One Kuwaiti Citizen Killed , 5 Injured In Istanbul Attack


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One Kuwaiti Citizen Killed , 5 Injured In Istanbul Attack 

#Turkey The nationalities of the dead included Saudi Arabian (7) Jordanian (3), Lebanese (2), Tunisian (2) Indian (2) and one each from #Kuwait, Syria, and Israel. A Belgian citizen who is originally Turkish, and a Canadian-Iraqi were also killed.
The embassy said that hotlines were established to answer Kuwaiti Citizens inquiries and emergency calls ,The hotline is 00905306902097

Gunman opens fire in Istanbul mosque hours after ‘Santa Claus’ terror attack



BREAKING NEWS: Gunman opens fire on an Istanbul mosque just hours after 'Santa Claus' terrorist was caught on CCTV stalking a nightclub as he killed 39 and injured 69

Two people have been taken to hospital following the shooting at the mosque in the Turkish city just hours after a gunman, opened fire in the Reina nightclub in Istanbul's Ortaköy district.

A man has reportedly opened fire in a mosque in Istanbul this afternoon.Two people have been taken to hospital after the armed man came in and attacked during prayers.

The mosque has been named locally as the Hasan Pasha Mosque in Algeria, which is located in the European side of the Turkish city, in the Sariyer district.It comes hours after at least 39 people were massacred at the Reina nightclub on the Bosphorus while celebrating New Year in the city.Turkish police are still hunting for the gunman, who CCTV showed wore a Santa Claus hat at one point and killed a policeman and a civilian outside at around 1.15am, before entering and firing on people inside.


Message by His Highness Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Kuwait


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                         His Highness Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

We hope that the new year is better on all nations and peoples of the world.

The Ministry of Finance | Announces gasoline and diesel for the month of January 2017 prices



The Ministry of Finance | Announces gasoline and diesel for the month of January 2017 prices.

WhatsApp will stop running on MILLIONS of phones from tomorrow

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Changes in technology will see the hugely popular app stop working on certain mobiles, meaning that some users will be forced to upgrade their handsets if they want to continue using the service.

WhatsApp users could find themselves no longer able to use the app after the clock strikes midnight, when the technology stops running on older phones. Changes in technology will see the hugely popular app stop working on certain mobiles, meaning that some users will be forced to upgrade their handsets if they want to continue using the service.The popular messaging app, which has more than a billion users worldwide, announced earlier this month that it will no longer support a range of older operating platforms by the end of the year. The changes are expected to affect millions of users globally, who use handsets including the iPhone 3GS and Windows Phone 7.

WhatsApp said it will be phasing out support for older Windows, Android and Apple models by January, with the service set to end for Blackberry users and Nokia models by mid-2017.

 The older smartphone platforms can no longer keep up with the latest features being rolled out for the app, claims a blog post by the Facebook-owned app


WhatsApp made the announcement as it celebrated its seventh anniversary, after first launching the popular messaging platform in 2009.The app, which is now used by more than one billion people worldwide, was launched in the early days of Apple's App Store, when seven out of ten had operating systems offered by Blackberry and Nokia. However, today's smartphone market is dominated by Google, Apple and Microsoft, with almost all newer models running on these platforms. The firm wrote: 'As we look ahead to our next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms the vast majority of people use.'

The full list of platforms being left behind at the end of the year includes: Android 2.1 and Android 2.2; Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 3GS/iOS 6. And by June 2017, WhatApp will no longer be available for BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10; Nokia S40; and Nokia Symbian S60.

The Nokia Symbian open source operating system, launched in 2007, is the oldest OS capable of running the app.


WhatsApp explained: 'While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in the future.' Users still on one of the listed platforms are advised to upgrade to newer Android, iPhone or Windows phone platforms. The firm added: 'This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp.'  In its seven years since being set up by former Yahoo! employees Jan Koum and Brian Acton in Canada, the messaging app has grown from strength to strength.  Last month, WhatsApp officially launched video calling, in a bid to compete with Apple's Facetime and Skype. 

In keeping with WhatsApp's data security standards, the new video calling feature will be fully encrypted, protecting calls from being listened into. The move comes as privacy advocates worry about the potential for stepped-up government surveillance in the US under a Trump administration. WhatsApp, which boasts more than a billion users worldwide, adopted end-to-end encryption early this year, making it technically impossible for the company or government authorities to read messages or listen to calls.


Source : Mail Online

Kuwait Cricket (KC) the official governing body for the game of cricket in Kuwait


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Kuwait Cricket (KC) the official governing body for the game of cricket in Kuwait held its Annual General Meeting & Banquet for the year 2016 in Divvan ballroom, Kuwait City on 27th December 2016. KC is a full member of ACC, an associate member of ICC and is also affiliated to Kuwait Olympic committee.

