The newspaper The Guardian published a report by journalist Nadia Khomani on the transformation of the sky to the red color, observed in several areas of Britain, and appeared to many people as a sign of the Day of Judgment and the employment of users of social media in Britain.

The red color, according to experts, is linked to a scientific phenomenon: the color is the remains of Hurricane Ophelia, which brought with it tropical air and dust from the desert, and led to the construction of a wave of pale blue, which looked like red. 

"The fire in Portugal and Spain played a role in the sky turning red," said Simon King, a BBC weather correspondent. "Hurricane Ophelia started from the Azores region and walked north, carrying water from And African Sahara, and the dust spread in the atmosphere and rose high in the British airspace. 

According to the London police, the vast majority of the dust was caused by the fire on the Iberian Peninsula, which Hurricane Ophelia carried with it, noting that the hurricane also brought with it the hot weather, which is why the temperature reached over 20 on the weekend.



A member of the National Assembly called on parliament to "impose annual fees on expatriates with different kinds of driving licenses at a rate of 1200 Kuwaiti dinars per year"

He pointed out that "Excluded from these fees are the licenses of foreign drivers listed under Article 20 of the Residence Code (Home Drivers)."

He explained that "congestion and traffic congestion severe because of the large numbers of cars of various types, which runs long distances in the morning and afternoon and at night and the inability of the roads to accommodate this amount of cars, which resulted in many accidents that killed many lives and injured as well Delay the arrival time to more than double or more. "

He stressed the importance of "reducing the phenomenon of increasing the number of cars on the road, which caused the disruption of personal and public interests of many users of the road."


A fire broke out in a two-storey Arab house in Al-Jaleb area, killing four children and saving four people, the Public Relations and Public Information Department of the fire department said.

The operations room received a statement on Sunday evening stating that a fire broke out in an Arab house in al-Jaleb area. Immediately, the fire brigade of the Al-Jaleb center headed by Lt. Col. Muhammad Ashqanani went to the scene. Upon arrival, it was found that the fire was in the second floor. The house, fight the fire, remove the trapped people and hand them over to the medical emergency to take them to the hospital for treatment,

The injuries were suffocation due to the heavy smoke, and the death of a child in the hospital is two years of Arab nationality and the investigation is being carried out to find out the causes of the fire by the accident control unit in the General Directorate of Firefighting.

Also at the scene were the security men of the Ministry of Interior and Medical Emergency.


In the framework of efforts to control the traffic situation in all governorates, the General Administration of Traffic conducted a series of surprise campaigns last week from 8/10/2017 to 14/10/2017 resulting in the liberation of (25636) violations and seizure of (463) vehicles and (8) Bicycles, and the number of (24) people were put into the traffic lights for committing several serious violations, as was previewed.

For its part, the General Administration of Relations and Security Media confirmed the continuation of the sudden traffic campaigns to control the traffic on the main and subsidiary roads to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in force to reduce serious violations and contribute to preserving the lives of drivers of citizens and residents and eliminate all negative phenomena. Traffic law, stressing that the law was developed for the safety of road users.

Five Asians died and three others were suffocated in a fire in Salmiya

Five Asians were killed and three others were suffocated after a fire broke out in a building in Salmiya district.

The source of the firefighter said the bodies of the dead and wounded were handed over to the medical emergency, which took them to Mubarak al-Kabir hospital.

Source  Salman Al - Ghoury


The Ministry of Health called for a review of the "raising of services fees" and reviewed humanitarian cases that were discharged from hospitals due to lack of money

One patient is discharged without treatment

Kuwait Human Rights Society called on the Ministry of Health to reconsider the decision to raise the fees for health services to expatriates, after the humanitarian cases were identified by the inability to pay the costs according to the new fees for follow-up treatment.

While calling on the ministry to remove its hands from the pockets of expatriates, the first day of October, which began the validity of the decision to increase the health fees to the expatriates as a day of tragedy. In a report in which Al Rai identified humanitarian cases of expatriates who had been hit by disasters because of their inability to pay health fees, she said that "the country of the day has been darkened in the eyes of expatriates."

"The increase in health insurance on migrants has led to a 30 percent reduction in the number of audits, according to the Ministry of Health. The reasons for the decrease appear to be clear: the inability of patients to follow up on their cases for financial reasons and no matter how many positive the Ministry of Health believes it has achieved, Newton's law of the movement states that each action has a reaction, and social media reported the death of an expatriate who had a stroke in the heart and left the hospital at his own responsibility, to return to him the next day and died, and the Assembly was unable to reach this situation, but logic He says the increase Me neglect of expatriates for their health, portends a health disaster and humanitarian tragedies have witnessed the humanitarian country ».


