Dubai Destroyed By Storm In New Film GEOSTORM

Dubai Destroyed By Storm In New Film GEOSTORM


Geostorm is an American disaster science-fiction action film co-written, co-produced and directed by Dean Devlin as his feature film directorial debut. The film stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Richard Schiff, Robert Sheehan, Daniel Wu, Eugenio Derbez, Ed Harris and AndyGarcía. The plot follows a satellite designer who tries to save the world from a storm of epic proportions caused by malfunctioning climate-controlling satellites.

After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world's leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe. But now, something has gone wrong: the system built to protect Earth is attacking it, and it becomes a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything and everyone along with it.
Initial release: October 19, 2017 (Nigeria, Russia)
Director: Dean Devlin
ProducersDean Devlin, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Marc Roskin, Rachel Olschan
ScreenplayDean Devlin, Paul Guyot, Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney
Production companiesWarner Bros., Skydance Media, Electric Entertainment

Emergency team in Hawalli was checking a store in Hawalli containing expired items

The municipal administration reported in an urgent news that an emergency team in Hawalli was checking a store in Hawalli containing expired items, as in the pictures. 
The municipality said the details would be announced later.



The security services arrested Saturday the woman who poured boiled oil on her husband because of his marriage to another, Saudi media reported quoting a police source in Bisha police in Asir region. The citizen was injured by burns of the third degree after his wife poured boiling oil on him on Thursday, and the husband appeared in a video, moaning from pain inside the hospital after the burning completely back.

The patient is still receiving hospital treatment in a unit specializing in the treatment of burns, and is in a stable state of health, according to the spokesman of the Department of Health in the province of Bisha. It is noteworthy that the video circulating on social networking sites documented the moment of arrival of the patient to the emergency department at Trinity Hospital, and it was said that the attack by his wife came after he married her, while the Department of Health filed a case against the photographer for violating the privacy of citizens and imaging inside the medical facility.

Study to divide the zoo kuwait

The General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries discussed the development of its facilities and the increase of its revenues. Its Director General, Faisal Al-Hasawi, revealed a study to divide the zoo into two animals , with an increase of 500 fils and one dinar per person.

Al-Hasawi said that the zoo is considered a tourist landmark that receives about 500 thousand visitors annually, and the cost of treatment of animals and increase the number and variety, as well as maintenance of garden facilities, all called to study increase the ticket to the park from a quarter of dinars to dinars per person, both citizen and expatriate, School students, official delegations, people with special needs and children are excluded from school for two years.

On the issue of dividing the park, Hassawi said that there is a project to divide it into two gardens, the first as it is for animals and birds, and the second is a public park frequented by visitors at any time, indicating that the entry will be two memories choose the visitor wants to enter according to the new pricing.

Al-Hasawi explained that the public park will be open 24 hours as it is in public parks, but there will be no animals, but health facilities, models, games and green spaces. 

The opinion

Saudi Arabia's Next Revolution: Female Taxi Drivers


KHOBAR Hunched over platters of dates and Arabic coffee, Saudi women raring to drive once a government ban ends next June signed up for another revolution -- to be the kingdom's first female cab drivers.

King Salman last month decreed that women will be allowed driving permits, a historic reform that could put not just millions of women behind the wheel but potentially many more into the workforce.

Sensing a lucrative opportunity, ride-hailing company Careem says it plans to hire up to 100,000 female chauffers to lure new clients in the gender-segregated kingdom.

This week, the company invited AFP to its first recruitment session in the coastal city of Khobar, which attracted a diverse crowd -- from housewives to working women -- who already have foreign driving licences.

"For years I felt helpless. My car would be parked outside and I could not drive," said Nawal al-Jabbar, a 50-year-old mother of three, sipping coffee from a thimble-sized cup.

A chorus of hoots and claps erupted in the auditorium as the women, who learned about the recruitment by word-of-mouth, watched news footage on a projector screen of last month's royal decree.

"It felt like we had woken up in a new Saudi Arabia," Jabbar said.


An instructor stood next to the screen, holding up a smartphone to show the inner workings of the app.

The firm plans to add a new "Captinah" button to the app next June that would allow customers to choose women chauffeurs. The option will only be available to other women and families, Careem spokesman Murtadha Alalawi said.

Around 30 women registered for the event in Khobar.

Many arrived unaccompanied by men, something not commonly seen in a country where male "guardians" have arbitrary authority to make crucial decisions on behalf of women.

'Rite of passage' -

"This is a rite of passage for women," said Sarah Algwaiz, director of the women chauffeurs program at Careem, referring to the reform.

"For women to drive their own cars signals autonomy, mobility and financial independence."

