initial deployment on four dedicated routes serving Kuwait International Airport. The solution underwent 6-months of testing during which the Papercast e-paper display withstood extreme environmental conditions, with daily temperatures exceeding 48°C in the summer months combined with severe sand storms. It is expected that the technology will be rolled out across CITYBUS’s new fleet over the next three years.

“Getting accurate service information to passengers on time is transforming the service experience in cities around the world. We are delighted to be the first to introduce this technology, not only in Kuwait but across the GCC states,” comments Jamil Malik, Chief Operating Officer of City Group Co. “We selected Papercast as they were able to provide an end-to-end solution with some of the most progressive technology we have seen.
Furthermore, the Papercast e-paper displays are wireless and solar powered so we can easily install them without any power or infrastructure changes. It’s also an environmentally friendly solution”.

Papercast delivers a complete passenger information solution to help CITYBUS in its mission to increase public transport adoption and establish its position as Kuwait’s leading public transport operator.


CITYBUS is the first public transport provider to introduce solar powered ePaper technology to the GCC states 

Minister of Justice opens Citizen Service Center IN Avenues offers 5 services, including agencies

Minister of Justice and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Faleh al-Azab said on Sunday that the Citizen Service Center at the Avenues Mall is a comprehensive and comprehensive service center for a number of ministries to provide services to citizens.

Al-Azab told reporters on the sidelines of the opening of the center that these services "are due to us and is close to the citizen and resident in this vital facility in Kuwait."

He pointed out that this center aims to reduce the distance to people and provide service, in addition to serving the national economy, explaining that the Avenues is frequented by about 100 thousand a day «What urges the government to be among the people».

He pointed out that the Ministry of Justice has moved all its services to the Avenues Center, providing five services, including documentation and implementation of judicial fees and agencies, adding that in the next two weeks will provide two additional services. 

When asked about the possibility of moving to the rest of the squares, Al-Azab said, "When we find the right place to provide service to citizens, we will be present and extend the services in order to reduce the congestion on the complex ministries."

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Abdullatif Al-Sareei said in a similar statement that this center is the first service center for the Ministry of Justice within a commercial mall, which aims to be located everywhere, such as commercial complexes, airport and border crossings, a strategic objective.

He added that the services of the Ministry of Justice are available and close to completion by all means, noting that the service center of the Ministry of Justice at the Avenues Mall is a comprehensive service center.





Kuwait Environment Authority (KPA) Director-General Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah said on Sunday that the Authority has referred about 1,300 environmental violations to the Public Prosecution, which varied between violations by government agencies, companies, factories, individuals and others.

In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad said in a statement that according to the statistics of the environmental violations issued by the Authority recently, the reconciliation was accepted in about 681 violations, the total of which was 132,100,000 Kuwaiti Dinars (about 431,000 US dollars).

He pointed out that according to the statistics, 39 violations were issued to government agencies, 34 violations of commercial compounds, 62 companies, 20 factories, 16 stores, 34 restaurants, 9 hotels, violation of a health bank, another training institute, 7 car wash stations, 4 workshops and 6 workshops for gold and two for two social exhibitions and two prints.

He said that the total violations of fishing in (John Kuwait) amounted to 315 violations, as well as 1841 violations of individuals in the forefront of smoking violations.

He pointed out that the violations related to ships amounted to 77 violations, while the number of violations of beach infringement eight violations and 13 violations of grazing in places not allowed as well as violations related to drilling in the wild environment. <br />

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad pointed out that violations related to (waste disposal) amounted to 73 violations, as well as one violation of the transfer of radioactive materials and the same for agricultural farms and five violations of amusement parks and six violations of projects under construction and seven violations of meat and poultry slaughterhouses and one violation of the Office of Aviation.

On the violations related to cooperatives and supermarkets, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad said that it amounted to 15 violations, while 32 violations were recorded for hospitals and medical clinics, in addition to five violations of the premises and six violations of the garage repair cars, as well as three violations related to water treatment plants and one violation of a health institute and about five violations For sports clubs and seven irregularities recorded against car showrooms.

Sheikh Abdullah praised the continuous cooperation of the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Directorate of the Coast Guard and the Environment Police as well as the General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries Affairs in order to preserve the Kuwaiti environment. He praised citizens' cooperation through social networks which monitored about 13 environmental violations. As environmental communications and took the necessary action.

He stressed the keenness of the Environment Agency to follow up the various environmental issues in order to protect the local environment, land, sea and air, and to implement the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law.

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