KD 10.7 million of expatriate debts

The Council of Ministers is considering dropping debts based on a number of residents amounting to KD 10.7 million, because they can not reach them after a very long time for these debts, some of which date back to before the invasion. 

The government has embarked on a number of important steps in this regard, including raising cases for those who default on their debts, as well as studying the removal of bad debts, as in the case of residents over the age of 65, the sources said.

The sources said that the government has assigned the Commercial Facilities Company to collect debts on non-Kuwaiti debtors, in accordance with Law No. 43 of 1993 on the exemption of Kuwaiti citizens from the private car premiums that the company started to implement in 1994 until the present time, noting that the principal amount of JD 14.3 million, The current amount of KD 13.7 million, which was collected in 21 years is the amount of 670.8 million dinars, which reflects the difficulty of collecting debts from non-Kuwaiti customers. 

Thus, the amounts were limited to those over the age of 65, and their total debts amounted to 10.7 million dinars, with the proposal to drop their debts due to old age and inability to reach them for reasons that may not be within the country and according to the laws of the state can not enter the country due to old age or death .

The sources confirmed that the Council of Ministers has instructed all government agencies to provide the Ministry of Finance with the measures it will take to collect the amounts due to the State, determine the timetable for collection, and the completion of steps to collect these debts, To ensure that no service is provided by any ministry or government agency before payment of the amounts due, and regulate the legal relationship between the parties and service applicants in a manner that ensures the collection of the rights of the state and activating the role of government agencies in setting appropriate controls and standards to ensure the collection of their dues Ntfien of its services, and to activate cooperation between the ministries and government departments with the General Authority for Civil Information to provide data and information on beneficiaries of their services, to be able authorities to take the necessary collection procedures due to its procedures, and activate the legal and administrative measures against employees who negligent in the collection,

Source: Al-Qabas

Indian passenger Held With Marijuana

Customs officers of the Air Customs managed to catch an Indian passenger coming to Kuwait through Kuwait International Airport tried to smuggle about 4 and 300 grams of marijuana in two envelopes in a carton in the floor of his clothes bag, but the vigilance of the customs officers had a lookout. 
And was arrested and transferred to the competent authorities.
Customs: Asian with 4 kilo ...

Public Security: 4980 violations in an extended campaign in the governorates over a period of one week

The Public Security Department carried out several campaigns in the six governorates of Kuwait during the period from September 30 to September 6, under the supervision of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior for Public Security Affairs, Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarah. In addition to arresting 146 people in violation of the residency law, 436 "without proof". The campaigns also seized 89 drug cases, 7 alcohol cases, 20 vehicles required and humanitarian assistance reached 1846 cases. 

The Department pointed out that the campaigns have released 30 violations to stand in the positions of the disabled and deal with the public security sector with 2167 communications and responded to the emergency phone 112.
The General Directorate of Media Relations and Security confirmed the continuation of campaigns of the internal organs of the field to impose stability and maintain security and security and the implementation of the law on violators. The brotherhood calls upon citizens and residents to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior to achieve an integrated security system to establish security and safety in the community.

The 25 most powerful militaries in the world

Most powerful militaries

"Fire": the injury of dozens of students suffocation in a school, "Jahra"

 A medical source confirmed to the "news" that the inhaled substance is non-toxic and was treated with 40 cases all of them are fine

"Fire": the injury of dozens of students suffocation in a school, "Jahra" after tampering with extinguishing the fire


The General Directorate of Fire, wounding dozens of students in the secondary (Jahra) for girls on Monday, cases of suffocation due to tampering in a fire extinguisher of the type (powder) was treated all cases and three of them were transferred to the hospital.

The Department of Public Relations and Information in the fire, in a press statement that the total number of cases of suffocation to date reached 17 cases were treated at the site through ambulances except three cases were transferred to the hospital to Jahra to complete treatment, indicating that all the injuries are students of secondary secondary .

She pointed out that the operations room (fire) received a report of a number of cases of suffocation among the students and was rushed by the fire brigade to the scene of the incident to deal with him.