The Gulf kingdom was the only country in the world to ban women from taking the wheel, and it was seen globally as a symbol of repression.

For decades, hardliners cited austere Islamic interpretations to justify the ban, with some maintaining women lack the intelligence to drive and that allowing them to would promote promiscuity.

"Society portrays women to be strong when it's convenient and weak when it's convenient," said trainee Jabbar.

"I say if you can depend on a female doctor to deliver a baby, then you can depend on a woman to drive a car."


The lifting of the driving ban has been widely credited to 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who styles himself as a moderniser in the conservative kingdom, where more than half the population is aged under 25.

Prince Mohammed has cracked down on dissent while also showing a rare willingness to tackle entrenched Saudi taboos such as promoting more women in the workforce.

Becoming a chauffeur would mean "extra income", said Banain al-Mustafa, a 24-year-old medical lab technician who obtained her license while she was studying in West Virginia in 2015.

"I drove for two-and-a-half years," she said, including once on her own in a nine-hour road trip from New York to West Virginia.

"If I can drive there, why not in my own country?"

Cultural backlash -

The reform is in line with the kingdom's Vision 2030 programme that seeks to elevate women to nearly one-third of the workforce, up from about 22 percent now.

Authorities have highlighted the economic benefits of the reform as the kingdom reels from a protracted oil slump; Saudi families would no longer need foreign chauffeurs, often a major source of financial strain.

Riyadh is moving to bring female driving instructors from abroad, local media reported, and Princess Nourah University said it will inaugurate a women's only driving school.

Authorities this week warned against violations of the ban until it is formally lifted after a woman was filmed driving out of a luxury hotel in Riyadh.

Careem said it would wait for government regulations to be formally announced before putting female recruits behind the wheel.

Its rival Uber is reportedly planning a similar initiative to recruit female drivers.

The new Careem recruits in Khobar were seemingly unperturbed by pockets of resistance from men or sexist comments on social media over women driving.

"Look at how women's abayas have evolved -- different styles and colours -- despite strong resistance," Jabbar said, referring to the traditional black gown.

"After a while, even women drivers will become a new normal."


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A fingerprint for the imams and preachers of the mosques

"We need 1,600 systems to implement the system

The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs is preparing to start the implementation of the fingerprint to prove the attendance and departure of the imams and preachers of the mosques in implementation of the decision of the Civil Service Council. A special system is to be set to specify the changing working hours according to the prayer times and the obligation of the signatories before and after each prayer.

Undersecretary Farid Amadi revealed the ministry's need for 1,600 fingerprint devices to be placed in all mosques in the country, in addition to router devices to implement the fingerprint system on imams, muezzins and preachers.

He said Amadi said in a statement to «Al Rai» to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance on the matter, pointing out «the existence of a perception of the sector of mosques will be discussed with the financial and administrative management in the ministry on this subject».

In a related context, Al-Rai received a copy of a book issued by the Department of Administrative Affairs to the Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Islamic Endowments on the installation of fingerprint devices in mosques. Such as the adoption of fingerprint system as a means to prove the presence and departure of all employees of the State, the ministry asked the Civil Service Bureau to exclude imams, preachers and muezzins from the implementation of the decision referred to, and was presented to the Civil Service Council, which decided not to approve our request ».

"The ministry must implement the fingerprint system in the presence of the imams, preachers and muezzins. Therefore, it is necessary to instruct those in the Department of Information Systems and Financial Affairs Department to coordinate with the support department to install the fingerprint devices in each mosque in the state, (Router) to be able to link the fingerprint device fingerprint program, provided that the Department of Finance address the Ministry of Finance to provide the necessary funds in case they are not available in accordance with the instructions of the Undersecretary of the Ministry ».

The book pointed to «the need to coordinate with the Assistant Undersecretary for Mosques Affairs to determine the dates of attendance and departure before and after each prayer, taking into account the constant change of prayer times throughout the year, and instructing the Department of Information Systems to adjust the dates of the program fingerprint for those jobs, , And then blur the occupants of those jobs 



Kuwait is among the least starving countries in the world

Kuwait ranked seventh in the category of the world's least hungry, based on the Global Hunger Index of 2017, prepared by the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, Kuwait and Turkey respectively topped the list.

This indicator, which ranked 119 countries, was compiled based on 4 axes, namely undernutrition, child mortality, stunting and stunting of children.

Jordan ranked 25th, while Saudi Arabia ranked 27th and Tunisia, while Lebanon ranked 36, Algeria 41, Oman 50, and Iraq ranked 78th in the world, up 10 points It was during the past year.

