Drying Wet Passports on the rooftop due to heavy rain and leak in Kuwait ...Saving Water Damaged Books

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NBK launches Foreign Currency Prepaid Card


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has recently launched NBK Foreign Currency Prepaid Card; as part of its ongoing efforts to facilitate customers’ banking transactions while traveling abroad, enabling cardholders to pay using the hosting country’s currency. This new innovative card is the safest and most convenient means of payment, as it delivers a more secure and convenient experience for NBK customers during their travel, and gives them peace of mind knowing that they have recharged their prepaid cards before leaving home, thus avoiding any exchange fl uctuation. NBK Foreign Currency Prepaid Card is available in seven currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, UAE Dirham, Egyptian Pound, Indian Rupee, and the Jordanian Dinar. Customers can recharge their cards through NBK Online Banking, NBK’s IVR, NBK Call Center, or any of NBK branches.

Commenting on the newly launched card, NBK Assistant General Manager- Consumer Banking Group, Hanadi Khazal said that this card is ideal for frequent travelers as it provides a full range of benefits to NBK customers and facilitates their purchase transactions outside Kuwait. The new card is an example of leveraging innovation to deliver on client needs, and builds on NBK’s ongoing efforts to providing frequent travelers with the fl exibility and security while paying for their purchases in any of the currencies provided by the card, be it for online shopping, point-of-sale, or ATM withdrawals. 

Moreover, NBK Foreign Currency Prepaid Card offers a range of benefi ts including: Travel insurance of up to $100,000, exclusive offers and rewards from Visa, SMS Service, in addition to easy login to your account via NBK Online Banking, and other benefits that meet travelers’ lifestyle and needs. In addition, customers can apply for the card with ease and convenience through NBK Online Banking or NBK Call Center, and the bank will deliver the card to them free of charge anywhere in Kuwait.

NBK Credit Cards are widely accepted worldwide and are the safest, most convenient and rewarding way to pay, offering value added features, numerous discounts, and excellent rewards. For more information contact NBK NBK single currency prepaid card. Call Center at 1801801, or visit nbk.com

Jordan airline suggests flyers 'talk' during laptop ban


While Middle Eastern airlines grapple with carry-on bans for laptops on flights to the US and Britain, one carrier is encouraging passengers to do the unthinkable: actually talk to each other.

Royal Jordanian, one of the airlines affected by new restrictions on electronic devices bigger than mobile phones on direct flights to the US and UK, has released a tongue-in-cheek list of in-flight alternatives to staring at a screen.

"Read a book. Say hello to the person next to you. Meditate," are among the 12 lighthearted suggestions posted on its Facebook page this week. The post, which has received close to 10,000 likes, also advises customers to "enjoy the miracle of flight" and "analyse the meaning of life".

The US ban will affect around 50 flights per day from nine airlines, and the British ban will hit 14 carriers. Royal Jordanian, which operates direct flights to London, New York, Detroit and Chicago, followed up its popular post with another alternative in-flight activity: "Or do what we Jordanians do best... stare at each other!"

3 Schools Cancel Classes Tomorrow

Kuwait: A thunderstorm hit the country early yesterday, leading to the suspension of three schools starting from Sunday, March 26 for one day in Ahmadi Governorate because of the rain water.

1- Um Omara Elementary School for girls in Al Ahmadi 
2- Al-Nasr highschool in Sabahiya 
3- Al-Sabahiya kindergarten

Nasa to launch a space LASER that will provide internet 100 times faster than current broadband within two years

A powerful laser shining up into space will soon transmit data between the Earth and the International Space Station. Nasa is hoping to establish laser links at a rate of over one gigabit per second - a speed most home broadband users could only dream of.

The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) will help Nasa to understand the best ways to operate laser communications systems.  This could enable much higher data rates for connections between spacecraft and Earth, including downloading scientific data and allowing astronauts to send better video messages back home.

LCRD - which will be launched by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland - is designed to function for between two and five years.  Two ground terminals equipped with laser modems will be set up on Table Mountain, California, and in Hawaii. They will test the communications capability to and from LCRD - which will be located in an orbit that matches Earth's rotation, called a geosynchronous orbit - between the two stations.

The LCRD launch is scheduled for summer 2019, and a terminal is also being designed for the International Space Station that will be launched in 2021. 


Laser communications - also known as optical communications - encode data onto a beam of light.

This is then transmitted between spacecraft and eventually to computers back on Earth.

This technology offers data rates that are 10 to 100 times better than current radio-frequency (RF) communications systems. 

The LCRD mission is hoping to reach gigabit per second speeds.

While such speeds are possible through conventional fibre optics back here on Earth, it is likely to be the best part of a decade before they are seen in most homes. 