For his part, a medical source at Al-Jahra Hospital told Al-Anbaa that the number of cases dealt with by the Jahra secondary incident exceeded 40 cases, all of which are not dangerous and were dealt with according to an emergency plan and alert in all parts of the hospital, indicating that most of the cases are due to panic Fear and some cases of suffocation, stressing that the inhaled material from the fire extinguisher is non-toxic.

The source pointed out that Al Jahra Hospital has stepped up its efforts to quickly treat all cases

Video .. This is what a woman did with her child after discovering her husband's betrayal

The woman, who was trying to hang her little child after discovering her husband's betrayal, was photographed in the video, carrying her child and holding him from a rope wrapped around his neck, while the child screams for a second and feels strangled, then gets him on a bed. 

The Mirror, the British, said that the mother of jealousy sent the shots to her husband, and his sister and mother took pictures online in an attempt to sound the alarm. 

The authorities rushed to the mother's apartment in Bangkok to check on the child, where she was arrested. 

But she appeared the next day at a news conference collapsed in tears and apologized for the footage, she said she wanted to kill herself at first, almost to cause the killing of her child without thinking. 

The officers said the wife suspected her husband had a relationship with another woman because he was spending too much time working and said social workers would talk to the family to ensure child safety.

Kuwait nabs Syrians over fraudulent citizenship

Image result for Kuwait nabs Syrians over fraudulent citizenship

Kuwaiti nationals had registered the Syrian children as their own in exchange for thousands of dinars

Manama: Two Syrian men have been found guilty of fraudulently obtaining the Kuwaiti nationality.

Under the Kuwaiti citizenship law, the nationality is revoked if the applicant provided false information or fake certificates during the application process.


Offenders are slapped with fines, jail term and are later deported — the Kuwaitis that help them are usually fined.

In the first case, investigators discovered a Syrian man had paid 55,000 Kuwaiti dinars to three Kuwaitis in 1998, to secure the nationality for his four sons.

Under the deal, the Kuwaitis forged documents enabling them to register the boys as their own sons.

In the second case, a Syrian man married to a Kuwaiti woman paid 44,000 Kuwaiti dinars to Kuwaitis to register their three sons as his own.

Under local laws, a Kuwaiti mother cannot pass on her nationality to her children who must take up only their father’s.

Most Arab countries do not allow women to pass on their citizenship to their children, creating problematic and difficult situations for children with foreign fathers.

Various awareness campaigns have been pressing authorities to re-evaluate the issue.

Kuwait has been engaged in a massive operation to hunt down those who have fraudulently obtained citizenship. Dozens of arrests and deportations have been carried out in this regard.

Kuwait ‘ice ladies’ lace up for world hockey tournament

Kuwait’s women’s ice hockey team will play their first international game on October 30 at the Ice Hockey World Championship in Bangkok


Kuwait City: In their red, white and blue uniforms, Kuwait’s first female ice hockey team is training hard in the desert ahead of their debut world tournament later this month.

Affectionately dubbed the “ice ladies” by local media, athletes in hijab or with their hair hastily tied in topknots pull on their helmets before taking to the rink in the Kuwaiti capital — where temperatures top 40 degrees Celsius on a sunny October afternoon.

“It’s totally new, girls playing this sort of demanding sport here in Kuwait and in the Gulf, but it goes to show that in sports there is truly no difference between men and women,” said team player Bahar Al Harban.

Women on ice have grabbed headlines in the Gulf this year, with UAE national Zahra Lari gaining popularity on social media — and through a Nike campaign in the Middle East — as the Emirates’ first female figure skater and the first international figure skater to compete in hijab.

Kuwait’s women’s ice hockey team will play their first international game on October 30 at the Ice Hockey World Championship in Bangkok, according to the state-run Kuna news agency.

Fifty-six Kuwaiti women between the ages of 15 and 30 are now the proud owners of team jerseys emblazoned with their names on the back — some of them mothers who frequently bring their children to training.

But while the athletes have the support of their teammates and, increasingly, of their communities, what they lack is their own training facility.

For now, they still rent the ice rink in a state-run ski lounge.

“We need facilities dedicated to training women to convince families that their daughters need to be involved in sports,” said Shaikha Naima Al Sabah, president of the Kuwaiti Women’s Sports Authority.

