2 suspected Islamic State members nabbed in BGC

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II presented to the media on Thursday two individuals believed to be members of so-called Islamic State. AP/Aaron Favila, file

Manila: Philippine authorities said on Thursday they had foiled a possible terror attack after arresting a Kuwaiti man and his Syrian wife, both alleged members of ISIS. Police nabbed H.D and R.Z at an upscale district of Manila following a tip-off from the Kuwaiti authorities late last month, but the arrests were kept secret while Filipino authorities investigated further, officials said. The pair had entered the country repeatedly in recent months as part of plans for “a bombing operation” either in the Philippines or Kuwait, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre told reporters. The justice chief said the two will be charged on the basis of immigration laws as they are not properly documented. Deportation procedures will then follow according to Aguirre.

The Filipino official said the suspect would be deported to Kuwait while his wife would be sent back to Qatar from where she entered the Philippines. The Kuwaiti embassy in Manila could not be contacted for comment.


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Request to reopen doors for Pakistani citizens

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Minister of Social Affairs and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh disclosed about the legal and security measures that Ministry of Interior is working on completing in coordination with the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to reopen doors for Pakistani workers to return to Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily. 

She stressed that the agreement between the two governments includes bringing in skilled and specialized workers in the fields of medicine and engineering. Al-Sabeeh shed light on the request to reopen doors for Pakistani workers to return to Kuwait, indicating that this request is being studied in line with security framework of the country. She affirmed about the ongoing cooperation in this regard with Pakistani officials.

Capital Immigration Department relocated to Salmiya

The transactions of citizens and expatriates affiliated to the Capital Immigration Department will be completed at the old Hawalli Immigration Department premises in Salmiya area, reports Al-Rai daily.This is following the decision to demolish Capital Immigration Department within the next few days, daily added.The reconstruction work at the Capital Immigration Department building will be completed within two and half years.

Prime Minister Modi receives Kuwait's invitation

prime minister of india prince karim aga khan calls on pm website

Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi received the invitation send by HH Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah, the prime Minister of the state of Kuwait.

In his letter addressed to Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, Kuwait prime Minister expresses his countries appreciation to the strong historical relations between India and Kuwait.

Indian Prime Ministers visit to Kuwait will open horizons of constructive cooperation and people to people contacts and will strengthen the bilateral relations between the peoples of the two countries, Kuwait prime HH Minister Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah said in his invitation, which addressed India as 'Friendly Republic'.



Earthquake recorded in Kuwait

Kuwait : A 4.1 magnitude quake on the Richter scale was recorded in Kuwait yesterday , the tremor's epicenter was west Al-Faw region in Iraq and northern Kuwait.

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Hospital workers beware: Those exposed to sanitisers, disinfectants and sterilisers have a 65% higher risk of thyroid cancer

Hospital workers are more likely to develop thyroid cancer, new research suggests.  Being exposed to sanitisers, disinfectants and sterilisers at work was linked to a 65 per cent higher risk of the disease. The odds more than doubled for those who jobs may have led to frequent dealings with the toxins, which are also known as biocides.

Scientists at Yale University also looked at pesticides - for which research is inconclusive - but found no increased risk. 

Workers exposed to sanitisers, disinfectants and sterilisers have a 65 per cent higher risk of the disease, scientists claim 

Study author Dr Yawei Zhang said: 'Limited studies have investigated occupational exposure to pesticides in relation to thyroid cancer and have reached inconsistent results. 'Our study did not support an association between occupational exposure to pesticides and risk of thyroid cancer.

'But... occupational exposure to other biocides might be associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer. 'People should take caution when they apply pesticides or other biocides in work place or at home by wearing protective clothes or mask and washing hands afterwards.'   

Scientists aren’t certain what causes thyroid cancer, though radiation has been heavily linked in recent years. Women are deemed more likely to get the disease, with white people also considered to be at the highest risk.

The odds of thyroid cancer more than doubled for those who jobs may have led to frequent dealings with the toxins, which are also known as biocides (stock)

Women with any occupational exposure to biocides were 48 percent more likely to develop thyroid cancer, while men had more than tripled odds For the study, researchers compared data on 462 adults with thyroid cancer to 498 people of a similar age who didn't have the disease. Participants were asked to report all the jobs they had held for at least one year during their lifetime. 

They were also asked to provide detailed information on their job title, duties and type of industry.  Then, their potential exposure to biocides and pesticides were estimated by the researchers.  Pesticides included primarily agricultural chemicals like insecticides, herbicides and rodenticides, linked mainly to farming jobs. Biocides in the study, which was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, were typically used in medicine or cleaning. 

This comes after the UN warned in August of new technologies being behind an epidemic of thyroid cancer in western countries. Its cancer research agency said hundreds of thousands of patients are being misdiagnosed, and that their tumours are 'very unlikely' to cause death.  



Thyroid cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the thyroid gland, a small gland at the base of the neck that produces hormones.

It's most common in people in their 30s and those over the age of 60. Women are two to three times more likely to develop it than men.

Thyroid cancer is usually treatable and in many cases can be cured completely, although it can sometimes come back after treatment.

Symptoms of thyroid cancer can include:

  • a painless lump or swelling in the front of the neck – although only 1 in 20 neck lumps are cancer
  • swollen glands in the neck
  • unexplained hoarseness that doesn't get better after a few weeks
  • a sore throat that doesn't get better
  • difficulty swallowing 

Source: NHS Choices 


Total 500,000 people on travel ban

Around 500,000 citizens, Bedouns and expatriates are on travel ban, reports Al-Shahid daily quoting sources.

The same sources noted the figure is unstable, because the travel ban is usually lifted after the financial or criminal case filed by persons, companies or government
authorities against the culprit has been resolved and the name is removed from the blacklist. 

They noted the Interior Ministry did not impose travel ban on the 500 people but only enforced the decision based on orders from the Public prosecution, courts, investigators or ministries for various reasons.

MP Safa Seeks Ban On Expat Drivers

Kuwait MP Safa Al-Hashem proposed to halt the issuance of new driver licenses for expatriates



Saudi : Some 5000 undocumented overseas Filipino workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are expected to be flying home soon after the Saudi government implemented its amnesty program for illegal migrants.
The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) had been deployed to facilitate the processing of qualified OFWs in Saudi Arabia so they could avail themselves of the three-month amnesty program.

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ANNOUNCEMENT : Breaking News:

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Kuwait Cricket Board is pleased to announce the shorlisted 18 probables for the all important ICC World Cricket League Division 5 Qualifier scheduled to take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 20th April until the 1st of May 2017.

Kuwait will compete against Bahrain, Bhutan, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Thailand and the winner of the tournament will qualify for ICC world cricket league division 5.

18 probables in Alphabetical order:

Aamir Javed
Abdullah Khan 
Ali Zaheer 
Adnan Idrees 
Fahad Bastaki
Fiaz Ahmad
Haroon Shahid
Kashif Shareef
Muhammad Amin 
Muhammed Asghar
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammed Hussain Ghulam 
Mudassar Ali
Muhammad Murad 
Sajid Kalam 
Sanal PC
Usman Waheed

Head Coach: Ghayoor Ahmed
Senior Coach:Tahir Khan

Kuwait Cricket Board will continue to closely monitor the fitness, discipline and performances of the shortlisted 18 probables in the ongoing coaching and training camp.

Congratulations to all the 18 probables and wishing all the players the very best for the final selection of 14.

Stay tuned for regular updates @kuwaitcricketofficial & www.kuwait-cricket.com

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