Emirates made emergency landing in Kuwait after child died on board

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An Emirates flight from Dubai to Munich was diverted to Kuwait after a child died on October 10, the airline said on Wednesday.

Emirates can confirm that flight EK049 from Dubai to Munich was diverted on 10 October 2017 to Kuwait International Airport due to a medical emergency. The passenger
received immediate medical attention upon landing, but unfortunately was pronounced dead by an emergency doctor on the ground, the airline said in a statement to Gulf News.

The statement did not mention the cause of the childs death. The nationality of the child was not immediately clear.

Emirates would like to express its condolences to the family of the deceased, the statement said. The flight took off and reached Munich behind schedule. The flight continued its journey to Munich where it landed approximately 2.5hrs behind schedule, the airline added.

Study propose ban on expats owning more than one car

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General Traffic Department completed a study on the number of vehicles and the capacity of the roads of the country. According to local media report, the study recommends banning GCC nationals, Arabs and other foreigners from owning more than one car, similar to the ban imposed on Bedoun residents in the country.

The study reveals the existence of about 1.9 million vehicles traversing the roads of the country even though these roads have the capacity of bearing only 1.2 million vehicles.

The daily also added that the study recommends a regulation for the car registration process for expatriates, adding that the road projects currently being implemented will reduce the traffic congestion witnessed on most of the roads in the country.

Men who have sex with their child brides in India will now be prosecuted for rape after historic law change

India's top court has ruled that men who have sex with their child brides can be prosecuted for rape.

Though the legal age of consent is 18 in India, an exception had previously been made for sex between a man and his wife when the woman was between 15 and 17.

India's 2011 census showed more than 5 million girls were married before the legal age of 18.

Marital rape is not a crime in India and the government has said its criminalisation could destabalise marriages and make men vulnerable to harassment by their wives.

Though the legal age of consent is 18 in India, an exception had previously been made for sex between a man and his wife when the woman was between 15 and 18

The Supreme Court ruled the age of consent was 18 for 'all purposes' after hearing a petition by Independent Thought, a non-profit group that sought to criminalise sex with underaged wives.

'Sexual intercourse by a married man with their minor wife below 18 years is rape,' the court said in its judgment, which was welcomed by women's rights campaigners.

'I am very happy with the supreme court judgment,' Vikram Srivastava, a lawyer for Independent Thought, told Reuters.

'The judgment gives a boost to the national campaign of "Beti bachao and beti padhao,"' he added, using a Hindi phrase meaning, 'Save the girl child and educate the girl child'.


The additional solicitor general, PS Narasimha, who represented the government, declined to comment.

Today's verdict would not be applied retrospectively, however, said the court, which based its conclusions on India's Child Marriage Prohibition Act.

Though illegal, child marriage is deeply rooted in India. Factors such as poverty, weak law enforcement, patriarchal social norms and concerns about family honour are often blamed.

Marriages in India are considered to involve a child if the woman is below 18 or the man younger than 21. Men both above and below the legal age may marry child brides. 

Marital rape is not a crime in India and the government has said its criminalisation could destabalise marriages and make men vulnerable to harassment by their wives

More than a quarter of Indian women between 20 and 24 said they were married before 18, and a fifth of men between 25 and 29 said they married below the legal age, the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and the charity Young Lives said in a recent report analysing the census data.

The number of underage brides has declined 0.3 percent in rural areas since 2001, but in urban areas it increased 0.7 percent, the report said.

The study, the first to break down India's census data on child marriage, found that nearly one in four girls in rural areas and one in five in urban areas married before 18.

Despite efforts to empower girls and women and toughen penalties, India is among the countries with the highest rates of child marriage, along with Burkina Faso, Chad, Guinea, Niger and South Sudan. 

Source: Mailonline

The removal of 750 ads and the release of 11 violations and guidance in Al Farwaniya »

The Department of Audit and Follow-up of Municipality Services in Al-Farwaniya Governorate Municipality, represented by its observers, carried out inspections of cooperatives, restaurants and shops, resulted in the release of 11 violations and two warnings, in addition to the removal of 750 advertisements.

The director of the audit and follow-up services of the municipality in the municipality of Nasser al-Rashidi said that the campaigns carried out by the inspectors and inspectors in the control of shops and advertisements resulted in the liberation of 10 violations of advertisements that included the liberation of 8 violations of the establishment of a declaration of activity without a license and the violation of opening a license expired, Advertisement Occasions of streets and squares were randomly placed on the light poles.


He added that the inspectors in the control of food and markets carried out inspections on a number of cooperative societies, shops and restaurants in the regions (Andalusia - Ardia - Paradise - Sabah Al - Nasser), resulting in the liberalization of the violation of the circulation of food damaged and the adoption of two treaties, one of repairing refrigerators for a cooperative and In Andalusia.

Al-Rashidi stressed the need to comply with the health requirements of the food list, pointing out that inspectors and inspectors of the Department will deal with abuses and violations by taking legal action against violators through their continuous field campaigns to ensure the health and safety of foodstuffs provided to the public, That the inspection campaigns will continue and will include outlets for the sale and circulation of all food.

