F18 US fighter crash shuts airport after jet smashes into runway..

F18 US fighter crash shuts airport after jet smashes into runway..

Manama: A US F-18 fighter jet experiencing an engine malfunction made a crash landing Saturday at Bahrain International Airport, briefly interfering with commercial flight schedules, The pilot who ejected from the aircraft after it ran off the runway escaped unharmed.


The Ministry of Electricity and Water announced that the Al-Zour station received news of the presence of an oil spot close to it and immediately raised the matter to the Ministry, which in turn contacted and coordinated with the various state bodies concerned in this regard to address the spot and combat it by available means. The oil companies in the south of Kuwait installed floating barriers and equipment Absorption at the entrances of the South and North Zor stations to complete installation work at dawn today. 

An operations room in the oil sector has been established for 24 hours with the participation of all the concerned authorities in the country to coordinate the work and facilitate the various procedures.

In addition to monitoring and monitoring the management of the chemical business in the operation and maintenance of water throughout the night until one o'clock at noon, the samples of water produced from Al-Zour plant were collected and collected from all the fresh water tanks and the pumping station at the water distribution complex in South Zor until this moment. Any evidence of oil in this water produced or affected by oil pollution and monitoring will continue to ensure water quality.

The Ministry of Electricity and Water said that with regard to the source of pollution, there are parties concerned with the State and under the leadership of the General Authority for the Environment based on research and investigation and identification of the source as this is not the competence of the ministry.

 There was an aerial reconnaissance flight this morning to inspect the area on a large area and there was no spot of oil other than this spot.


Security forces capture 12 Abdali cell suspects

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior announced early Saturday that it had captured 12 of the convicts in Al Abdali terror case who went missing last month.

A ministry statement said the convicts were apprehended in different parts on the country.

The search for the remaining two convicts is continuing, the ministry added in a statement carried by Kuwait News Agency (Kuna). 

Al Abdali case has been the hottest issue this summer following a final court verdict in June that overturned an acquittal by a lower court and reports that the convicts had disappeared to evade serving prison terms.

Al Abdali case emerged in the open on August 13, 2015, when Kuwait’s Interior Ministry said that it busted a terrorist cell and uncovered a large cache of arms, ammunitions and explosives hidden underground at a farm in Abdali. The cache contained 24 hand grenades, 65 guns, 56 RPGs and 144kg of bomb-making material.

On September 1, 2015, Kuwait’s public prosecution said 26 defendants, including one Iranian, would stand trial for the possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives and espionage for Iran and Hezbollah.

It said that 24 defendants faced charges of intelligence with Iran and Hezbollah and of engaging in acts likely to undermine the unity and safety of Kuwait.

The trial by the Criminal Court was opened on September 15 and all the defendants present in the court denied the charges.

On January 12, 2016, the Criminal Court sentenced a Kuwaiti man and an Iranian national to death, one defendant to life in prison and 19 others to between five and 15 years in jail.

The verdicts were appealed and on July 21, 2016, the Court of Appeals upheld the death sentence against the Kuwaiti national, one life sentence and one five-year sentence.

However, it acquitted nine men who had been sentenced to 15 years in prison, and reduced three other 15-year sentences to between two and five years and one 10-year sentence to five years.

It also reduced two 15-year sentences and two five-year sentences to fines of 5,000 Kuwaiti dinars.

The court confirmed the acquittals of three other defendants and a fine imposed on another defendant was waived.

Two cases were not examined as the defendants, including the Iranian national, were tried in absentia and could not lodge appeals.

The defendants who were acquitted or fined by the Court of Appeals were allowed to go home as the case was referred to the Cassation Court, the highest court in the country.

In June, the Cassation Court cancelled the acquittal of defendants and sentenced two of them to 15 years in prison, 15 defendants to 10 years and three defendants to five years in jail.

In July, Kuwaiti daily Al Siyassah said that 14 Al Abdali Cell convicts fled to Iran after they used small boats to reach international waters where an Iranian vessel was waiting for them.

However, the interior ministry dismissed the report, saying there was no evidence that the convicts had left the country and appealed for assistance from Kuwaitis and residents in locating them.

