The trial of Pakistani zealb assassin amid heavy guard

The trial of Imran began on the main suspect in the case of the girl Zainab Ansari in a prison in the city of Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province. Imran Ali, on Friday, before a court on terrorism issues to consider the case of the girl Zainab after the deadline for his arrest by police in the investigation, The decision to hold the trial inside the prison at the request of the Office of the Attorney General for reasons described as security.

During the hearing, the deputy prosecutor confirmed that the main suspect had confessed to his involvement in the rape and murder of the girl Zainab and seven other minor girls and asked the court to refer the suspect to judicial custody after the police had completed his investigation, as ordered by the court judge.

The trial is scheduled to start on Saturday and will be completed within a week. The indictment will be officially charged against Imran Ali in preparation for the start of the trial on a daily basis in accordance with the court's decision. The trial is scheduled to take place in a prison facility, And Imran Ali was placed in a special prison cell in view of his own security situation as a key suspect in the case.

DOLE Sec. Bello III to Issue New Order on Total Deployment Ban of OFWs to Kuwait

Following President Duterte’s decision to totally ban deployment of Filipinos in Kuwait, Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III is set to issue a new order on Monday.

Sec. Bello III confirmed that the President had instructed him to announce his decision which is apart from the previous order when the processing of new employment certificates was suspended.

“This time, what the president wanted is a total deployment ban.”

Apparently, those workers who are in vacation aside from those that are newly-hired will not be allowed to go Kuwait.  However, it wasn’t clear if OFWs who are currently hired will be affected by the ban.


On Monday, the Department of Labor and Employment thru Sec. Bello III is expected to enlighten the workers regarding other details pertaining to the new order.

It was last Friday when President Duterte asked the Filipinos to go back to the Philippines within 72 hours and even asked the local airlines to arrange flights for their repatriation.

However, it wasn’t clear whether the time given will take effect the moment the new order will be released on Monday.

Indian Embassy's arrangement for amnesty seekers appreciated

The weekend witnessed large crowd at the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, who had come to seek support of the Amnesty declared by the Kuwaiti Government. More than 2500 people came to seek Emergency Certificate to leave the country utilising the amnesty scheme.

The Amnesty is open to people from January 29th till February 22nd during this time, any residency violators can leave the country without paying fine or correct the status by paying the fine. Those leaving the country during amnesty can return back to Kuwait later on a valid visa. During this period Indian Embassy is working in three shifts including the weekend Friday and Saturday to cater to the large number of applicants to make use of this scheme. 

The crowd appreciated the efforts put forward by Indian Embassy to serve the community at this need of the hour. People also appreciated and congratulated the sincere services of many Indian associations who extend laudable services to the unfortunate Indians. The crowd also appreciated the Indian Embassy Officials and staff for their dedicated service to the society at these needy hours. The embassy officials and the staff are on service through the day including weekend to serve the needy during the amnesty period.

Indian Embassy also arranges the service of Emigration Officials at the Embassy premise to fasten the issuance of Emergency Certificate process. Officers from Emigration department visits Indian Embassy to take the finger prints of these who don’t have any official record available. However they refused the rumours and clarified that this finger printing will not result in any sort of blacklisting. The Indian Embassy is issuing the Emergency Certificate after it’s stamped by the Emigration department. All these process helped the applicant in big way as otherwise the applicant has to do all these steps at the Emigration office in Farwaniya. 

Various community organisations opened help desk to provide assistances to the people. The Volunteers of these community associations are providing necessary assistance in collecting the application, distributing Emergency Certificate etc which is of great help to bot the people and the Embassy officials. 

Many Community organisations also came forward to distribute water, Juices, and basic Medical support to the crowd at the Embassy premises. 

Taxi Driver's Association 'Yatra Kuwait' also came forward to provide free services to various destinations to those who are coming to collect Emergency Certificate from Indian Embassy. About 600 taxis began free services at the Embassy at the sea shore parking area on the Arabian Gulf Street from 4th February onwards.

