Hundreds of Indian Nurses complains termination without notice period

Hundreds of Indian nurses working in Farwaniya hospital complained to Indian Embassy in Kuwait for the unexpected termination by the contracting company. The Nurses were recruited by the contracting company five years back on a three year contract. Last two years, company made annual renewal of their contract. On Sunday, the company officials informed that the contract period is over and nurses have to leave the country within three days while they were expecting another renewal term like in previous years.

Since the official contracting period is over, the nurses are unable to make any complaint against the company. However the sudden loss of job without any prior information has put them in a real soup, they told.

Many of them are here with their children studying in various schools in Kuwait. The company asked them to leave country within 3 days while many of their kids are attending the annual exams here. Even though the nurses have valid visa till August, the company is not ready to give release, they complained. Many of the nurses have also complained that they had paid more than Three Lakhs Indian rupees to the agents before coming to Kuwait.

SpaceX to send two tourists around Moon in 2018

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SpaceX said Monday two private citizens have paid money to be sent around the Moon in what would mark the farthest humans have ever traveled to deep space.

The United States has not sent astronauts to the Moon since NASA's Apollo missions of the 1960s and '70s. "We are excited to announce that SpaceX has been approached to fly two private citizens on a trip around the moon late next year," said a statement by CEO Elon Musk. "This presents an opportunity for humans to return to deep space for the first time in 45 years and they will travel faster and further into the solar system than any before them."

The tourists, who were not named, "have already paid a significant deposit," Musk's statement added.

Health tests and training are to begin this year. "Other flight teams have also expressed strong interest and we expect more to follow. Additional information will be released about the flight teams, contingent upon their approval and confirmation of the health and fitness test results," Musk said. The tourists will ride aboard the California-based company's Crew Dragon capsule, which is scheduled for its first unmanned test flight later this year.

It is based on the design currently used to send cargo to the International Space Station, with upgrades to allow for human transport. The capsule will launch atop SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, which is scheduled for its first test flight this summer. The rocket "will be the most powerful vehicle to reach orbit after the Saturn V moon rocket," Musk said. "At five million pounds of liftoff thrust, Falcon Heavy is two-thirds the thrust of Saturn V and more than double the thrust of the next largest launch vehicle currently flying."

Commercial space race

Musk - who co-founded PayPal and also heads Tesla Motors - is seen as the emerging leader of the modern commercial space industry, after becoming the first to send a private cargo carrier to the International Space Station in 2010. The 45-year-old native of South Africa is a long-time space enthusiast, who is also outspoken about his vision to colonize Mars. Last September he unveiled ambitious plans to establish a colony on the Red Planet by sending 100 humans at a time - starting in 2024.

SpaceX also plans to send an unmanned Dragon cargo capsule as early as 2018. In the same month Blue Origin, founded by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, unveiled plans to build a massive rocket called New Glenn to launch people to space, but the company's president said going to Mars could take decades. And on the space tourism front, Virgin Galactic, led by British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, has set a goal of taking people to the edge of space, more than 62 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth.

Despite the hefty $250,000 price tag, more than 600 would-be astronauts have already signed up, including actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher.

Meanwhile, if all goes as planned, lift-off for Musk's two moon tourists will occur next year from the same launch pad near Cape Canaveral that the Apollo program used for its lunar missions. Musk posted the company's announcement on Twitter by stating: "Fly me to the moon ... Ok."

Dubai plugs in with electric charging stations for vehicles

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Emirates Group and Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, has issued Directive Number 01 of 2017 on the establishment and installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Dubai.

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The directive states that all public and private organisations and developers in Dubai must get approvals from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DEWA, before establishing, installing, operating or maintaining any electric vehicle charging station. In turn, DEWA will coordinate with Dubai Municipality and the Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, to ensure that electric vehicle charging stations meet the technical requirements and standards adopted by the relevant authorities.

"The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has issued Directive No. 01 of 2017 to achieve sustainability based on the best global standards and practices that meet DEWA’s technical requirements. This supports the wise vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to enhance sustainable development," said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman of the Supreme Council of Energy.

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"Under the umbrella of the Supreme Council of Energy, DEWA and the RTA intend to implement the Dubai Green Transport initiative to promote the use of electric and hybrid cars, and reduce carbon emissions caused by land transport. This supports the Dubai Plan 2021, and the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 to make Dubai the city with the lowest carbon footprint in the world by 2050. This also supports the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy to reduce 16 percent of carbon emissions by 2021," added Al Tayer.