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Kuwait Cricket is responsible for development of the game through its extensive domestic infrastructure spread across grass roots to veterans, selection of teams for international events under ICC & ACC, match officials courses, coaching courses as well as hosting international events to keep the flag of Kuwait flying high in regional and international arena apart from many other successful development programs.

Haider Farman, the President of Kuwait Cricket gave a warm welcome to the audience as the host of the event. The annual meet commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the welcome address by the President. In his speech , Haider Farman appreciated and thanked the executive council of KC and the entire cricketing fraternity who are working tirelessly for the betterment of Cricket in Kuwait and was optimistic about the future of Kuwait Cricket. He went on to say that with the cricketing facilities, live scoring technology, quality umpires and current management, KC can attract even more number of teams to take part in KC tournaments and events. He also shared his vision of taking Kuwait to the next level and compete with the likes of Oman, UAE and Nepal in terms of performances. He paid respect to Late Yousuf Bash, Anjum Raza and Riaz Chaudhry and appreciated their sincere efforts towards the development of the game in their lifetime.

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The President introduced the newly elected executive council Chairman Mahmoud Bastaki. During his speech, Bastaki
stated that its a pleasure for him to accept the Chairmanship of KC council knowing the responsibilities it brings. He promised that he would use all his experience and Cricketing knowledge to successfully run the council. Bastaki emphasized the importance of being professional, importance of unity in brining Kuwait to the top level as a cricketing nation. He pointed out that each individual should work towards the same goal to bring Kuwait to the top. He promised that the selection for Kuwait international team will be done in a most professional and honest way.

The chairman highlighted the missing board and council members due to prior unavoidable commitments starting from the Vice President Faisal Al Marzook, General Secretary Emad Al Jassam, Director Domestic & Marketing Sajid Ashraf, Director Junior & Corporate Harshith Vora, Director Technical Sudhakar Shetty, Director Coaching Sameer Desai, Manager Logistics Robert D'souza.

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Chairman's address was followed by series of presentations by council members.
Iqbal Vanoo, Deputy Chairman, screened a video, which had moments from the past and achievements of Kuwait Cricket as an organization. During his speech he appreciated the hard work of the council members and informed that like any other organization for the young bloods to take Kuwait cricket forward. Asad Baig, Director General, wished the best, and congratulated all who are working tirelessly for the success. Mehboob Khan, Director of Women’s cricket presented the achievements of Kuwait women cricket team in the recently concluded international T20 cup in the UAE where Kuwait finished 4th. His presentation was followed by felicitation ceremony of the Kuwait Women team where they were presented with certificates by the President Haider Farman with Maryam Omar being the best Batter of the tournament.

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In the absence of Director Domestic and Marketing, Sajid Ashraf, his fellow council member, Rishi D Jayan delivered the presentation on his behalf. The domestic presentation stressed upon the recent achievements and milestones of 179 Unique Domestic Cricket Teams, almost 4000 Unique Players including Kuwaiti Nationals, the best web portal for live scoring in the middle east WWW.KUWAIT-CRICKET.COM, 14 cricket grounds: 2 Turf & 12 Cement (spread across the areas of Hateen, Jleeb, Kabd& Sulaibikhat, Sulaibiya Cricket Ground (Turf) – Kuwait Cricket,Doha Entertainment City Cricket Ground (Turf). Sincere thanks and appreciation were rendered to the sponsors notably, IDP as principle sponsor, MGA as title Sponsor, Al Hafiz Company (Print Solution), Logistics Sponsor Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Services. Various Bank League sponsors such as Kuwait Banks Club, Ahli United Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Boubyan were also appreciated. 

Ashraf's presentation also highlighted the significant changes seen in junior tournaments where Director Harshith Vora, is determined to make a positive difference and promote the game amongst the local kids through various campaigns in the future. The efforts of Murali Kutticode, former Director of Juniors were acknowledged by the President during the course of the presentation.

Rishi D jayan, Director of Website & IT, then delivered his presentation that contained innovation and growth in KC's IT operations where the extremely hard working team of 8 people have been the intangible pillars. He briefed on the web portal of Kuwait Cricket and its inbuilt features such as live scoring, live commentary and comparison charts sections etc that are of international standards. The IT Director believes that KC has all the right tools to become the technology leader in the middle east and compete with regional giants and be the top nation.

John Salomon, Director of Match Officials delivered a speech on the match officials numbers and activities including the recently concluded LEVEL 0 course where he appreciated the efforts of instructors Tariq, Faird & Mohammed who carried out the program. His presentation was followed by felicitation ceremony where all the level 0 umpires were presented certificates by the President and Chairman of Kuwait Cricket, Haider Farman & Mahmood Bastaki respectively.