The report added that "the Ministry of Health after the implementation of the decision except for a number of cases of increase, in addition to domestic labor, and said that is currently studying the abolition of some segments of the beneficiary of health insurance and the inclusion of categories and other diseases, and the Assembly considers that these steps after the issuance of the decision is calculated on the ministry and It seems to these retroactive decisions of the increase decision prove that the increase in fees has not yet been thoroughly studied, according to the ministry announced.

"With regard to the exception of domestic workers, there are workers who follow the security and cleaning companies, whose salaries are less than 100 dinars, often amounting to 60 dinars, and the society believes that they can not get medical services if they are exposed to anything, Go to the medical centers for more than the examination or diagnosis, not to mention low-paid workers or those whose salaries go to school fees and pay for expensive rents.

"The Kuwait Human Rights Society hopes that this decision will be annulled. It is not fair for expatriates to pay health insurance and then fees for health services. This is a bilateral punishment targeting immigrants who come to Kuwait through sponsorship and not by themselves."

The report reviewed some of the cases of expatriates who said they were victims of medical errors and that these errors caused the continuation of their review of the hospital, which will be a great burden on them under the new fees, despite being victims of medical errors, saying «The family bears medical accidents in all hospitals of the world and not exclusively However, Kuwait has been distinguished from the rest of the world by a huge increase in the prices of medical services for expatriates who are already paying medical insurance every year. This insurance is supposed to be comprehensive, but the coverage here has been manipulated and health insurance has become a routine procedure Ne doth not nourish nor hunger ».

He also highlighted cases such as narrow hand-checking of hospitals for treatment. "One of those who complained to the association said that he went to the dispensary and after he cut off the stamp of two dinars that had been transferred to the hospital for the operation of Nasur, . He went to the hospital and cut off the stamp of ten dinars. The doctor asked him to make ringing rays, but he was surprised that the radiation cost 120 dinars, forcing him to return home and stop following his condition.

He added: "I also noticed a resident suffering from pain in the spine. He went to the hospital to sign the medical examination. He asked him for a ten dinar character. Then he decided to enter for an operation. He went for the procedure, but he was asked to pay 50 dinars as security and 10 dinars for each day of stay. "I will not be able to pay all these expenses because I am above my capacity. I am a worker and my salary is 200 dinars, I support a family and my children are in school."

"The basic aspects of the right to health are adequate public health facilities, goods and services, and effective health care. In addition, material and financial access to facilities, goods and services must be made available on a non-discriminatory basis, and facilities, goods, services and ethics must be respected And health services, facilities and goods must be made available to all without distinction for any reason. More importantly, users of health services, facilities and goods should have a say in the design and implementation of health policies affecting them, Should those who bear a fall of duties in this regard is responsible for the fulfillment of human rights obligations in the field of public health consideration. 

Source : Al Rai

Study to increase the "fee" of the zoo


The General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries discussed the development of its facilities and the increase of its revenues. Its Director General, Faisal Al-Hasawi, revealed a study to divide the zoo into two animals , with an increase of 500 fils and one dinar per person.

Al-Hasawi said that the zoo is considered a tourist landmark that receives about 500 thousand visitors annually, and the cost of treatment of animals and increase the number and variety, as well as maintenance of garden facilities, all called to study increase the ticket to the park from a quarter of dinars to dinars per person, both citizen and expatriate, School students, official delegations, people with special needs and children are excluded from school for two years.

On the issue of dividing the park, Hassawi said that there is a project to divide it into two gardens, the first as it is for animals and birds, and the second is a public park frequented by visitors at any time, indicating that the entry will be two memories choose the visitor wants to enter according to the new pricing.

Al-Hasawi explained that the public park will be open 24 hours as it is in public parks, but there will be no animals, but health facilities, models, games and green spaces. 

Education: surveillance cameras for students in school yards

# Education: surveillance cameras for students in school yards

Kuwaiti Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mohammed Al-Faris promised to overcome the financial crisis in various higher education institutions next year by rearranging priorities in the budget allocated to each institution.

