The traffic department will clarify the latest measures on the safety belt and mobile phone law at a press conference for Interior Ministry Undersecretary of Traffic, Major General Fahd Al-Shuaie at 1:30 pm today, according to press reports.

To the courts and heavy fines ..Offenses of not wearing the seat belt and using the mobile phone


According to informed security sources, the Ministry of Interior is preparing a study aimed at bringing the perpetrators of the offenses of not wearing the seat belt and using the mobile phone during the command, which issued a decision to allow vehicles to be withdrawn to the court rather than just pay the grams determined by the law now, as well as an alternative to the decision that was stopped Working with it. 

The sources said that the study, which will be submitted to the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah during the week also includes an increase in the value of fines imposed on other traffic violations. 
She said - according to published by Nahar -: Following the approval of the study of the Minister submitted to the National Assembly to issue the necessary legislation to enter into force.

The sources concluded that a meeting will be held within days under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, in the presence of Undersecretary General Mahmoud Al-Dosari, Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Maj. Gen. Fahad Al-Shawi, Director General of Investigations and Director General of Legal Affairs to discuss the study, The incidents that led to an increase in the number of deaths and the number of injured during the current year.


The Higher Committee for the treatment of imbalances in the demography recommended a number of measures that achieve a growth rate for Kuwaitis higher than the expatriates, restrict the introduction of domestic workers with impressive fees, reduce their visas per person during the year from five to three, and increase the penalty of violating the residency law by 4 dinars a day, The maximum fine to one thousand dinars.

The Committee announced steps, procedures and implementation mechanisms to limit the increase in the number of expatriates, which exceeded three times the number of citizens. The measures resulted in the removal of 1238 illegal workers and the suspension of 1529 files, through intensified security campaigns and the inspection of the residence or labor violations by the Ministry And the General Authority for Manpower.

A memorandum issued by the Ministry of Affairs referred to the National Assembly that the Higher Committee instructed the «Interior» and «manpower» regarding the non-approval of the conversion of the residence of the wife joining the family in the event of divorce to work in the civil sector, with emphasis on leaving the employment of temporary government contracts that The duration of their stay shall be one year in the country immediately after the expiry of the governmental contract, and persons belonging to the marginal employment category shall not be allowed to enter Kuwait except in accordance with specific conditions.

The memorandum also states that it is not permissible to grant a residence permit to children residing in the country unless there is a valid residence for the father. The mother may not marry her children except for the specialized professions that the country needs, Article 20) and he has left the country or has fallen out of his residence for being abroad for more than six months, two years before, unless the sponsor himself.

The memo confirmed that, in coordination with the concerned authorities, the door was opened to leave the accumulated domestic workers in the embassies to facilitate their return to their countries and coordinated with the Ministry of the Interior to take the procedures and decisions related to granting the domestic workers' And the adoption of the approval of the companies working in the field of security and guarding the use of technology means and reduce the number of employment to 25 percent with government agencies, while reducing the number of visas available to each person during the year, With the general administration of the information systems to coordinate, with the thickening of the penalty of violators of residence by imposing a daily fine of four dinars, raising the cap ceiling to one thousand Kuwaiti dinars, and enacting legislation to punish anyone who helps to encourage domestic workers to escape, as there is no text to punish the instigator, Household employment per person during the year of five

The note noted that the Development Plan 2016/2015 -2010/2019 adopted to address existing imbalances, including the imbalance of population structure, and among the directives creation linked to the labor market reforms, is to activate the professional qualifications system workers before entering Kuwait to reduce employment non-skilled, and to allow the registration of employment in the private sector, the duration does not exceed the period of implementation of the project and the inadmissibility converted during the project, in addition to evaluating the imbalance in the population structure by adjusting the arrivals growth rates and reducing marginal labor, taking into account the needs of economic growth, and tightening control over Uncle To him.

The memorandum pointed out that the development plan aims to restore balance in favor of the national component in the population structure, through mechanisms and procedures is to determine the rate of growth of expatriates by less than the rate of growth of Kuwaitis, and set a maximum for the periods of expatriate labor, On the introduction of domestic labor through the imposition of effective fees, while addressing the issue of trafficking in residences and accounting of those involved in these types of issues.


