The official operation of T4 will be fully operational by end of August 2018

Passengers on Kuwait Airways will travel normally from T1 at ( Kuwait airport), the official operation of T4 will be fully operational by end of August 2018

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Kuwait Airways launches its first flight on Terminal 4 to Bahrain today









Elissa Reveals Secret Struggle With Breast Cancer In Heart-Warming Video. The Lebanese singer urges woman to get checked

Watch: Elissa Reveals Secret Struggle With Breast Cancer In Heart-Warming Video


Fans of Lebanese superstar Elissa were moved today when the 45-year old singer released her new song on YouTube that reveals she has been secretly fighting breast cancer. The seven-minute video, “For All Those Who Love Me” (Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni), showcases real life radiotherapy sessions and features a voiceover of Elissa speaking about her battle.

 Elissa, Breast Cancer, Lebanese Signer

“I go to radiotherapythen I enter the studio. I finish another session, rest for two hours and to the studio again. Once a week also I was shooting a live show. It’s not me who I felt sorry for. Angy, I felt sorry for the people I loved and this song is for the people we really love and don’t want to leave behind.”

Although the video was only released early today, it has already garnered near one million views and over 6,000 comments from fans sending their well wishes.

The award-winning artist finishes her song with a happy ending, where she announces she has beaten the disease and is recovering. She urges women to get checked so they too can benefit from early detection.

“I’ve recovered, I’ve beaten the illness, and I won…. Early detection of breast cancer can save your life, don’t ignore it, face it.”

The Voice Arabia judge has since shared a photo on her Instagram that features the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery, Elissa.

Source: harpersbazaararabia

Rodrigo Duterte threatens to kill corrupt police officers

Philippine president tells dozens of policemen that they will be ‘watched for mistakes’

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, has threatened to kill corrupt police officers, including those accused of involvement in illegal drugs and other crimes, in an expletives-laden encounter on live TV.

More than 100 policemen, many of them facing administrative and criminal complaints including rape, kidnapping and robbery, were escorted to the presidential palace to meet Duterte, police officials said.

The national police, which the president once called “corrupt to the core”, have been undergoing an internal cleansing since his crackdown on illegal drugs last year, due to reports of abuses. Duterte later allowed them to rejoin drug raids, partly because the small lead anti-narcotics agency lacks personnel and firepower to quell the drug menace.

“If you’ll stay like this, son of a bitch, I will really kill you,” Duterte told the policemen in the dressing-down broadcast by local TV networks.

The cases of some of the policemen will be reviewed, but Duterte warned: “I have a special unit which will watch you for life and, if you commit even a small mistake, I’ll ask that you be killed.”

Addressing the policemen’s families, Duterte said: “If these sons of bitches die, don’t come to us yelling ‘human rights, due process’, because I warned you already.”

Such public threats, along with the more than 4,500 mostly poor drug suspects who have been killed in gun battles with police under Duterte’s anti-drug crackdown, have triggered alarm in western governments and human rights watchdogs since he rose to power in mid-2016.

Duterte has vowed to continue his campaign until the last day of his six-year term, often declaring that he is ready to go to jail, although he denies sanctioning extrajudicial killings. Police say nearly 150,000 drug suspects have been arrested and dozens of law enforcers have been killed in drug raids, proving the danger of battling illegal drugs, which remain a major problem.

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Customs and anti-drugs authorities announced the discovery of about 500kg (1,100lb) of methamphetamine, locally called shabu, concealed in two steel cylinders in two abandoned container vans at Manila’s international container port in one of the largest drug seizures under Duterte.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency chief Aaron Aquino said the vans came from Malaysia, which a drug syndicate may be using as a shipment point, but were never claimed at the Manila port because of stricter screenings.


Source: theguardian



Dammam: A Filipino maid in Saudi Arabia is appealing for help after her employer allegedly threw boiling water at her recently.Gealyn, 24, has been working in Saudi Arabia for only two months but has already experienced abuse from her employer, Aside from throwing hot water at her, she also accused her employer of physically abusing her.