Several associations also offering free air ticket to deserving people to travel back to India on Emergency Certificate. Meanwhile, Jazeera Airline and Indian Airline announces discounted rate for people who availing amnesty scheme to travel to various destinations in India.

The Amnesty is declared after long gap of seven years and there won’t be any extension of this amnesty period, official urges all undocumented Indians to make use of this scheme and leave the country without paying the fine so that they can come back to Kuwait on a valid visa. The amnesty period will end on February 22nd It is to be noted that from February 23rd the government machinery will be closed for the national day holidays and the chances of extension of this amnesty is nil.

Cebu Pacific heeds Duterte plea, to ferry OFWs home from Kuwait

MANILA - (2nd UPDATE) Cebu Pacific on Saturday said it would send one of its planes to Kuwait to fly overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) there who want to return to the Philippines.

The airline said it is already coordinating with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait on travel arrangements for OFWs who wish to be repatriated. 


"Cebu Pacific is mounting a special charter flight from Kuwait to Manila for free. This is in response to the call for assistance by the government to repatriate Filipino workers in Kuwait," the airline said in a statement.

"Special arrangements are being made since Cebu Pacific no longer has regular commercial air service between Manila and Kuwait."

Cebu Pacific said it will be deploying a 436-seater plane and will provide food and refreshment, and baggage allowance for all passengers.

This comes after President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said he would ask local airlines to help in repatriation efforts in the wake of recent deaths of Filipinos in Kuwait.

On the same day, Duterte ordered Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III to facilitate the repatriation within 72 hours.

More than 800 undocumented OFWs in Kuwait are scheduled to go home, the DFA said. They will be repatriated in batches from Sunday to Tuesday.

Last year, 103 OFW deaths were recorded in Kuwait, up from 2016 figures at 82.

Facebook-owned app rolls out a 'new payments service' in India ahead of a possible global launch

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you send digital payments to your family and friends like you would a photo or file.

The Facebook-owned messaging app, which has 700 million users across the globe, has begun trialling the new payments service with a limited number of users in India.

If tests go well WhatsApp could roll out the feature to users across the globe.



A similar tool was introduced to Facebook's Messenger app in 2015. 

Based on screenshots shared to Twitter by software engineer Nagender Rao Savanth, testers must verify their phone via SMS to use the feature.

They can then choose from a large list of banks that have signed up to the service.

The option to send a payment is available from the main WhatsApp menu, in the same area you can share a photo, video, contact or location into a chat session.

Both the sender and receiver in the transaction need to have the service activated for it to work.

WhatsApp's support for payments has been highly anticipated in India because of the app's huge popularity there.

India has the world's largest number of WhatsApp users, with 200 million people using the app daily. 

WhatsApp, which has around 700 million users across the globe, has begun trialling the new payments service in India (stock)

WhatsApp has reportedly hired payment specialists in India and the new feature will work off a widely-used digital payments system developed by a consortium of Indian Banks, called UPI.

Pictures first emerged of WhatsApp's planned system in August on the blog Wabetainfo, which showed a screen with 'welcome to WhatsApp payments' on it.

WhatsApp said at the time it would not comment on 'speculation'.

A spokesman added: 'India is an important country for WhatsApp, and we're understanding how we can contribute more to the vision of Digital India.

'We're exploring how we might work with companies that share this vision.'



Parents urged not to buy water gun for celebration

Technical Supervision Department Director and Head of the Rationalization Campaign in the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) Eng Iqbal Al-Tayar has called on parents to prevent their children from buying water guns to celebrate the national holidays.

According to local report, Al-Tayar made the appeal on the sideline of the awareness campaign.


The administrative court recently issued a verdict by powers of which the cabinet is to issue a decision banning the usage of water guns in National and Liberation Days’ celebrations. The verdict was made in response to a case filed by lawyer Mona Al-Arbash demanding the ban for public interest, on grounds that thousands of water gallons are wasted every year during national celebrations, costing the country – which is already poor on natural water resources – a lot of money. Use of water guns and water cannons during national celebrations have become very popular in recent years after the government banned the use of spray foam for environmental reasons.