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An Ethiopian maid in the Rabieh neighborhood in Lebanon stabbed her two men with a knife. S. Born 1952, and his wife S. H. Was born in 1960 and was taken to hospital in a critical condition and soon died, while the husband, who was transferred to another hospital and subject to medical attention.The worker was arrested by the Lebanese police. She was handed over to the Information Division and is under investigation to find out the circumstances of the crime on the basis of a public prosecutor's signal.

No renewal or transfer for marginal workers after 60 years

Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has agreed with the Residency Affairs Department in the Interior Ministry not to renew or transfer marginal workers after turning 60 years old, taking into consideration their age and hardship to work at such age, local media Al-Anba daily reported.

Meanwhile, teh media reported that there is no decision to prevent the renewal or transfer of workers with scientific qualifications in all sectors after turning 60 years old.

Customs in the port of Shuwaikh counterfeit goods arrived from China

The customs men of Shuwaikh Port have tried to pump fake goods from China, including bags, glasses, makeup tools, chargers, toy arms and electronic devices.

"The goods carry the names of international brands that arrived at the port on four containers loaded with counterfeit goods, tools and makeup materials with carcinogens and prohibited materials. They were monitored and followed up, so that the customs were able to thwart their smuggling and check them," said the assistant inspector of inspection and storage at the port of Shuwaikh. It turned out that 85 percent of them are not conforming to specifications and imitations.

As for the fate of the seized goods, he said, "In the past, it was permitted to re-export them, but because of the danger of this type of smuggling, the General Administration of Customs has taken a new action to destroy counterfeit goods to protect society and the state and to deter the weak souls. General of the General Administration of Customs, Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi, and his deputy for the affairs of customs outlets, Adnan Al-Gudeibi, on the need to protect the country from smuggling contraband in all its forms.

Two Indians failed to smuggle 14 kilo Mariguana

The customs officers of Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Airport hit two Indians who arrived in the country with 14 kilograms of narcotic marijuana and were handed over to the Anti-Narcotics Department. In the details, the arrivals arrived at Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Airport on a Gulf flight. Once they entered the customs hall and checked their baggage, the inspection equipment checked the bags in a professional manner and manually searched them for a 14-kilogram Mariguana.

A Customs source said that the members of the General Directorate for the fight against drugs were exact, and attended the elements of them to receive the suspects and seizures, and appeared to have obtained the prohibitions of smuggling gangs handed them drugs to pass into the country. For his part, the airport observer Issa bin Issa paid tribute to the customs officers and the supporting and active agencies in the detection of drugs, stressing that they will remain a dam against smuggling operations, whatever their ways

Earthquake hits the suburbs of Qasr Shirin in Iran


Image result for Earthquake POSTER

TEHRAN (Reuters) - An earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale hit the outskirts of the Iranian city of Kermanshah in the Iranian province of Kermanshah without causing any casualties, Iranian media reported Saturday.

The quake occurred at 07:42 a.m. local time (13 km) from the surface of the earth, Iranian media quoted a statement from the Tehran earthquake monitoring center as saying.

He added that the epicenter was four kilometers from the city of Qasr Shirin and 22 kilometers from the town of Sarbel in the province of Kermanshah. 
There were no casualties or property damage in the latest quake.

An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale hit Iranian cities of Kermanshah on Sunday, leaving hundreds dead and wounded, mostly in the cities of Qasr Shirin and Srebel.


The Directorate General for Relations and Security Information stated that the Department of Domestic Labor of the General Directorate of Residency Affairs conducted an inspection campaign on the offices of the recruitment of domestic workers in Ahmadi governorate, which resulted in the seizure of 20 domestic workers in violation of the law and the necessary measures were taken.


A security source said according to Al-Qabas newspaper that the Ministry of Interior released all Syrians in the Department of deportation, which numbered 55 people, and the reservation on a small number does not exceed 7 people to study their files accurately.

The source explained that their release came in line with Kuwait's orientation as a country for humanity after it studied the humanitarian situation of the accused and the causes of the suffering of Syria in light of the events. They were released on the condition that the sponsor is a Kuwaiti citizen and that he attend the deportation department for signature on a monthly basis. Does not attend the call of his sponsor, and in case of arrest the accused will not be released and will be deported because he did not comply with the laws and instructions.

The source said that what is being circulated that they have been released permanently is incorrect. Block has been placed on those who were released, and when the situation in Syria returns to normal, they will be deported immediately.

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