"The weather is cool at night and moderate in the day, and the clouds are increasing in the north-east of Saudi Arabia with the chance of scattered rain," said meteorologist Issa Ramadan, adding that there is also a chance for sporadic rains on Thursday and the Prophet's birthday in Kuwait. Friday".

North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Tuesday, the South Korean news agency reported

North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Tuesday, the South Korean news agency reported.

North Korea fired from the Pyong Sung area an unknown ballistic missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in Seoul, adding that the South Korean authorities and the United States were analyzing the details of the launch, including the missile's trajectory and distance.

Both South Korea and Japan have raised their alert following the emergence of activities indicating Pyongyang's readiness to launch a new missile.

A source in the South Korean government said he had discovered moves in North Korea that usually appear before Pyongyang launches a new missile, so the government is on the alert for all possibilities.

North Korea kept silent for about 70 days after a mid-range ballistic missile was launched in September.

Court has upheld a Kuwaiti citizen for 10 years in the case of the murder of an Egyptian expatriate

The Kuwaiti Court of Cassation has upheld a Kuwaiti citizen for 10 years in the case of the murder of an Egyptian expatriate who was beaten in Hawalli two years ago.

A bloody quarrel broke out in November 2015 in a shopping mall in Hawalli between 15 Egyptians and seven Kuwaitis. The quarrel then moved to the main street, where a Kuwaiti citizen used his car to trample the Egyptians.


The incident resulted in the death of an Egyptian expatriate and the wounding of two others. The traffickers were arrested and referred to the competent authorities, who were charged with premeditated murder of the Kuwaiti citizen, who carried out the act.

The dispute at the time was due to the price of a "toy" that Kuwaitis were intending to buy from a shop in the Al Rehab commercial complex where Egyptian expatriates worked before the dispute developed.

UAE starts VAT application in January


The UAE Ministry of Finance announced the introduction of VAT in early January.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has adopted the Implementing Regulation on Value Added Tax (VAT), the ministry said on Monday.

"The executive regulation defines the value added tax as a tax imposed by 5 percent on the import and supply of goods and services at each stage of production, distribution and includes legal supply if no explicit provision is made to impose a zero or exemption ratio."

The Ministry of Finance confirmed that the application of value added tax will be on January 1 next year, as business sectors must complete their preparations to be able to meet their tax obligations and avoid administrative fines.

Maradona demands his daughter's imprisonment

Argentine soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona accused his daughters of stealing $ 4.5 million from him and demanded one of them be imprisoned, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Maradona, 57, filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Claudia Villafan and his daughters Dalma and Jayannina.


The former Barcelona star said his family had transferred the stolen money to accounts in Uruguay and had bought property in the United States using the money.

Maradona's lawyer accused his daughter Gianna of transferring the money with the help of her son to Uruguay and said she was there last August. "In the light of this, there is no solution other than holding Gianna.

"They know where I live, they can come whenever they want," Gianna said on Twitter.

THE DEPARTURE OF SHARIF" : Pakistani army has increased the tone of talk about Iran, saying any threat to Saudi Arabia will provoke a strong response from Pakistan


During the meeting of the ministers of defense of the Islamic Coalition to combat terrorism in Riyadh on Sunday, the team departure of Sharif, as the military commander of the Islamic alliance. Sharif, nicknamed the "strong man of Pakistan," was chosen for the military leadership of the alliance after he retired from his job as commander of the Pakistani army.

Iran has expressed its opposition to the choice of the departure of Sharif as a military commander of the coalition, and tried to put pressure on Pakistan. Tehran has officially informed Islamabad that it has observations on the latter's approval to appoint Sharif in this position. The departure of Sharif during his former job as commander of the Pakistani army has increased the tone of talk about Iran, saying any threat to Saudi Arabia will provoke a strong response from Pakistan.

The "London Arabs" described Sharif's departure as the military man who leads Pakistan's largest and most influential institution and the decision maker. His talk about Iran reflects a real understanding of the threat posed by Iranian ambitions to control and infiltrate neighboring countries, one of which is Pakistan.

The choice of Sharif's departure in the Saudi-led Islamic alliance is a confirmation of the Riyadh-Islamabad relationship rooted in authenticity and constancy, a continuation of close political and military cooperation between the two countries and an Islamic consensus on the personality of the new military commander.

The team was born on June 16, 1956, in Quetta, to a prominent military family; his father is retired general Mohammed Sharif. It is rooted in the town of Kunge in the Gujarat district of Punjab.

Sharif received his basic education from the War College in Lahore, then joined the Pakistan Military Academy, became commander of two infantry battalions, and then head of the Pakistan Military Academy. After being promoted to the rank of two-serving team commander of the corps until becoming a general inspector of training and evaluation, which was the supervisor of training in the Pakistani army. In November 2013 he assumed the Chief of Staff; he became the 15th Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army.