The two countries ranked in the bottom of the list, with Sudan ranked 113th, followed by Yemen in the 114th place, ranked in the category of "serious", while India ranked in the top 100 among 119, And third in Asia in terms of malnutrition.

For its part, the Central African Republic scored the highest on the index, making it the most starving country on the planet, followed by Chad, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and Zambia, respectively.

Lifting the ban on food products from eight countries

Al-Rai learned that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the General Administration of Customs have taken 3 administrative decisions and six customs instructions to lift the ban on the importation of food products in exchange for one ban.

"Trade" has issued two resolutions lifting the ban on the importation of all kinds of fresh, frozen, frozen and processed poultry meat and meat products, table eggs from Tennessee and Alabama and the Republic of Chile because they are free of bird flu.

The ministry banned the importation of all types of poultry meat, fresh, frozen, frozen and processed, of all kinds, derivatives and table eggs, except for heat treatment of 70 degrees Celsius from the Republic of Switzerland, due to the emergence of bird flu «severe ferocity».

In turn, the General Administration of Customs issued 6 instructions, 4 of which concerned the lifting of the ban on the importation of all types of fresh, frozen, frozen and processed poultry meat and their derivatives, and table eggs from Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Austria for avian flu.

The fifth provision included the lifting of the ban on the importation of all types of fresh, frozen, frozen and processed poultry meat of all kinds, derivatives and table eggs, except for 70 ° C

The Philippines, free of bird flu.

Customs regulations have also been issued lifting the ban on the import of all types of flower and cabbage varieties from Jordan.

A shipment of millions of pounds in the custody of control and customs

Arrived in my Gulf from the Netherlands ... and was passed by a shipping inspector and an aviation officer

The law-abiding gang, which used to smuggle toxins into the country, fell in coordination between the General Administration of Narcotics Control and the General Administration of Customs. It was found to include 5 citizens and Gulf nationals, one of whom was a customs inspector, , Bring narcotic pills from the Netherlands via air cargo and pass them in coordination with the inspector and the aviation officer.

Details of the rhythm of the organized gang began with frequent information to the elements of the local control department in the General Directorate for Drug Control that a large quantity of psychotropic substances and narcotic pills were imported by air cargo with the assistance of a group of people. Badr Ghadouri, and instructed them to coordinate with the Office of Research and Investigation headed by Rashid Al-Baraka to investigate the General Administration of Customs and fill the door of smuggling.

Immediately, the mabahithi were arrested and arrested by the mujahideen in a hotel in al-Fahaheel district. He found a quantity of narcotic drugs in his possession. He confronted him with information and investigations. He confessed to his involvement in the smuggling field and ordered a large shipment of narcotics. Without being disclosed by his partners, two nationals, one of whom works in the General Administration of Customs as an air freight inspector, and the other a civil aviation officer.

In the light of the information, the mabahithim, the men of the investigation and the customs investigation, seized the employees who had used their poison smuggling functions, and discovered the cargo that was still on the way out of the airport in the air cargo terminal. It was a package of 2 million bags, Through a "personal luggage" policy, in the name of al khaliji.

According to a security source, "the detectives were able to arrest al-Khaliji, the customs inspector and the civil aviation officer, and confessed to their accomplices in the smuggling (owner of a farm and another citizen), and admitted that they had already passed the first two shipments included one million tablets in August, the second 700 thousand tablets In September, heading to the farm in the Wafra area to catch other suspects, the control team found 30 thousand pieces of the last smuggling residue, so the defendants were referred to the competent authorities.

Jalawi: "Customs" is able to correct itself

Director General of the General Administration of Customs Jamal Al-Jalawi said, "I will not hesitate in my capacity as Director General of Customs to refer anyone who wishes to harm the security and safety of the country, even if he is a customs employee, to the competent authority to take the necessary measures to break the law."

"The General Administration of Customs is able to adjust itself and reconsider some things," he said, adding that he will "soon renew the full operation by air cargo with the best modern technology to help the inspectors perform their tasks properly."

Original academic certificates needed for residency renewal

Original academic certificates needed for residency renewal

Original academic certificates needed for residency renewal

Expatriate will have to provide their attested original certificates to renew their residency visas, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and Minister of State for Economic Development Hind Al-Sabeeh told. Currently this will be applicable for highly-qualified expatriates and other categories are expected to be covered in this decision following the completion of the relevant study that is ongoing, Minister added.

The discussions about suspending the renewal of residencies for expatriates of marginal specializations are ongoing currently as part of the procedures for organizing the labor market and getting rid of marginal workers who roam the streets in search for work, she said.

Sabeeh stressed that these decisions were meant to protect expat workers from being exploited.

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