Residency Affairs Dep. Working Hours In Ramadan ..

Kuwait: The Residency Affairs Department announced that the official working hours for Ramadan in the six Governorates that work day shifts will work from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm, while those in evenings ( Capital , Farwaniya , Ahmadi) will be open from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Aqua Park announces Ramadan timing; Special offers during Ramadan

Aqua Park announced a special offer during Ramadan. Throughout the holy month, two people can enter the facility using only one ticket, General Manager Mohammad Khoursheed said in a press release. Aqua Park opens every day in Ramadan from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am. Special prices are available for companies and groups, Khoursheed added.

Ministries announces Ramadan timings

Civil Service Commission (CSC) has fixed two different Ramadan timings for the ministries and other government departments.

Some of them will start at 9:30 am and close at 2:00 pm, and others will start at 10 am and close at 2:30 pm.

In a decision, CSC urged the departments whose nature of jobs requires change in the timing to contact CSC for appropriate schedule. He cited the ministries and agencies that will be starting at 9:30 am are the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Public Works, Information and Communications. 

Others are the Public Authority for Sports, Public Authority for Industry, Public Authority for Minor Affairs, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources and Environment Public Authority. 

They also include Kuwait Ports Authority, Public Authority for Housing Welfare, General Department of Customs, Kuwait
Fire Service Directorate, Bank of Credit, Zakat House, Kuwait Municipality, Civil Service Commission, and National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters.

Meanwhile PACI announced that the Ramadan working time will be from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm and afternoon from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Ban on outdoor work from June 1st

The Public Authority for Manpower authority issued its annual decision banning laborers from working in the open from 11:00 am till 4:00 pm, effective from the beginning of June till the end of August.  Acting director Abdullah Al-Motoutah urged employers to observe these timings and conditions in order to avoid legal accountability. 



Brother From Saudi Arabia Meets Her Sister In The Philippine After 22 Years of Search

OFW Story
A Saudi National married a Filipina woman and had two kids, Anwar (boy) and Huda (girl). However, the mother of the Filipina got sick prompting her to go back home with her 5 to 7-year-old daughter. Just a few days after the Filipina travelled back to the Philippines, her husband got sick and eventually died.
Due to unknown reasons, the Filipina did not came back to Saudi. Soon after she faced her death, leaving a 6-year-old daughter. After the death of the mother, her sister tried to look for her other child, checking every place in Saudi Arabia.
Unfortunately, she thought that her nephew’s name was Noor instead of Anwar. She never found the missing boy. Instead, she found a job and worked in Saudi to support the needs of her niece who was an orphan. On the other hand, Anwar lived with his grandfather. When he reached 24 years old, his grandfather died and asked him to find his mother and sibling who are living in the Philippines. That time, the grandfather did not know that the mother of his grandchild was dead for years.Because of that, Anwar decided to look for her family in the Philippines but because he lacks information, he do not know where to start.
On of Anwar’s friends suggested to ask the help of the famous Ali Al Gamdi. Mr. Gamdi travel the world to help orphans look for their remaining relatives.Anwar contacted Mr. Gamdi and the search for the missing sister went on. It took one year and 9 months to find Huda who is living in the Philippines with her husband and kids. Upon entering the Philippines, police authorities tried to stop Mr. Gamdi, mistaking him to be a member of the notorious Abu Sayyaf Group. After explaining his motives and showing legal documents, he was finally allowed to enter the Philippines and started the search instantly. Mr. Gamdi reached Huda’s aunt but refused to give details on the whereabouts of her niece. Mr. Gamdi explained that Anwar is looking for her sister.
Months prior to that, Huda’s aunt contacted Anwar and gave the number of his second aunt (Zeinab) who went to Saudi to search for him. They met and his aunt became too emotional since her main reason in going to Saudi was to find Anwar, 15 years ago. According to the information that they gathered, Huda already has a family in the Philippines. Her husband do not have work so her aunt Zeinab is the one supporting them.
OFW Story 1
Finally, on live TV, Anwar and Huda met. Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Turki promised to support Huda and her family if they choose to live in Saudi. Her aunt Zeinab who lives in Riyadh will also receive money.
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Kuwait: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has announced that it observed a severe drop in salinity of the Kuwait Bay waters through plants near Shuwaikh and Doha ports.
This led to demise of fish and marine life, EPA said Wednesday, In a press statement, EPA’s deputy director for technical affairs Mohammad Al-Enezi, said data has showed a sharp drop in salinity in the Bay, adding that it was an indication of heavy water drainage in that area.

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Kuwait: The Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources said on Wednesday that “only a group of the (chem) fish have recently perished in the territorial sea waters. All fish in the local markets are safe and only a group of chem fish have recently perished, said PAAFR General Director Faisal Al-Hasawi, in a statement, PAAFR has formed a panel to determine cause of the fish deaths at sea, he said A team of the authorities has surveyed the bay to examine these cases, he said, indicating that it was the first time that deep-sea fish perished.

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The Environment Public Authority (EPA) said Tuesday that they did not ask any entity to conduct examination on the cause of dead fish recently in Kuwait’s bay, noting that they are doing their examination in this regard at their own laboratories and branches that belong to them, In a statement, the EPA said that they would announce the result of their examination to the public once the results are fully complete and in accordance with approved environment standard protocols. EPA renewed its commitment to take all necessary measures to maintain safety for the environment, according to guidelines by Supreme Environment Council in this regard.