As a massive manhunt across the country was gaining pace, the ministry warned that anyone withholding information on the whereabouts of the convicts would face legal measures.

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Filipina DH Jennifer Dalquez saved from UAE death row

Jennifer Dalquez

Jennifer Dalquez,30, a domestic helper in Al Ain UAE was facing capital punishment for murder was acquitted and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday, June 20. 

DUBAI – A 30-year-old Filipina facing capital punishment for murder in the UAE was spared from the death penalty, Philippine Embassy officials said on  Tuesday (June 20).

The Al Ain Judicial Court on Monday declared Jennifer Dalquez innocent but sentenced her to five years in jail for mobile phone theft. She will not be paying any blood money.

Dalquez, who worked as a domestic helper in Al Ain, had sworn that she killed her employer in self-defense.


The Filipina had sworn in the name of Allah that she did not intentionally stab her male employer and she did so only to “defend herself and her reputation”.

Dalquez was given the death sentence in May 2015 after she was found guilty of killing her employer in December 2014.

She said her employer tried to rape her and she acted in self defence.

During the previous hearing in April, the victim’s sons had refused to appear in court to swear that the housemaid was solely responsible for their father’s death.

Dalquez had told the judge that she wanted an acquittal and requested that she be allowed to return to the Philippines

Kuwaiti renowned actor Abdul Hussain Abdul Reda has passed away

Famous Kuwaiti actor Abdulhussain Abdulredha dies aged 78

Kuwaiti actor Abdulhussain Abdulredha renowned for his works across the Gulf Arab region has died aged 78, his family announced on Friday, The late actor had suffered complications during treatment at a London hospital . Kuwait has lost one of its pioneering stage and television actors, an iconic figure in the Kuwaiti drama and comedic theater Abdulhussain Abdulredha, aged 78, he started acting in the first generation of Kuwaiti theatre actors in the 1960s.

Kuwait Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Acting Information Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah expressed condolences over the demise of the legendary Kuwaiti actor Abdulhussain Abdulredha who died Friday in London aged 78.

The Kuwaiti, Gulf and Arab art movement has lost one of its great symbols, who brought joy and pleasure to the hearts of theater and TV drama lovers, the minister said in a press statement. Sheikh Mohammad expressed sadness to the loss of the renowned Kuwaiti actor who is cherished by his audience across the Gulf and Arab regions. With the death of superstar Abdulredha, the Kuwaiti art movement lost a talented actor and one of the leading theater performers. The minister highlighted his role in the foundation of Kuwaiti national and Arab theater bands as well as his contributions in stage performance, writing for both theater and TV, composition and singing. He lauded Abdulredha’s works which tackled several political, economic and social issues in a comic manner. He extended his sincere condolences to his family as well as to Kuwaiti and Arab artists. 

May his soul rest in peace.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

Abdulhussain Abdulredha is currently in the ICU in London. Courtesy MBC





Philippines reports first avian flu outbreak, to cull 400,000 birds

MANILA: The Philippines reported its first outbreak of bird flu on Friday and Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said 400,000 birds will be culled to contain the spread of the poultry disease.

There has been no case of human transmission so far, Pinol told reporters. The avian flu outbreak was detected in a farm in a town in Pampanga province, north of the capital Manila.

"We will cull all 400,000 birds within the one-kilometer area. We don't want diseases to spread," Pinol said. (Reporting by Manolo Serapio Jr. and Enrico dela Cruz; Editing by Amrutha Gayathri)

2 Filipinas, Indian woman rescued from 'detention' in Abu Dhabi

Women came, who on visit visas, were produced before prosecution on Thursday for recording their statements

Abu Dhabi: The local authorities rescued two Filipinas along with an Indian woman who were “detained” in the capital, the Philippine Embassy told Gulf News on Thursday.

“They reached here on tourist visas to work as maids,” said Anna Guerra, Third Sectary and Vice-Consul at the embassy.

Ask the law

Some people brought to the embassy’s attention some Facebook posts describing the illegal detention of the women and the embassy alerted the local authorities, she said.

