Food Authority urges public to avoid unlicensed vendors

The Public Authority for Food and Nutrition recently urged both citizens and expatriates to be more careful when dealing with unlicensed food vendors, especially those who provide home delivery services. The authority’s general manager and chairman Essa Al-Kandari warned unlicensed individuals and corporate vendors to abide by the authority’s law number 112/2013 in order to avoid legal accountability. 


Kuwait offers scholarship to Indian student at Kuwait University

Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Kuwait has offered one scholarship to an Indian student at Kuwait University for the Second academic session of the scholastic year 2017-18.

Students who have passed their 12th Grade Board Examinations and are interested in availing this offer of scholarship programme may obtain application form  Kuwait University and submit the completed application to the Education Wing of the Embassy of India latest by 28th December 2017. In case of more than one application, the student with the highest marks obtained in 12th Grade will be recommended by the Embassy to the concerned Kuwaiti authorities. The academic eligibility test of the scholarship student will be held by the Kuwait University on Monday, 29 January 2018.

For further enquiries, interested students may please contact Shri Sanjeev Saklani, Attaché (Education/Consular) at Office Telephone No. 22522215 and Mobile No. 97295728.



China Warns Citizens in Pakistan of Possible Terror Attacks

FILE - Work continues on a new international trade route near Havalian in Pakistan, May 11, 2017. The work is part of a sprawling Chinese initiative to build a "new Silk Road" of ports, railways and roads across Asia, Africa and Europe.

Thousands of Chinese in Pakistan to work on $57 billion ‘Belt and Road’ development plan

Beijing: China on Friday warned its nationals in Pakistan of plans for a series of imminent “terrorist attacks” on Chinese targets there, an unusual alert as it pours funds into infrastructure projects into a country plagued by militancy.

Thousands of Chinese workers have gone to Pakistan following Beijing’s pledge to spend $57 billion (Dh209 billion) there on projects in President Xi Jinping’s signature “Belt and Road” development plan, which aims to link China with the Middle East and Europe.

 Image result for China warns of terror attacks by in Pakistan

Protecting employees of Chinese companies and individual entrepreneurs who have followed the investment wave along what is known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has been a concern for Chinese officials.

“It is understood that terrorists plan in the near term to launch a series of attacks against Chinese organisations and personnel in Pakistan,” the Chinese embassy in Pakistan said in a statement on its website.

The embassy warned all “Chinese-invested organisations and Chinese citizens to increase security awareness, strengthen internal precautions, reduce trips outside as much as possible, and avoid crowded public spaces”.

It did not give any further details.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry could not be reached immediately for comment.

China has long worried about disaffected members of its Uighur Muslim minority in its far western region of Xinjiang linking up with militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

At the same time, violence in Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan province has fuelled concern about security for planned transport and energy links from western China to Pakistan’s deepwater port of Gwadar.

The Taliban, sectarian groups linked to Al Qaida and Daesh all operate in Baluchistan, which borders Iran and Afghanistan and is at the centre of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

In addition, separatists there have long battled the government for a greater share of gas and mineral resources, and have a long record of attacking energy and other infrastructure projects.

Daesh claimed responsibility for killing two kidnapped Chinese teachers in Baluchistan in June, prompting the government in Islamabad to pledge to beef up security for Chinese nationals.

It had already promised a 15,000-strong army division to safeguard projects along the economic corridor.

China’s security concerns abroad have grown along with its global commercial footprint.

In 2016, a suspected suicide car bomber rammed the gates of the Chinese embassy in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, killing the attacker and wounding at least three people.

UAE to open three new visa offices in India

Abu Dhabi: The UAE will open three new consular offices in India soon, the UAE Embassy in New Delhi has announced. The new offices in Chandigarh, Chennai and Hyderabad will help Indians in those regions to get UAE visas easily as they can avoid travelling to the existing three consular offices in distant cities, the embassy said in an email on Thursday in response to a Gulf News enquiry.

The embassy has also launched a mobile application to serve both Emiratis and Indians during their travel in India and the UAE. It will offer Emiratis emergency assistance during travel in India. Indians can get information on visa and attestation from the app. “The app is more like a map having key destinations along with proper guidance to solve any problems [during travel,” said Dr Ahmad Al Banna, the UAE Ambassador to India.

The initiatives reflect the growing bilateral relations with high-level engagements including a reported upcoming visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UAE. As Gulf News exclusively reported on October 2, Modi is likely to visit the UAE early next year. Although no dates have been officially announced, a section of Indian media reported, quoting diplomatic sources, Modi will have a two-day visit in February.