“We initially faced some resistance due to social traditions, but the culture of women in sports is spreading and we’re not regular faces at Asian tournaments,” she told AFP.

“So we are progressing, but slowly, because some of our girls immediately marry at a certain age — or because they choose to wear hijab in a world where you’re not allowed into certain sports if you choose to wear hijab”.

International basketball governing body FIBA in May rescinded a ban on hijab and other forms of religious headcovers, which on the grounds that they could potentially fall off and pose a risk to players.

But with its oversized jerseys, shin guards and helmets, hockey is a good fit for many of the Kuwaiti national team players.

“As you see, the uniform totally covers everything,” said team player Khaleda Abdul Karim during a break in practice.

“So I personally find no difficulties at all in that sense,” she smiled, adding that the team had received strong support from both Kuwait’s government and the public.

Despite the warm welcome the team has received, the women are still fighting to both secure the best for their athletes — and to overcome culture challenges both at home and abroad.

“In order to get the best results, you need to be given the best training,” said Shaikha Naima of the sports authority.

“What we need are good coaches, professional trainers. I don’t want ... just any coach for my girls”.

A terrible crime against a child at the age of four .. A mother set fire to her child until roasted in front of her!

A terrible crime against a child at the age of four .. A mother set fire to her child until roasted in front of her!

A 23-year-old mother from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been charged with a terrible crime for her four-year-old son, who put him in a bath tub and then set it on fire until she was roasted in front of her.

According to the newspaper "Mirror", the neighbors saw the smoke rising from the mother's apartment, and thought it was a fire and told the police to save the victim at home.

When the police came, the body of the charred child was found amid burnt clothes, in which the mother put the child on fire.

The police also explained that the child's hands were tied behind his back with seven belts, and there was a plastic bag over his head in the bathtub.

Police arrested the mother as she roamed the street after being charged with first-degree murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The father of the suspect, Ralph Distacio, expressed his deep shock at the incident, saying he suffered from mental health problems but did not believe what she had done to her son.



Road charges ... for Kuwaitis and expatriates

Road charges ... for Kuwaitis and expatriates Works confirms that the option not to collect funds but to regulate the traffic

The toll on roads in Kuwait may become a reality in the near future. It will not only remain a representative position in the face of the imbalance in the population structure. It will impose taxes on expatriates only. It will include citizens as well as residents in order to regulate traffic, not to collect money.

The idea of imposing a financial fee on the use of some new roads began to take shape in the Ministry of Works, following studies that emphasized the necessity of applying this option «which aims to develop the road system». 

"All studies point to the need to impose fees on the use of some roads, with the development of different alternatives, so that the road to be taken on his behavior is not a single road route, there is no alternative to using it," Assistant Minister of Works for Roads Engineering Ahmed Al-Hussan told Al-Rai. , And to leave the option for my motorists, using the route they want.

"We emphasize the necessity of this option, especially since all the studies conducted in this regard indicate the need to impose fees on the use of some roads, provided that it is imposed in a deliberate and away from randomness," stressing that "the purpose of these fees is not the collection of funds , As much as seeking to regulate traffic and develop the road system 

In July, Minister of Works Abdulrahman Al Mutawa submitted a proposal to the Council of Ministers, which includes imposing a financial fee on the users of the Sheikh Jaber and Doha Marine Bridges after their completion.

Al-Mutawa explained in his book that the ministry conducted a research and comparison between the Sheikh Jaber Bridge project and other sea bridges located within the Arabian Gulf region or Asia and Europe in terms of how to benefit from these bridges and maintain them after implementation. Similar bridges have been applied to the system of collecting fees from users and users of these bridges, for economic reasons that benefit and benefit the state on the one hand, while contributing to the provision of operating expenses and maintenance of those bridges.

Al-Mutawa pointed out that the study conducted by the ministry showed that the majority of countries that have implemented the system of collection of fees have benefited by recovering a large part of the value of construction of the bridge, hoping that the construction and processing of the collection system will be approved within the bridge project, Doha Bridge).

MP Safa al-Hashim was among the first MPs to impose a fee on expatriates, in order to correct the imbalance in the population structure, and went so far that the expatriate should pay "fees on the roads he walks" to reduce congestion rates.

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