The systems themselves are also much smaller than RF, weigh less and consume less power.

This combination of factors will become critically important as humans embark on long journeys to the moon, Mars and beyond.

The LCRD will beam data between modems on Earth and the satellite in geosynchronous orbit at speeds 10 to 100 times better than current radio-frequency



The mission builds upon a previous mission, the Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration (LLCD).

Launched aboard the lunar atmosphere dust and environment explorer in 2013, LLCD successfully demonstrated the potential for laser communications in space.

The test, in October 2013, beamed data at speeds reaching 622 megabits per second to Earth from a spacecraft orbiting the moon.  

The space switching unit is also connected to a radio-frequency downlink.

A terminal is also being designed for the International Space Station that will be launched in 2021. Scientists at Nasa¿s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Greenbelt, Maryland (pictured) have been testing out the device in advance of its launch

The controller electronics (CE) module commands actuators to help point and steady the telescope despite any movement or vibration on the spacecraft.   

The LCRD payload will consist of two identical optical terminals connected by a component called a space switching unit, which acts as a data router 

Kuwait Rains: Emergency Helpline Numbers


Instagram now blurs 'sensitive content' even if it sticks to the company's guidelines

Instagram is adding a global blurry block with a 'sensitive content' warning on top of posts that have been marked as 'offensive' by users.

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Instagram will blur potentially sensitive photos in both list and grid view.

Affected posts will be those flagged by other users as offensive.

The app displays a warning: 'This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.'

Users will have to tap an acknowledgement before they can see the photo or video.

Qatar confirms new Coronavirus case


The Ministry of Public Health confirmed today one case of Middle East respiratory syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The ministry released a statement today saying that lab results showed that a 62 year-old resident suffers from the virus. The resident was then placed in isolation to receive the necessary medical attention.

According to Qtar News Agency, QNA, the statement also noted that the person in question did not interact with anyone else with similar symptoms. The person came in with symptoms of fever and abdominal pain. This is the first confirmed case of 2017. There were a total 19 confirmed cases in Qatar, which led to seven deaths, the statement added.

Women-only 'pink taxis' set to hit Pakistani streets


Women in Pakistan's commercial hub Karachi are set to ride taxis driven by women in an initiative to protect female customers from the sexual harassment they commonly face when travelling around the teeming city.

From Thursday, women will be able to call the cab service -- called Pink Taxi -- by phone, a mobile app, SMS or simply by hailing one on the street, said Ambreen Sheikh, who is launching the service with her husband Zahid Sheikh. "Our pilots (drivers) wear a pink scarf and black coat as their uniform. They include housewives, young women and students," Sheikh told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by phone after the soft launch of the service.

Commuting in the sweltering city of 20 million is often an ordeal for women. A report by Karachi's Urban Resource Center found most female commuters experience some form of sexual harassment while using public transport. Noor Jehan, a newly recruited Pink Taxi driver, first worked as a maid and then as a driver for her female employer. She said there was a need for such a service as most women "think thrice" before getting in a vehicle driven by a man.

The majority of women in conservative Pakistan do not participate in the workforce, with a lack of safe transportation one of the main obstacles, according to a study by the International Labour Organisation. Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, minister for transport in Sindh province where Karachi is located, acknowledged that women faced hostility and harassment when using public transport. "Having a mode of public transport catering to them alone can solve many of their transport issues," he said on Pakistani television. But Zebunnisa Burki, a Karachi-based journalist, said many women in the city cannot afford to take taxis.

"Women-focused transport initiatives are important in that they serve a growing demographic of mobile women," she said by email. "I do feel, though, that such ventures will still not cater to a large number of working women who go out to work daily ... since such women will not be able to afford relatively pricey fares in these private cabs." Sheikh said the Pink Taxi service would be extended to the cities of Lahore and Islamabad in the next three to four months, followed by other parts of the country.

That would be welcomed by Kainat Chaudhry, a content writer with an IT firm in Lahore who uses auto rickshaws or taxis to get to work. "A woman cannot sit in a taxi driven by a male driver and start a casual conversation without the fear of it being mistaken for some sort of inclination towards him," she said.

"The taxi driver reserves the right to set the rear-view mirror to scan whatever you are wearing - the stress makes one cringe and hide in the corners of the taxis away from his gaze."



Kuwait’s embassy has urged Kuwaitis in Britain to commit themselves to police instructions in the wake of the attack on a policeman near the House of Commons in Westminster on Wednesday. the embassy called Kuwaitis to carefully observe the measures of safety and security applied by the British authorities in such conditions. It urged them to contact the embassy on 02075903400 in case of emergency.

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