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Kuwait announces dates for Eid Al Adha holiday

Ministries and government institutes will remain closed from Sunday, August 19 to Thursday, August 23

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The Kuwaiti Cabinet has announced that public sector employees in the country will remain on leave for a week to celebrate the Eid Al Adha holiday, Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported.

The Eid holiday will begin on Sunday, August 19, and end on Thursday, August 23, and work in ministries and government institutes will be halted during the entire week, the report said.

Eid Al Adha is likely begin on Wednesday, August 22, a UAE astronomer has predicted last month.

Sharjah Planetarium deputy director Ebrahim Al Jarwan said based on astronomical calculations Arafat Day would fall on Tuesday, August 21, according to Gulf News.

That would mean Eid Al Adha begins the next day.

Eid Al Adha, known as the ‘feast of the sacrifice’, honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son to God. Before he could commit the act, God sent an angel to replace the sacrifice with a sheep.

During Eid, Muslims sacrifice an animal in commemoration of this act and divide it into three parts.

One third is for family, one third is for relatives, friends and neighbours and one third is given to the poor and needy.

Last year, Eid fell on Friday, September 1, with UAE private sector workers receiving one extra day off to mark the occasion and public sector workers two extra days.

Source: gulfbusiness

The Central Bank of Kuwait said that the data is has published does not delate to bad debts owed to banks or financial companies by a specific category of customers
A statement from the Central Bank of Kuwait said the banking authority “assures that all the figures contained in that report are altogether incorrect, whether at the level of numbers or debt classification.”

Kuwait’s Central Bank has denied media reports that the total bad debts for expatriates in the country during the past four years reached $1.8 billion, saying that the figures are “altogether incorrect.”

The figures stem from a July 18 report in the Kuwait Times in which the newspaper – citing sources – reported that a large proportion of the debts belonged to foreigners who were laid off by the government, with 85 percent owed to local banks and 15 percent to financial facilities companies.

A statement from the Central Bank of Kuwait, however, said the banking authority “assures that all the figures contained in that report are altogether incorrect, whether at the level of numbers or debt classification.”

The statement added that the bank has not published any related data except what is published in its quarterly statistics, and pointed to a 1.4 percent improvement in non-performing loan rations as proof of the “financial soundness and strength of the Kuwaiti banking sector.”

“Furthermore, the data published by the Central Bank of Kuwait in this regard do not relate to the bad debts owed to banks or financial companies by a specific category of customers,” the statement added. "Therefore, the Central Bank of Kuwait underlines the importance of referring to its official reports and periodicals for the correct financial and economic information.”

The bank also urged Kuwait’s media outlets to “exercise caution”, noting that false and misleading information “may adversely affect the financial and economic conditions of the country.”

Source: arabianbusiness

Logistics provider Agility says it witnessed another quarter of volume and revenue growth despite margin pressure
Tarek Sultan, Agility vice chairman and CEO.

Agility, the Kuwait-based logistics provider, on Monday reported a net profit of KD20 million ($66 million) in the second quarter of 2018, an increase of 18.7 percent over the same period last year.

Agility said in a statement that its Q2 revenue rose 12.3 percent to KD384.2 million while posting a balance sheet with KD1.7 billion in assets.

First-half net profit totalled KD38.9 million, up 24 percent on revenue of KD756 million, an increase of 14.1 percent.

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Tarek Sultan, Agility vice chairman and CEO, said: “Our second quarter results were in line with expectations and consistent with the previous growth trend the company has been seeing. Agility’s infrastructure companies performed well, as did our logistics business, which witnessed another quarter of volume and revenue growth despite margin pressure.”

The company said air freight continued its strong performance in Q2, driven by solid volume growth of 14 percent and stable yields compared to the same period of last year. Air freight net revenue grew 21.9 percent in Q2 and 20.3 percent in the first half of the year.

Ocean freight had consistent volume growth but with lower yields, Agility added.

Regionally, air freight and ocean freight performance was strongest in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.


Source: arabianbusiness

The Arabic-language BBC programme "Trending" alleged that Kuwait was part of Iraq until 1920


Kuwait’s government has slammed a BBC Arabic report about the Iraqi invasion of the country in 1990 as “historical fabrications and false allegations about Kuwait’s sovereignty”, according to the state-run Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

According to the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat, the segment on the BBC programme “Trending” hosted by Rania Al-Attar alleged that Kuwait was part of Iraq until 1920.


The statement was quickly condemned by Kuwait’s Ministry of Information.

“Such false claims and serious mistakes are utterly unacceptable, especially when this comes from an international media outlet, which is supposed to observe professional criteria and to clarify, not distort, facts,” said a ministry stated quoted by KUNA.

The statement added that the ministry of information “has the right to persue any entity or institution that deliberately commits this historical distortion.”