“We are grateful to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials of Abu Dhabi Police, who acted promptly to rescue the women,” Guerra said.

Abu Dhabi Police were not available for comments.

As Gulf News reported on Thursday, the Indian Embassy said the Indian maid rescued by local authorities on Tuesday had reached Abu Dhabi two months ago and she was not satisfied with the working conditions at her employer’s home.

Although she had sought the embassy’s help on August 3, she was sent back with some advice only due to some miscommunication, according to the embassy.

Later, the embassy came to know that the local authorities rescued her from “illegal detention”.


The embassy officials said both Filipinas and the Indian were produced before the public prosecution in the capital on Thursday for recording their statements as part of the investigations.

They said they would coordinate with the local authorities to repatriate the women at the earliest.

Dinesh Kumar, the first secretary and counsellor of community affairs at the Indian Embassy, said on Thursday that local authorities have promised to give consular access to the woman after the completion of the prosecution procedures.

The Indian woman, who is from Bengaluru in Karnataka state, is in her late twenties or early thirties, he said.

“We are still waiting to get her passport copy,” Kumar said. “Then, we can check whether she came to the UAE through e-migrate, the Indian government’s electronic system for emigration with many safeguards to protect the rights of migrants,” he said.

The Philippine Embassy official said the Filipinas are from Mindoro and Quezon in Luzon province. As it is illegal to come to work in the UAE on a tourist visa, the embassy has been advising their nationals against this practice, Guerra said.

As Gulf News reported earlier, employers in the UAE have not been able to directly hire maids from the Philippines since June 2014 because of the conflicting recruitment rules in the UAE and labour-sending countries such as the Philippines. Negotiations between both nations have been going on for a while.

The issue surfaced when the UAE Ministry of Interior introduced a unified contract for domestic workers that led to the suspension of various embassies’ roles in verifying and attesting contracts, including the Philippines.

Philippine domestic laws, however, dictate that labour agencies should verify and record all contracts of household workers to protect them. Only then can they be deployed from the Philippines.

Kuwait's weekend sky to witness Perseids meteors shower

The Perseids meteors shower is expected to be visible in Kuwait on Friday evening and Saturday, Astronomer and historian Adel Al-Sadoun.

It will be the clearest meteors shower seen in over a hundred year, Al-Sadoun told KUNA on Thursday. Hundreds meteors can be seen per hour. He said that these meteors are the dusty debris of Comet Swift-Tuttle that approaches the Sun once every 120 years, and when it travels away, it leaves debris and gases behind. When the Earth approaches the waste, it attracts them.

Al-Sadoun noted that the Perseids meteors enter the Earth atmosphere at a speed of 59 kilometer per second, and gets burnt at about 80 kilometers from the planet surface. 

A meteors shower is a spike in the number of meteors or "shooting stars" that streak through the night sky. Most showers are spawned by comets. As a comet orbits the Sun, it sheds an icy, dusty debris stream along its orbit. If Earth travels through this stream, one sees a meteor shower. 

Although the meteors can appear anywhere in the sky, if one traces their paths, the meteors in each shower appear to "rain" into the sky from the same region. Meteor showers are named for the constellation that coincides with this region in the sky, a spot known as the radiant. For instance, the Perseid meteor shower is so named because meteors appear to fall from a point in the constellation Perseus.



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MPs against proposal to implement VAT

Image result for KUWAIT PARLIAMENT

A number of MPs rejected the government’s decision to impose value added tax (VAT), local media reported.

According to these MPs, VAT will increase prices for both citizens and expats. MPs added that they will not vote for it in the National Assembly. 

MP Riyadh Al-Adasani said he is against taxes including VAT. He said this proposal was included in the government’s
work program and the prime minister was grilled over several policies including the issue of high prices.

MP Jamaan Al-Harbash said it is not possible to accept VAT due to inflation and the government’s inability to control prices. He said the Cabinet’s approval of the GCC VAT treaty does not mean it will be effective without parliament ratification. MP Abdelkareem Al-Kandari demanded improvement in services before thinking about imposing VAT, adding “we will vote against the proposal”.

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