Mass fish death in Muscat , baffles authorities

Mass fish death baffles authorities
Muscat: Dozens of dead sardines washed up in a port area in Sidab, officials announced.
On Monday 1st of May, dead sardines emerged from the surface of the water in droves at a port area in Sidab. The port is affiliated to the Royal Oman Police Coast Guard. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries released a statement clarifying the incident, and reasons for the fish emerging.
"An expert team from the Marine and Fisheries Science Centre inspected the area and collected samples from the fish. They also recorded physical data of the water. After the samples were analysed and the data inspected, the experts found that the large amount of sardines had entered an area in the port basin that was semi closed."In addition to that, investigations found that species of Phytoplankton called Prorocentrum Arcuatum was thriving in the area. These reasons led to a sharp decline in water oxygen levels, as the value declined to 1.2 milligram/litre. The sardines had therefore suffocated, and emerged from the water at the port area."
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Daesh militant confesses plotting Kuwait attacks

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Hussain Al Dhafiri confessed to planning suicide attacks on a US military convoy and a Shiite prayer hall

Kuwait City: A suspected member of the Daesh group has confessed to plotting attacks on targets in Kuwait including the US military and a Shiite religious hall, local media reported on Wednesday. Judicial sources said Hussain Al Dhafiri, arrested with his wife in the Philippines last month, confessed to planning suicide attacks on a US military convoy and a Shiite prayer hall, the AlRai daily reported.

Kuwait’s Arifjan Base houses several thousand US troops and serves as a military transit point to Iraq and Afghanistan. Home to a small Shiite minority, Kuwait was the site of a suicide attack linked to the Daesh group back in June 2015. A Saudi suicide bomber killed 26 worshippers in a Shiite mosque, the worst such attack in the Gulf state’s history. Al Dhafiri was deported earlier in April to Kuwait where he is now set to stand trial on charges of belonging to a banned organisation and plotting attacks, Al Rai said.

He had been arrested in Manila along with his wife, whom he married after her high-ranking Daesh commander husband was killed in Syria. Authorities in Kuwait have also arrested four of Al Dhafiri’s relatives, including his brother and nephew, in connection with the planned attacks, Al Rai said.

The five suspects told public prosecutors that suicide bombers had been recruited from outside of Kuwait to carry out the attacks, according to Al Rai. They also said there had been tentative plans to target a church in Kuwait during a visit this week by Coptic Pope Tawadros II.

Kuwaiti courts have handed down multiple convictions on charges of Daesh membership or financing. Some of the defendants have been found guilty of fighting with the militants in Iraq or Syria. All have received lengthy jail sentences. A lower court in December sentenced a Filipina to 10 years in jail after convicting her of joining the terrorist group and plotting attacks.


Source GulfNews

Philippine Captures A Video Of Her Employer While Trying To Enter Her Room

Domestic helper in Riyadh documented herself in a video while trying to block her pervert employer from entering her room

A certain Angelyn Abede went live on Facebook to capture the maltreatment of the employer on her. In the video, she is seen panicking in front of the door, while trying to block her employer from entering her room. Abede’s employer even showed his private parts on her, which is quite alarming.

According to Abede, her employer only wears underwear when alone with her. Somebody advised Abede to use Facebook to document the abuse of her employer. Eventually, she was rescued through the help of the video that she captured. Through the help of First Step Manpower International Services, recruitment agency of Angelyn, the OFW was rescued from her abusive employer.

In an interview, Ronald Tapnio from First Step Manpower International Services promised to extend the much needed help to the distressed OFW. As expected, later that day, somebody from the agency and POLO went to Daisy’s employer to rescue the OFW.

She was sent home to her family in the Philippines, according to Tulfonews.


Kuwait central bank governor opposes taxes on remittances

The governor of Kuwait’s central bank has said he does not support a proposal to tax remittances by expatriates in the Gulf state.

“The bank does not support taxes on remittances because their negative impact on the overall economy is far greater than the expected income,” Mohammad Al Hashel said.

“The remittance figures being circulated in the media are exaggerated. We must take into consideration that the imposition of such a tax entails operational and administrative costs and expatriates will most likely resort to other channels to transfer their money to their home countries in a bid to avoid paying the extra fees.” Such factors will bring the actual revenues from the tax below expectations, he added.

“The tax on remittances used to import goods from abroad will also reflect negatively on their cost and consumers will have to pay more.” Imposing a tax on remittances by expatriates with low incomes will also have a negative effect on Kuwait’s financial reputation and outlook, and consequently on the vision to turn Kuwait into a financial and trade hub that attracts foreign investments, Al Hashel said in remarks carried by Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah on Tuesday.

Lawmakers in Kuwait have been pressing for taxing remittances, arguing that it would limit the amount of cash transferred out of the country to re-invest it in the local economy and would allow for extra revenues for the state.

The calls found greater echoes after the election of a new parliament in November last year and the election of lawmakers supporting the idea of reducing the number of foreigners who make up two thirds of the total population in Kuwait.

However, several lawmakers assailed the proposal assailed as “nonsensical” and argued that it would have negative impacts on both Kuwaitis and foreigners and would exacerbate negative sentiment within the community.

“We do understand the significance of discussing the issue of high numbers of foreigners living in Kuwait and the negative effects on the country’s demographics, but we cannot tolerate making life harder and economically more challenging for expatriates who have been legally recruited nor do we accept threatening them every now and them with deportation,” the lawmakers were quoted as saying by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai in January.

MP Mohammad Al Hayef said imposing taxes on remittances was a violation of Islamic principles.

“In Islam, people who earn money are requested to contribute 2.5 per cent of their income to the community under the pillar of Zakat,” he said.

“However, Zakat is an annual duty while remittances can be made every month. Therefore, it is not acceptable from a religious perspective. At the same time, we have to appreciate that it is not fair to impose taxes on people who leave their country and live away from their family to make money and then they are asked to pay taxes on their remittances. We really need to be cautious because by imposing such a tax, we might be opening a window for money smuggling,” he said.

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