The real reason behind the suspension of sending the Philippines to Kuwait

The sister of one of the female Filipino maids, a well-known actress, launched a crackdown on media sites that prompted government authorities to stop sending labor

The Philippine press and media have decided to suspend the sending of their nationals to work in Kuwait in a normal way. The newspaper did not give much attention to the subject, except for one newspaper that published a lengthy report on the subject. 
The Philippines' biggest newspaper, the Manila Times , has just published a small story that did not exceed the decision of the Philippine Minister of Justice and Employment, Silverstone Bello, to suspend sending workers to Kuwait.

Newspaper the manila times

The same approach was followed by Philippine newspaper " sun star ", which published the remarks of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and the Minister of Justice and Employment, as reported by international news agencies, without commenting on the subject or publishing an opinion on the subject.

Newspaper «sun star»

While ABS-CBN published a report on government officials' comments and focused on what the Ministry of Justice and Employment will do for expatriate workers.

Location «ABS-CBN»

Allegations Press : The newspaper « The Daily Tribune » Filipino was published at length about who had been reported, and reported remarks on the tongue Oonisto John Perthes member of the Philippine parliament , a workers ' representative group of Filipinos in Congress, saying: «he is grateful to the President on this decision», claiming that: "Three suicide cases involving Filipino domestic workers occurred between December and January of this year, and at least 300 to 400 domestic workers are fleeing the homes of their employees monthly, and are filing complaints with the embassy," the newspaper claims.

The daily tribune

The cause of the case The newspaper also stated that the reason for the authorities' attention and "allegations of violations" is that one of the maids who came to Kuwait in February 2017 committed suicide by hanging at her residence in Kuwait. This maid is Marif Librada, the younger sister of a female artist A Filipino comedian named Romeo Librada, known as «Super Tekla». 
This comedy artist launched a campaign on social networking sites asking to investigate the death of her sister, which brought the attention and saw this campaign interaction led to the movement of government authorities in Manila.

The Filipino artist known as «Super Tekla»

Super Tekla claimed that her sister-in-law, who worked in Kuwait, "died a few days after her family members were exposed to abuses committed by those who worked for them."

Another image of the Filipino artist known as «Super Tekla»

The newspaper went further in that it re-stated the death sentence that took place in Kuwait on 25 January 2017, claiming that «the execution of the Philippine citizenship Ovo Jakatia Bawa, in Kuwait on charges of killing the daughter of those who work for them, despite the protests against this death, and that the accused Innocent of this charge, "and even stated that" on the day the execution was carried out, another Filipino maid died in a hospital after being severely beaten by her Kuwaiti employer "- baseless allegations.

A video from Super Tekla on the death of her sister

Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that «Philippine employment is a large number, and can not take the cases received by President Douterty to find out the abuse». 
Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid al-Jarallah expressed his regret and surprise at the position of the Philippine authorities, pointing out that . Kuwait has a clear record in dealing with expatriate workers, declaring an investigation into any violations


Filipino workers in Kuwait who want to go home may be repatriated within the next 72 hours, President Rodrigo Duterte said Friday, The President said he would request flag carriers Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific to send the migrant workers home within 72 hours. “So everyone who wants to come home, I said to Secretary Bello, those who want to be repatriated, with or without money, I will ask PAL and Cebu Pacific to provide the transportation. ”I implore you, I am making a plea to all Arabs, the Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere,’ Duterte said.


Hunt For Employers Of in death of Filipina in freezer

Kuwait Authorities have started their search for the employers of the woman whose body was found in a freezer and fled to Lebanon to arrest them with the help of Interpol, the Philippine embassy in touch with police and forensics to get the results of the investigation, DNA test identified the body as Joanna Daniela Dimapilis, 29 years old from Iloilo City, arrived in Kuwait on 18 May 2014

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Kuwait Cigarette Prices To Rise On Feb 11

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