The incident with the boiling water happened after Gavanes’ employer learned that she contacted her agency regarding the alleged abuse.The woman currently in a hospital and under the care of the Overseas Welfare Workers Administration (OWWA).


Security campaign in Kuwait . Please carry identification documents at all times

Security campaign in Amghara, 280 arrested ..

Kuwait A security campaign was held in Amghara area on Tuesday during which more than 1024 individuals were arrested.

80 without valid documents
46 illegal residents 
45 expired visas 
60 workers under article 20
280 to deportation dept.
43 for absconding cases
4 wanted by law
2 liquor & drugs cases 
15 vehicles seized
300 traffic violations

Several for not carrying identification documents in addition hawkers, Others 744 have been released after their documents were rechecked





Video: A Kuwaiti man saves a Palestinian family from drowning in Bosnia after the boat capsized in the river




Momo – the story and the picture – are utterly horrifying. And that's just about the only thing anyone can know for sure.

The story is linked with a bizarre and chilling photo, as well as a series of stories that are just as sinister. The picture is being used by people on WhatsApp who trick young people into extreme behaviour that includes taking their own lives, according to those reports.


It has led to warnings from the police, telling children to be careful and their parents to look after them. Many include the image, and suggestions that it has some sort of unknown power.

But it is not clear whether the warnings are talking about something that actually happens, or are just an urban legend. It at least appears that the story began as a meme, even if it has now morphed into something more real.

Where did Momo come from?

The picture appears to have begun as a work in an exhibition. And the tales about the WhatsApp account seem to be real – but the work of someone attempting to wind other people up.

Momo – or at least the image associated with her name – began life as a sculpture created for an art exhibit in Japan, in 2016. It was created by a special effects company called Link Factory, and was shown off in public.

The picture shows what appears to be a statue, of a young woman with long and thin black hair, a strange face and the body of a bird. It began being shared online in August 2016.


What is the Momo legend?

But it didn't acquire its current meaning until it was shared on the "creepy" subreddit, where it quickly became popular. From there, the image shot to popularity across other parts of the internet – with people attaching new chilling stories to it as they shared it, in an attempt to increase the sinister feeling of the image.

As such, it is just another part of the creepypasta corpus. Users add to those legends by writing new stories – and sometimes doing so in ways that are indistinguishable from real creepy phenomena.

One of those stories appears to be the suggestion that Momo, or someone using the picture, has an account on WhatsApp. That WhatsApp will send strange messages to people who attempt to communicate with it, the stories suggested.

It does appear to be true that at least one person was doing so: people online claim to have spoken with that account, and received messages ranging from creepy to outright aggressive. But there is nothing to suggest that the person controlling that account was anything more than someone looking to scare or annoy people.


That, in turn, seems to have prompted warnings from the police, including in South America where the story began. Reports from Argentina suggest that Buenos Aires police are investigating one death and its possible relation to the Momo "game".

The Spanish national police tweeted to say that the reports might sound like something out of a video game but that they were best ignored.


Is it real?

It is impossible to know how legitimate any of those reports are – while the story has been connected with one suicide, it is not at all clear whether that is true or if the reports are simply the result of moral panic and fear. There may have been someone using the image who bullied or led a child astray – but that is a specific case, unrelated to the image and probably not connected to other people using it.


After those police warnings, the story has been written by a range of British tabloids over the last week, many of which make little reference to the meme itself and suggest that the Momo phenomenon might be purely real.

Some of those reports link the meme to the "blue whale suicide game". And it seems to be functioning in a largely similar way, though not as those reports suggest – it seems that the original case was either invented or existed in an insignificant way, but that confusing reports led to fears about what was going on.

None of this is to suggest that creepypasta or stories of this kind cannot be dangerous. The story of two girls who tortured and nearly killed their friend in the name of the fictional Slenderman character is warning enough. But there is no suggestion that the Momo story has had anything like that effect, beyond unverified reports in the tabloids.

The Eid Al-Adha holiday will begin on the 19th of August

The Eid Al-Adha holiday will begin on the 19th of August and end on the 23rd.  The work in ministries and government institutes would halt for that entire period.



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