He said in a meeting with Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas on Sunday that he " "He pointed out that the file of the city of Sabah Al-Salem University (Al-Shadadiya) waiting for the Council of Ministers to decide whether to consider a new university or a new building of Kuwait University, adding that the country needs different universities and the issuance of the law of the university Which would facilitate the issuance of the decrees concerned, as well as amend the law to establish the University of Jaber Al-Ahmad. He said that the Committee to examine the certificates of teachers not enrolled at Kuwait University will issue its final report, which will determine whether there are cases of fake certificates or not, declaring at the same time the existence of fraud cases revealed by the mechanism of equivalence of certificates at the Ministry of Higher Education and referred to the prosecution. ), Which is rejected by the judiciary, such as the decision to stop the study of rights in Egypt, reported that there is a large number of students studying the rights in Egypt.

"When the number of students in a specialization and in a country, especially if they are not of high quality in education, Responsibility entails dealing with this matter The Ministry of Education spoke about the educational development system with its five axes, especially the development of the curricula by introducing the curriculum of competence and the development of teachers, revealing the intention to issue the teacher's license, where the ministry has made a long journey in this matter. He pointed out that the Ministry of Education has the necessary resources for this, considering that the best way to exploit them in the right way is to involve teachers as "people of the field" in this area.

With regard to the mechanism of the Ministry to compete with the private educational sector, the knight explained that the ministry is working on introducing technology, especially in the field of communication with parents (Mubarak Al-Kabeer). He pointed out that the ministry is also carrying out other projects in the educational areas, which will be organized through the information systems sector in the ministry's office in cooperation with professors from the university to apply them to all areas of education. He hoped that in the near future cameras would be installed in the school yards to keep parents watching their children

Kuwait's first place in the Arab World Food Security Index confirms the safety of government plans

The concept of food security is of particular importance to the State of Kuwait and is considered as a basic strategic policy in its vision. It is moving forward in its various dimensions through a safety net based on sustainability, effective implementation mechanisms and specialized research plans and research that have placed the country at the forefront of food security.

The annual World Food Security Index of the Economist Intelligence Unit of the World Food Security Index confirms the safety of the government's plans, with Kuwait ranked first in the Arab region and 26 among the 113 countries in the 2017 World Food Security Index.

 Photo published for Trade: # Kuwait ranked first in the Arab World Food Security Index confirms the safety of government plans

The indicator, which is based on three key criteria - food availability, affordability and quality and safety - confirms that the plans in Kuwait for food security are in line with the time schedule.

For its part, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a press statement that the latest report was a confirmation of the success of these plans and strategies that would not have been successful without the support of the country's top leadership represented by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. , And at the same time praised the efforts of several governmental and non-governmental organizations that contributed to achieving this achievement and achieving the Arab leadership in food security.

She added that "the most important means that have been followed to achieve this result is the ration card and the products of flour mills and bakery Kuwait, which plays an important role and constitute a wide insurance umbrella in the provision of bread and its derivatives, rice, rice, lentils, milk, oil, chicken and cheese as well as accessories Basic children and other basic foodstuffs that are indispensable at subsidized and reduced prices bear the bulk of their costs in Kuwait. " 
Explained that the number of ration cards, which support the owners of 223 thousand and 707 cards, registered one million and 978 thousand and 895 people of Kuwaiti and Gulf citizens and residents of illegal, receive food supplies through 84 branches periodically every month, pointing to That the value of support for food supplies distributed last fiscal year from April 2016 to March 2017 amounted to 88 million and 578 thousand and 629 dinars.

 She pointed out that "the important role played by the Kuwaiti Catering Company and the cooperative societies in the State of Kuwait and the 58 different branches and the General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries and the General Authority for Industry through the facilities provided to producers and farmers."

The ministry explained that "the support provided for food, contributed to the provision of food to residents in the State of Kuwait also encouraged importers to include their goods within the provision of affordable prices for all, and the creation of a strategic food reserve, which covers the country's needs for a long period of time to ensure the safety of residents in the country.

She stressed "the continuation of the development of the food security system according to the latest technology and take the necessary measures to raise the level to more advanced levels, globally, in implementation of Decree-Law No. 10 of 1979 on the supervision of trade in goods and services and crafts and determine the prices of some of them."

"Food security in Kuwait is not limited to securing basic and secondary needs and needs, but rather to focus on production and sustainability and enhance food wealth while maintaining the concept of economic security and sustainable development," the ministry said.

System automatically cuts late staff salaries


Civil service employees at the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) may see salary deductions if they fail to show up to work on time now that a new fingerprint timeclock system has been installed. The new system directly connects employees time clock check ins to the Civil Service Commission (CSC) tracking system, according to sources with knowledge of the system.

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