Integrated Petroleum»: start the export of petroleum derivatives in December 2019

Kuwait Petroleum Industries Company announced that it will start exporting oil derivatives in December 2019. He pointed out that the submersible pipes allocated for the export of these oil derivatives will be completed in the Zour refinery project mid of the month, where 80% of the work of these pipes, Welding and dropping of water.

"The project is proceeding according to the time frame set and I would like to pay tribute to the effort of the project management and the contractor to implement it," said Hashim Sayed Hashim, chief executive officer of Quebec.

He added that the submersible tubes that will be issued derivatives in the final stages will be ready in mid-month in the fifth package, and this is a good achievement in the stages of the project.

He added that we have visited the mission and good in the package allocated for the export of oil derivatives to inspect the progress of work at this important stage of the project in order to inspect the progress of work to follow the progress of the project and to ensure the procedures of security and safety.

He stressed that the facilities for the export of petroleum products will have a significant role in the operation of the refinery.

For his part, the Executive Vice President of Al-Zour refinery Hatem Al-Awadhi said that the inspection visit aims to ensure security measures and consider the development of the project, which was completed 80% of it, and will be completed in mid-October.

He said that the operators of this project, which started work last July, had been interviewed. The factory (which is a ship in the water) was visited. The process of welding, processing and placing the pipes under water is a complex process that includes six stages.

"The completion of these pipes is one of the highlights of the Zour refinery project," said Khalid Al-Awadhi, Director of the Major Projects Group (ZOR). "The pipes installed at the bottom of the water, which will reach the refinery and the industrial island, will extend for a distance of 17 km2.

He pointed out that this process involves the removal of 7500 pieces of pipes, the length of each piece of which 12 meters, and we are in front of the completion was without accidents.

The storm of Ophelia turns into a hurricane

The US National Hurricane Center said on Wednesday that the Ophelia storm had intensified into the 10th Atlantic hurricane this year. 

Ophelia is about 1220 kilometers southwest of the Azores and is accompanied by winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, it said, adding that it could intensify in the next 48 hours.


Italy reports outbreaks of bird flu virus and hundreds of thousands of deaths

Italy has recorded five outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza in central and northern farms since the beginning of October and about 880,000 poultry will be culled, officials said on Wednesday.

The biggest outbreak of the virus, which killed or killed millions of birds in western Europe last winter, was at an egg farm in Ferrara County.

The IZF veterinary institute said the latest outbreak was confirmed on Oct. 6 and 853,000 birds were due to be culled by Oct. 17.

The latest outbreak of 14,000 turkeys in the province of Brescia was due to be executed by October 13.

Three other outbreaks occurred in Vicenza province, where authorities have executed birds infected with the virus.



House-sized asteroid will come 'damn close' to Earth Today as it skims past Earth at one-eighth the distance of the moon

The space rock, dubbed asteroid 2012 TC4, is about 30-100 feet (10-30 metres) in size, and will fly by at just one-eighth of the distance between Earth and the moon on October 12.

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An asteroid estimated to be up to 100 feet wide is set for a close shave with Earth , when it will soar past at a distance of just 27,000 miles above the surface – or, as some scientists have put it, 'damn close.'

The space rock, dubbed asteroid 2012 TC4, is about 30-100 feet (10-30 metres) in size, and will fly by at just one-eighth of the distance between Earth and the moon on October 12.

It first flitted past our planet in October 2012 at about double the distance of its next expected pass, before disappearing.

But, after tracking it down last month, scientists now assure it will make a safe pass. 

2012 TC4 will come closest to Earth around 6:42pm BST (1:42pm ET) on October. 



The asteroid was first discovered in 2012, when it sped past Earth, but it has been too distant and faint to see over the last five years. 

It is is estimated to be between 10 and 30 meters in size, or nearly the size of a Boeing-737.

On October 12, the asteroid is set to make a 'close' flyby of Earth.

It could pass just 4,200 miles (6,800 kilometers) from Earth for the first time since it went out of range in 2012, Nasa says.

Based on predictions made at the agency's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies in Pasadena, California, it could also - and more likely will - pass much farther away, as far as 170,000 miles (270,000 kilometers).

According to Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the asteroid's next 'close-approach' to Earth will take place on December 29, 2019 - although at a much further distance of more than 21 million miles (34 million kilometers).



The International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) announced the suspension of the Pakistani Federation because of interference by a third party in the management of the game in the country on Wednesday.

FIFA said it had immediately suspended the Pakistan Football Association and it was no longer possible for its clubs or national teams to participate in any international competitions until the suspension was lifted.


Photo published for an important message from # Facebook for girls only

Facebook celebrated the International Girl Day, which falls on October 11, to support the girl's role in society. 

"On International Women's Day, we celebrate the potential of all girls to become an effective voice in their society. We hope you will join us to wish each girl a bright future," he said. 

The International Day of the Girl, or International Day of the Girl Child, is the international celebration announced by the United Nations on October 11 to support key priorities for the protection of girls' rights and opportunities for a better life and to raise awareness of the inequality faced by girls around the world. On the basis of gender, such disparities include such areas as the right to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, protection against discrimination and violence, the right to work, the right to marriage after admission and the elimination of child marriage.

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