It will be Modi’s second visit to the UAE after his maiden visit in August 2015, which was an Indian prime minister’s official visit after more than three decades. Modi’s visit and a reciprocal state visit of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to India in February 2016 elevated the friendly relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Shaikh Mohammad again visited India as the chief guest on Indian Republic Day on January 26 this year. He was the most prominent Arab leader in recent years to be invited as the chief guest, after the late King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia in 2006.

The embassy said its mobile application with the name of the UAE Embassy, New Delhi is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. For Emiratis, a service called Twajudi in the app will extend assistance in the event of loss of passport etc during travel.

Al Banna said the app will help 2.8 million Indians living in the UAE, especially most of the blue-collar workers, with necessary information for them.

Opening of the new three consular offices will take the total number of the UAE consular offices in India to six. The UAE opened its new Consulate General at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the southern Indian state of Kerala, in October 2016. It was the UAE’s third diplomatic mission in India after the embassy in New Delhi and the Consulate General in Mumbai.

Figures and facts

  1. Consular offices to open in Chandigarh, Chennai and Hyderabad
  2. 3 existing consular offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram
  3. 6 will be total number of consular offices
  4. 2.8 million Indians in the UAE
  5. 2015: Modi’s maiden visit to the UAE
  6. 2016: Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed’s reciprocal visit to India
  7. 2017: Shaikh Mohammad’s visit to India as chief guest on Republic Day
  8. 2018: Upcoming visit of Modi to the UAE

Pakistani attacks Filipina wife due to 'jealousy'

A 61-year-old Pakistani man attacked his 40-year-old Filipina wife using a cleaver because of jealousy.

The attack took place in Capital Mall at Zayed City in Abu Dhabi.The attacker hit the victim a few times, which almost killed her if it wasn’t for the swift intervention of the security guards, and transferring the victim quickly by the police ambulance to the hospital in a critical condition.In details, Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Abu Dhabi Police, said that the report came at 3:30 in the afternoon, stating that the victim (J.D.) was injured after (Q.Shah) attacked her, who later turned out to be her husband.

The victim works as a salesperson for a cosmetics products company at the Capital Mall.The suspect was apprehended immediately on the crime scene, and the used weapon was seized.

The mall security footage showed the suspect following the victim prior to the crime.Witnesses also testified that the suspect came to the victim’s work place and asked about her but could not find her.He tried reaching her by phone but she did not pick-up. He left the place and returned later to check where she was, so she confirmed that she was in the washroom.

The husband left the place to come back again with a cleaver he stole from a store and hid behind his back.He grabbed the victim by her hair and hit her multiple times before she could escape his grip at the last minute.

During the interrogations, the husband claimed that his wife was having an affair with an Asian security guard at the mall, and saw pictures on her phone confirming this affair.Hence, he stalked her and stole the crime weapon from a store at the mall to surprise her at her work place and almost kill her.

The police arrested the security guard suspected in having the alleged affair with the victim, according to the suspect, and the investigations are still ongoing to uncover more details.Colonel Dr. Borshid advised the public to be logical and solve such marital problems in a civilized manner, by using the family, psychological and social support specialised institutions, and avoid violence that results in bigger problems.

Riyadh Police immediately Arrested of Egyptian who Sexually Harassed a Pinay

Following the rescue of a Pinay domestic helper named Beth Lili who was allegedly sexually harassed in the house of her employer, a newspaper in Saudi reported that necessary investigations were already conducted leading to the immediate arrest of the suspect.
The man who harassed the Pinay is an Egyptian and is a relative of the helper’s employer.In lieu of the incident, the Department of Criminal Investigation and Research of the Region Police in Riyadh had conducted necessary research and investigation procedures to establish the facts of the said incident to be able to execute an arrest order to the perpetrator.
Despite the lack of information regarding the incident, continuous efforts resulted to the identification of the suspect who was then said to be an Egyptian. The General Prosecution Branch in the region is currently monitoring closely the case based on penal procedures.
Meanwhile, Riyadh police uphold the commitment of the Ministry of the Interior to assure the security, safety and stability of its country, citizens and residents by strictly implementing all security efforts by force for the protection of the whole community.
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Suspension of OECs for Filipino expats lifted

Processing of overseas employment certificate (OEC) for expat workers will now resume, the Philippines' labour secretary confirms

Dubai: The suspension of processing of the exit pass, better known overseas employment certificate (OEC), for outgoing overseas Filipino workers has been lifted, the Philippines' labour department announced on Monday.