"The Supreme Council of Energy is working to increase the percentage of electric and hybrid cars in Dubai. It issued Directive No. 01 of 2016 to set a target for the government. Therefore, at least 10 percent of all newly-purchased cars will be electric or hybrid from 2016 to 2020. The proportion of electric and hybrid cars will rise to 2 percent by 2020, and 10 percent by 2030," said Ahmad Al Muhairbi, Secretary General of the Supreme Council.


"Electricity tariffs at the charging stations will be clearly defined by the Government of Dubai. DEWA will duly adhere to these tariffs. We urge the public and private sectors to collaborate with each other to achieve these ambitious targets," added Al Muhairbi.

DEWA has successfully installed 100 electric vehicle charging stations in different areas in Dubai, in cooperation with many stakeholders who helped to identify the most appropriate locations for the stations. Locations include Dubai Airports, Dubai Municipality, the RTA, shopping malls, petrol stations, hotels, parking areas and developer’s locations.

A group of Kuwaiti children have cleaned up the streets after the celebration of national holidays.


Workers clear up the rubbish on streets after the celebration of national holidays

During the two-day national holidays resulted in the removal of 24 tons of garbage, confiscation of 2,250 bags and 17 lorry loads of water guns, arrest of 110 street vendors and confiscation of 28 ice cream trolleys. A total of 1,253 cleaning staff of the Municipality participated in the campaigns. According to the Public Relations Department, the areas will be cleaned as soon as the celebrations are over. It also called on everyone to dispose garbage properly.






Kuwait : The Ministry of Electricity/Wasted 17 million gallons water in two days

Wasted 17 million gallons water in two days



Kuwait Accident Near Hamra Mall , No Injuries

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His Highness the Amir congratulates Kuwaitis, expats on national occasions


His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Sunday congratulated the citizens and residents of the country on the 56th anniversary of the national day and the 26th anniversary of the liberation day.

His Highness the Amir expressed appreciation for jubilation manifestations made by the nationals and the residents on these two dear national occasions, through their participation in the celebratory festivals held throughout the country. He lauded the civic conducts "that spread pleasure to the hearts of every one thus depicting the Kuwaiti family spirit; that is a spirit of compassion and solidarity," urging every body to feel thankful for the heavenly blessing, the liberation of "our dear homeland, as well as the blessings of security, safety, stability and prosperity..".

His Highness the Amir called for sincere and constructive action to serve the dear homeland, gearing up all potentials for its development, promotion and prosperity, lauding the wide-scale coverage of the festivities by the official and private media, thus promoting the great efforts exerted by the Ministries of Interior, Defense, the National Guards, to secure a comfortable atmosphere for the revelers. He also heaped praise upon the departments that joined efforts in arranging the celebrations.

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad recalled on the occasions the martyrs who deemed the homeland with their pure blood praying for heavenly blessing for their souls.

He also thanked leaders of the other GCC states and Arab countries who expressed good wishes during Kuwait's celebrations, expressing good wishes to them and their nations. 

City Group launches double decker buses in Kuwait


To coincide with the commemoration of the National day and Liberation day of Kuwait, City Group launched yesterday double decker buses as a part of its ongoing commitment to upgrade and improve the quality of public transportation in Kuwait, and to strengthen the network of City Bus which covers most of the areas in Kuwait.

Nabil Al-Jeraisy, Vice Chairman and CEO, stated that City Bus is committed to providing world class public transportation services to its customers in Kuwait in cooperation with the Traffic Department Authority to contribute in the reduction of traffic congestion and support the environmental protection agenda.

Jeraisy added, The double decker buses are considered environmentally friendly and is equipped with GPS tracking, Wi-Fi on board and enhanced passenger comfort and safety features as well. These types of buses will also help to reduce the actual number of vehicle operating on Kuwaiti roads and yet address the increasing requirement of public transport.

He also affirmed to providing a better service to citizens and residents alike, and to encourage drivers to abandon their cars and use these public transport services. Here Al-Jeraisy invited both citizens and residents to try the new double decker buses, which will begin its maiden trip today on Route 999 starting from Sheraton hotel bus stop in Kuwait City going along the coastal road of the Arabian Gulf passing through Al-Taawen street to Fahaheel costal road ending in Fahaheel area and then return.

Finally, Nabil Al-Jeraisy congratulated and wished that God bless HH the Amir of Kuwait, its government and citizens and hoped that peace and security prevails among the residents of Kuwait. 

Why does plane food taste so bland and is turbulence actually dangerous? Everything you've ever wanted to know about flying revealed

A handy infographic from a UK-based travel company has clarified the reasons behind baffling airline rules and revealed 17 fascinating facts about flying.

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