K-Net to implement mobile verification for online payments


K-Net to implement mobile verification for online payments

From Jan 1, 2017, Kuwait Shared Electronic Banking Services Company (K-Net) started activating a new customer verification technology will be used by adding more security elements and a special verification code to transactions worth KD 25 and higher. KNet CEO Abdullah Al-Ajmi said customers will no longer be able to use their cards for online shopping or paying bills unless they have their information updated with their banks, especially their mobile phone number, on which the bank will text clients a secret onetime code. Ajmi said 230 million cash withdrawals and online shopping and POS transactions were made in 2016, with a total value of KD 15 billion.

Pinay dies after being run over by car



Pinay dies after being run over by car

A Filipino woman has died on spot when she was run over by a speeding vehicle In Kuwait city recently , police are searching for the suspect , a case was registered.

Kuwait Court sentences parents to death for killing daughter


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Couple convicted of beating and torturing child until she died, and then keeping her body in a freezer for a week

A court in Kuwait on Monday sentenced a couple to death by hanging after it found them guilty of torturing their four-year-old daughter until she died. However, the sentence is not final and can be challenged at the Court of Appeals and subsequently at the Court of Cassation. The parents were arrested in May last year and the father, Salem Bouhan, 26, confessed that he beat his daughter Isra with an electrical wire and poured hot water on her in front of her mother, 23-year-old Amira Hussain, and three younger siblings. According to a security source, the investigation department received a tip about a suspicious murder in a flat in the Salmiya area in the capital Kuwait City.

Investigators searched the flat and found a bag in the freezer in which they found the frozen body of a young girl, the source added. Forensic doctors said the body had burns on the shoulders and feet and carried traces of torture. During his questioning, the father, reportedly a drug addict, said that his daughter took one of his pills and died. However, he later admitted that he tortured her with hot water and beat her with an electrical wire for her negligence in the flat. He added that when he saw her deteriorating condition, he went down to a pharmacy and bought her medicines, but she passed away.

The father then went to the market and bought a freezer and placed Isra’s body inside it. His wife refused to stay in the flat where the body was hidden, and he took her and their three children to another location. However, they complained that the place was unbearably hot and that they could not stay there. He took them to the flat of his mother and asked her to accommodate them for a few days, the source added. The father told his mother that the eldest daughter had been hospitalised and that he would stay with her at the hospital. Upon hearing the details, investigators headed to the flat, where they arrested Isra’s mother for her complicity in the murder of her daughter.Further investigations revealed that the father and mother consumed drugs and that the father had been fired from work for showing up in an abnormal state. The parents were said to be extremely negligent in the upbringing of their children and their flat was disorganized and dirty. A statement issued by the interior ministry said that the father and his wife were on drugs at the time of the murder. The statement confirmed that the girl’s body had traces of torture.

Source: Gulf News

104 irregularities in the first day / of handicapped parking. KUWAIT

104 irregularities in the first day of the application of Article 63 for preventing the use of handicapped parking. KUWAIT

The penalty against those who wrongly park their vehicles in parking spots allocated for the disabled will be one-month imprisonment and/or fine of KD 100 as per the decision from 1 January 2017.





School kids get trapped going down an escalator.



Kuwait reduced juvenile age to 16 form Jan 1st

Kuwait reduced juvenile age to 16 form Jan 1st
A circular issued by the Public Prosecutor says as of Saturday, Dec 31, the new law concerning juvenile age will come into effect, reports Al-Jaridah daily. According to the new law the age of juveniles has been reduced from 18 to 16. Al-Assousi pointed out newspapers and TV satellite channels are not allowed to publish the names of juveniles and their photos before or after the trials. He affirmed the law provides for punishment for juveniles for deviation and immorality, joining extremist groups or involvement in religious extremism, crossdressers or Satan worshippers.

Kuwait Airways begins 2017 celebrations of the arrival of the second plane



Kuwait Airways begins 2017 celebrations of the arrival of the second plane B777-300ER named "Um Al Maradim"

List of National Public holidays of Kuwait in 2017


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Public Holidays in Kuwait in 2017


Day Date Holiday Comments
Sunday January 01 New Years Day Gregorian New Year
Saturday February 25 National Day

Marks the creation of Kuwait as a nation in 1961...........

Sunday February 26 Liberation Day End of the Gulf War in 1991
Monday April 24 Isra’a Wal Miraj
Monday June 26 Eid Al Fitr End of Ramadan
Tuesday June 27 Eid Al Fitr Holiday End of Ramadan
Wednesday June 28 Eid Al Fitr Holiday End of Ramadan
Thursday August 31 Arafat Day Date to be confirmed. Arafat (Haj) Day
Friday September 01 Eid Al-Adha Date varies on Lunar cycle
Saturday September 02 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Date varies on Lunar cycle
Sunday September 03 Eid Al-Adha Holiday Date varies on Lunar cycle
Thursday September 21 Hijri New Year Islamic New Year
Friday December 01 Birthday of Prophet Muhammad Second time in 2016 due to Lunar cycles


Kuwait Residency Violation Fine KD4 , Quota for Expats


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Residency Violation Fine KD4 , Quota for Expats 

Kuwait The residency directorate had submitted a study to cabinet suggesting increasing the fines paid for violating residency visa validity by 100 percent from KD 2 to KD 4 per day , Hind Al-Subaih Minister of Social Affairs and Labor announced today , another solutions involve setting quotas for each nationality to reduce the number of foreigners in the country , Al-Subaih added 




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