In his latest advisory, Labour and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III confirmed that the 15-day moratorium imposed on the processing of OECs has already been terminated effective December 1.


oec permit

The OEC is a document that every expatriate worker from the Philippines is required to present at the airport prior to departing back to their destination for work.

“[The suspension] has ended on 01 December 2017 and no extensions have been imposed. The processing of OECs can now resume,” Bello said in a labour advisory.

The Department of Labour and Employment (Dole) had issued an order on November 9 this year to stop the processing of OECs, following reports that some POEA staff had been conniving with illegal recruiters.

Belo said that a team of personnel from the POEA has been tasked to investigate the alleged irregularities.

“The fact-finding team will carry on with its work at the POEA to uncover the culpable parties who are responsible for the illegal recruitment activities which have victimised several of our applicants for overseas employment,” Belo pointed out.

Sub zero temperatures as cold wave sweeps Oman

The cold wave in Oman likely to continue for the coming weeks

Muscat:   The cold wave in Oman, which has brought temperatures down to sub-zero levels in the Hajar mountain range, is likely to continue for the coming weeks, according to the Meteorology Department.

The official added Jabal Shams and Jabal Al Akhdar had recorded temperatures of minus 1degrees Celsius on Wednesday. Ice sheets had formed from dew on plants, water taps and rocks, due to the drastic drop in the temperature.

Jabal Al Shams, the highest peak in the Arabian Peninsula standing at 3,004 metres above sea level.

The official pointed out temperatures would continue to dip nationwide with the onset of winter and it would remain cold in the coming weeks.

Pictures of ice in both Jabal Shams and Al Akhdar, due to the cold spell, have gone viral on social media.

Ice sheets cover both Jabal Al Akhdar and Jabal Shams every year from mid-December to mid-January due to the drastic drop of temperature to sub-zero in the Hajar Mountains range.

Jamal Al Hatali, Jabal Shams resident, told Gulf News that his family was out for a bonfire to wrap up warm as it was freezing on Wednesday.

“I expect that Jabal Shams will be covered by snow in the coming weeks,” he said.

There will be mainly clear skies and relatively cold weather at night over most of Oman with chances of clouds advection and isolated rain along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea.

Temperatures in Muscat and Seeb hover between 22 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, tourists have put up tents in Jabal Shams and Jabal Akdhar, to enjoy the freezing weather and the serene beauty of Jabal Shams. Other spots, like Muscat, Wahaiba sands, Wadi Bani Khalid, Khasab, Nizwa and Wadi Shab of Sur, are the other favourite destinations for foreign tourists. Oman has been allocated millions of riyals to build tourist projects to attract over 12 million tourists by 2020.



Google launched a new update, the audience can chat celebrity stars, and find out their answers to the most common questions about them.

This feature, launched by "Google" only in the United States of America, the audience of celebrities to listen to their responses to questions from the stars personally through a video was filmed in a "Silvie", according to the agency "Sputnik." 
Google has agreed with a number of celebrities to offer that service. Once you find someone's name in the search engine Google, the first result shows a short video of the named star answering common questions posed by his audience.

Google has allocated more than 10,000 employees to remove the "violent extremist" content from the site in 2018.

"Some users were exploiting YouTube for misleading, manipulating, harassing or even damaging," said YouTube CEO Susan Voitske. Pointing out that the site, owned by Google, has used the technique of "search computer" that can find videos that contain extreme content.

YouTube users are exploiting YouTube to "mislead, manipulate and harass others to harm them," YouTube's chief executive Susan Voitske said.



Not only did the US president, Donald Trump, challenge the whole world to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but continued to defend his decision and try to make gains on the domestic political scene and direct what he thought were blows to the position of former American presidents from Jerusalem. 
Trump published on Twitter a video of the speech of three US presidents on Jerusalem, and concluded with his controversial announcement on Wednesday. Trump wrote at the bottom of the video: "I carried my promise in my campaign, the others did not." 
The video featured former President Bill Clinton in 1992, former President George W. Bush in 2000 and former President Barack Obama in 2008. 

"Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, an undivided city and accessible to all," Clinton said. 

Bush announces in the section that appears to have been released during his campaign: Obama stressed in his speech that "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel." Trump concludes with his unprecedented official acknowledgment that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and that the State Department is mandated to begin the process of transferring the US Embassy to it. 

Trump noted in his twitter that the statements of former American presidents remained mere electoral promises to attract the support of the Jewish lobby in the United States, avoid confrontation with him while in the Oval Office, and never turned on the ground to reality, in recognition of the former presidents of the gravity of the matter and opposed to International covenants and resolutions.

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