The Annual meet of Kuwait Cricket with all its stakeholders was concluded with a vote of thanks by the President and followed by a scrumptious dinner with hopes and belief of more success for KC in 2017.


New amendments to traffic rules / Kuwait Driver’s Licenses



New amendments to traffic rules

1- Private Driver’s Licenses will be issued for vehicles that carry up to 7 passengers, transport vehicles that carry less than 2 tons of load, and taxis. Driver’s licenses issued for Kuwaitis and citizens of the Gulf countries will be valid for 15 years and the validity of licenses issued for expatriates will be linked with their residencies, while those of illegal residents (Bedoun) will depend on the validity of their contact cards. Regarding illegal residents (Bedoun) without contact cards, their driver’s licenses will be valid for 2 years.

General Category (A) Driving licenses will be issued for 25-passenger capacity vehicles, public transport vehicles, locomotives, trailers, trucks with capacity for over 8 tons, and vehicles transporting dangerous materials and vehicles for learners Category B licenses will be issued for vehicles with capacity for 7 passengers up to 25 passengers, public transport vehicles, trucks with 2 tons up to 8 tons capacity.

The above-stated license issued for Kuwaitis and citizens of the Gulf countries will be valid for 10 years, while those of expatriates will be rendered invalid upon expiry of their residencies. Category B licenses issued for illegal residents (Bedoun) will be valid until expiry date of their contact cards, while Bedouns excluded from contact cards will have valid driver’s licenses for 2 years.

The holders of General Driving License-Category (B) are not allowed to drive category (A) vehicles, while licenses issued before issuance of the decision will remain valid to the expiry dates. 2- Category (A) Licenses for Motorbike will be issued for different types of motorbikes to driving schools for motorbikes and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV).

Category (B) licenses for Motorbikes— the validity period of licenses issued for Kuwaitis and citizens of the Gulf countries regarding tricycles or motorbikes exceeding three wheels will be valid for three years. For expatriates, the license’s validity will be linked with the validity period of their residencies and those of Bedouns will be rendered invalid upon expiry of their contact cards, and the license for Bedouns excluded from contact cards will be valid for two years, while the holders of category B licenses are not allowed to drive category (A) vehicles.

Licenses for motorbikes issued before the amended decision will remain valid until the expiry dates indicated on them.

Meanwhile, licenses will be issued for all types of Construction and Agricultural Vehicles and Tractors. For Kuwaitis and Gulf citizens, the aforementioned license will be valid for 3 years while the validity period of licenses issued for expatriates and Bedouns holding contact cards will be linked with the validity period of their residencies.

Bedouns without contact cards will have two years valid licenses, noting the abovementioned licenses are all subjected to Article 92 of the decision. (Article 2) Item 3 of Article (87) of Ministerial Decision No. 81/76 is amended as follows: 3- Illegal residents (Bedoun) holding valid security cards and the following are excluded from holding contact cards: A-The sons of Kuwaiti women married to Bedouns. B- Bedouns still serving in the military. C- Bedoun spouse of a Kuwaiti citizen and Bedoun spouse of a Kuwaiti woman.

The second item indicates points to Bedoun amending his status and obtaining permanent residence status and holding a valid service card. Any person who fails the driving test will be given another opportunity to retry within three months after paying the specified fee.

Source : Arabtimes

Security Campaign In Al-Dhahar (Sheep market) 100 Arrested.


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          Security Campaign In Al-Dhahar (Sheep market) 100 Arrested.

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Kuwait::  security campaign was held in Safat Al-Dhahar area (Sheep market) during which 100 individuals were arrested ,the arrested individuals included 35 illegal laborers , 20 reported as absconding by their sponsors, 31 who did not have their civil IDs, 14 with expired visas , The MOI confirmed that such intensive campaigns will continue to maintain the security of the nation.

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Citybus Kuwait revised fair from 1st JANUARY 2017


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Kuwait Security Campaign In Mahboula , 160 Arrested

Security Campaign In Mahboula , 160 Arrested

Kuwait : An intensive security campaign was held in Mahboula area under the watch of Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Sulaiman Al-Fahad during which 160 individuals were arrested , The security men closed all areas, streets and roads in the area to carry out the campaign, the arrested individuals included 3 involved in criminal cases, 12 involved in civil cases, 28 reported as absconding by their sponsors, 68 who did not have their civil IDs, 37 with expired visas , 3 drugs cases , 2 financial case , 94 traffic violations , 6 vehicles seized , 1 theft case , The MOI confirmed that such intensive campaigns will continue to maintain the security of the nation

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