He has played a pivotal role in spearheading the change of military thought since 2007, under which the focus is on fighting the Taliban rather than confronting the traditional enemy. Design and update the military strategy of the Pakistani army and future training programs for the army.

The Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism comprises 41 countries, which form a unified Islamic system to confront violent extremism and fight terrorism. The Alliance's strategic vision is based on the fact that the countries participating in the Islamic alliance, with the support of friendly peace-loving countries and international organizations, are capable of coordinating and consolidating their efforts in the intellectual and media fields, combating the financing of terrorism and the military field in combating all forms of terrorism and extremism, For the maintenance of international peace and security.

The military sphere of the Alliance is determined to help coordinate the securing of resources, to plan military operations to combat terrorism in Member States, to facilitate the safe exchange of military information and to encourage Member States to build military capabilities to combat terrorism in order to deter violence and terrorist attacks

Ministry of Health Spokesman Ahmed Al-Shatti warns of filming inside hospitals

Ministry of Health Spokesman Ahmed Al-Shatti warns of filming inside hospitals and health centers even by doctors because it contradicts the ethics of the profession adding that the ministry will pursue violators of this procedure legally.



Kuwait's Civil Service Commission (CSC) said Thursday November 30 would be a public holiday marking the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Civil servants at all state bodies and agencies will resume work on December 3 (Sunday)


CSC sets Nov. 30 as holiday for Prophet's Birthday


Private sources said, according to the site "The News", that unidentified elements carried out an armed attack on the Coptic Orthodox Church in the city of Arish in northern Sinai late on Monday, while the attack on some civilians in an attempt to kidnap them.

The sources said that the security men from the armed forces and the police, moved to the scene of the incident immediately, where the inventory of the number of victims and injured - according to the source.

The attack came days after the incident of the mosque in the area of ​​Bir al-Abed, which was carried out by terrorist elements fired at worshipers during Friday prayers, killing 305 people and 127 injured - according to official statistics.

Abu Dhabi Airport to grant visas in 15 to 30 minutes

New service includes issuance of the new 96-hour transit visa

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi announced on Monday the launch of a new visa counter to facilitate the visa application process and grant both transit and arriving passengers visas within 15 to 30 minutes.

The new service, located at the Terminal 3 transit area at Abu Dhabi International Airport includes issuance of the new four-day, or 96-hour, transit visa for all nationalities travelling through Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The announcement was made by the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Airports, Etihad Airways and the Abu Dhabi General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs.

The launch of the new visa counter is part of the ‘Life in Abu Dhabi’ initiative, in support of the Enriching Tourist Experience. Established in May 2017 as part of the Government Services Office at Abu Dhabi Executive Office, Life in Abu Dhabi is an annual gathering aimed at developing a number of public sector services for the government of Abu Dhabi.

The new counter will issue several types of mission and tourist visas available to travellers who do not fall under the current visa upon arrival scheme. Passengers can now approach the visa counter in Terminal 3 to apply for, and obtain the relevant visa within 30 minutes.

In addition, the visa counter is now issuing the new 96-hour transit visa, which is a key part of Abu Dhabi’s ongoing efforts to attract more visitors to the capital. This project is being jointly implemented by several parties including the Abu Dhabi Executive Office, Abu Dhabi Airports, General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs — Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways and Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi.

The visa, which costs Dh300, can be used by passengers with planned trips from Abu Dhabi, or with intermediate flights through Abu Dhabi en route to their destination if their layover exceeds four hours. The transit visa can be applied for both at the new visa counter on arrival, or through the online designated portal, provided passengers meet the application criteria. Travellers can also request to change their transit visa to a tourist visa at the airport if they are planning to extend their stay in the capital.

Brigadier Mansour Ahmad Ali Al Daheri, Director-General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, said his department had facilitated the registration process for tourism companies and held several workshops for companies and entities working in the tourism sector.

He said: “The launch of the new entry visa system strengthens the country’s efforts to maintain its regional leadership and position on the global map in the fields of tourism, economy and education.”

Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports, said, “The 96-hour visa will be instrumental to attract the large number of transfer passengers to experience Abu Dhabi and its vast offerings during their stopover.”

Saif Saeed Gobash, Director-General, Department of Culture and Tourism, said, “The visa counter at AUH will further enhance the tourist experience when visiting Abu Dhabi. In addition, the newly launched 96-hour transit visa will facilitate the passenger experience of over 15 million (as per 2016 numbers) travellers who transfer through our airport every year. We can now process their requests for a transit visa in just 30 minutes.”

The move is expected to drive an increase in the number of hotel guests from around the world to all three regions of Abu Dhabi. October 2017 figures revealed an 18 per cent increase in visitor numbers compared to the same month last year, with 418,883 domestic and international visitors checking in to one of the Emirate’s 163 hotels or hotel apartments. October’s rise has maintained the Emirate’s eight per cent increase over the year in terms of the numbers of hotel guests, and this number is on track to surpass the 2016 total of 4.4 million guests.

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