In response, according to the Kuwait Times, the BBC noted that it “handles such matters, which are related to its editorial policy based on balance, objectivity and neutrality, with much seriousness, and to do everything necessary to ensure that these criteria are met.”

The BBC segment coincided with the 28th anniversary of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, which was condemned by the international community and eventually led to US-led military operations to restore Kuwait’s sovereignty in January 1991.


Source: arabianbusiness

Passengers on Kuwait Airways will travel normally from T1 at ( Kuwait airport), the official operation of T4 will be fully operational by end of August 2018

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Watch: Elissa Reveals Secret Struggle With Breast Cancer In Heart-Warming Video


Fans of Lebanese superstar Elissa were moved today when the 45-year old singer released her new song on YouTube that reveals she has been secretly fighting breast cancer. The seven-minute video, “For All Those Who Love Me” (Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni), showcases real life radiotherapy sessions and features a voiceover of Elissa speaking about her battle.

 Elissa, Breast Cancer, Lebanese Signer

“I go to radiotherapythen I enter the studio. I finish another session, rest for two hours and to the studio again. Once a week also I was shooting a live show. It’s not me who I felt sorry for. Angy, I felt sorry for the people I loved and this song is for the people we really love and don’t want to leave behind.”

Although the video was only released early today, it has already garnered near one million views and over 6,000 comments from fans sending their well wishes.

The award-winning artist finishes her song with a happy ending, where she announces she has beaten the disease and is recovering. She urges women to get checked so they too can benefit from early detection.

“I’ve recovered, I’ve beaten the illness, and I won…. Early detection of breast cancer can save your life, don’t ignore it, face it.”

The Voice Arabia judge has since shared a photo on her Instagram that features the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery, Elissa.

Source: harpersbazaararabia

Philippine president tells dozens of policemen that they will be ‘watched for mistakes’

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, has threatened to kill corrupt police officers, including those accused of involvement in illegal drugs and other crimes, in an expletives-laden encounter on live TV.

More than 100 policemen, many of them facing administrative and criminal complaints including rape, kidnapping and robbery, were escorted to the presidential palace to meet Duterte, police officials said.

The national police, which the president once called “corrupt to the core”, have been undergoing an internal cleansing since his crackdown on illegal drugs last year, due to reports of abuses. Duterte later allowed them to rejoin drug raids, partly because the small lead anti-narcotics agency lacks personnel and firepower to quell the drug menace.

“If you’ll stay like this, son of a bitch, I will really kill you,” Duterte told the policemen in the dressing-down broadcast by local TV networks.

The cases of some of the policemen will be reviewed, but Duterte warned: “I have a special unit which will watch you for life and, if you commit even a small mistake, I’ll ask that you be killed.”

Addressing the policemen’s families, Duterte said: “If these sons of bitches die, don’t come to us yelling ‘human rights, due process’, because I warned you already.”

Such public threats, along with the more than 4,500 mostly poor drug suspects who have been killed in gun battles with police under Duterte’s anti-drug crackdown, have triggered alarm in western governments and human rights watchdogs since he rose to power in mid-2016.

Duterte has vowed to continue his campaign until the last day of his six-year term, often declaring that he is ready to go to jail, although he denies sanctioning extrajudicial killings. Police say nearly 150,000 drug suspects have been arrested and dozens of law enforcers have been killed in drug raids, proving the danger of battling illegal drugs, which remain a major problem.

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Customs and anti-drugs authorities announced the discovery of about 500kg (1,100lb) of methamphetamine, locally called shabu, concealed in two steel cylinders in two abandoned container vans at Manila’s international container port in one of the largest drug seizures under Duterte.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency chief Aaron Aquino said the vans came from Malaysia, which a drug syndicate may be using as a shipment point, but were never claimed at the Manila port because of stricter screenings.


Source: theguardian


Dammam: A Filipino maid in Saudi Arabia is appealing for help after her employer allegedly threw boiling water at her recently.Gealyn, 24, has been working in Saudi Arabia for only two months but has already experienced abuse from her employer, Aside from throwing hot water at her, she also accused her employer of physically abusing her.

The incident with the boiling water happened after Gavanes’ employer learned that she contacted her agency regarding the alleged abuse.The woman currently in a hospital and under the care of the Overseas Welfare Workers Administration (OWWA).


Security campaign in Amghara, 280 arrested ..

Kuwait A security campaign was held in Amghara area on Tuesday during which more than 1024 individuals were arrested.

80 without valid documents
46 illegal residents 
45 expired visas 
60 workers under article 20
280 to deportation dept.
43 for absconding cases
4 wanted by law
2 liquor & drugs cases 
15 vehicles seized
300 traffic violations

Several for not carrying identification documents in addition hawkers, Others 744 have been released after their documents were rechecked





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