Michael Davenport, British Ambassador to Kuwait, revealed during an exclusive interview with Forces Network that Britain is considering a permanent military presence in Kuwait.

Davenport reportedly said that the Kuwaiti government originally expressed interest in the idea.

“We’re looking at all the possibilities. We’re not talking about a major deployment I don’t think, but we’re looking at what might work for both the United Kingdom and for Kuwait. As I say, it’s at a very early stage.”

In addition to supporting the counter-Daesh coalition, the British partnership with Kuwait includes joint exercising and training packages delivered to Kuwait’s military institutions and Armed Forces.

Last year at the invitation of Kuwait MOD, command personnel from 51 Brigade participated in the US-led multinational exercise Eagle Resolve 15, designed to simulate the combined defence of Kuwait. Due to its success and the strong Defence relationship with Kuwait, personnel from 51 Brigade have been invited to participate in this exercise again next year. Additionally, the Army has accepted an invitation for 2nd Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment to conduct a Land Overseas Training Exercise with Kuwait Land Forces next year to rehearse joint operational planning and deployment.

For many years the UK has continued to advise and develop Kuwait’s Armed Forces through a team of embedded UK officers under the British Military Mission in Kuwait, carrying out a number of supporting roles across Kuwait’s military institutions.

Kuwait: MOI allows holders of article 20 who were reported as absconding to switch employer without the previous employer’s consent after paying the fines, and can transfer to another after 1 year of work


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is set to meet His Highness Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah of Kuwait.  The said meeting is intended for two countries to come up with an agreement which will regulate Filipino workers in the said country.  It will take place either the first week or the second week of March 2018.

Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah announced Duterte’s meeting in Kuwait after an invitation was sent by the Amir.  He further claimed that there is a drafted agreement which is for review by both countries as proposed by Philippine officials particularly to address the unfortunate experiences of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working in Kuwait.

“The Philippine president will visit the country after the Amir sent an invitation to the president. The visit will – God willing – take place in the first or second week of March.”

 “We have been presented with the draft agreement which will be signed by Kuwait and the Philippines. Concerned authorities (in Kuwait) have reviewed the draft.”

According to Jarallah, the two heads of state are on their way to calm the situation by handling the problem accordingly.

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

Looking back, it was after the mysterious deaths of Filipino domestic helpers which triggered Duterte to have thought of issuing an deployment ban of OFWs to Kuwait.  This had become an administrative order after the enraged President had instructed the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to issue total deployment ban upon learning the death of Demafelis, an OFW whose dead body was kept inside a freezer for more than a year.

Following the administrative order, Kuwait had condemned what it considered as an escalation by the Philippines which threatened its bilateral relations when Duterte and its government officials lashed out at Kuwait for maltreatment and abuse of domestic helpers.

This was however categorically denied by Kuwait and stressed that the abuse cases were very limited.  They then assured that such cases will be dealt with according to Kuwait’s governing law.

For this reason, the two countries are to meet for a diplomatic dialogue to prevent the escalation and agreed not to use the media.

Meanwhile, official delegates from the Philippines are to arrive in Kuwait today to have talks with Kuwaiti officials to discuss the condition of Filipino workers and the proposed labor agreement before the official visit of Duterte to Kuwait will take place soon

Recently, the social media was flooded by a post who exposed a picture of a couple whom she claimed to be the suspects who allegedly killed OFW domestic helper in Kuwait, Joanna Demafelis.

The post earned different reactions from the netizens since there isn’t any official report coming from Kuwait authorities that the persons responsible for the death of Demafelis had already been arrested which is not true.

Demafelis was an OFW whose dead body was found inside a freezer and was kept for more than a year.  News circulated that Kuwaiti authorities are in search of her Lebanese employer and his Syrian wife whom they consider as prime suspects of the said crime.

Previously, some reports reveal that Demafelis had been maltreated and strangled to death by her employers. However, as investigation is still going on, the public still awaits for update coming from the government of Kuwait

The Story :

According to Arabnewsonline The Lebanese Interpol upon a request from its Kuwaiti counterpart is looking for the alleged murderers of Filipino domestic worker Joanna Daniela Demafelis, The Lebanese man Nader Issam Assaf and his Syrian wife Mona Hassoun are accused of murdering the Filipina and dumping her body in a freezer. However, the Al-Rai daily quoting the mother of the Lebanese man Nader Issam Assaf said her son is innocent and blamed his wife for what has happened.

The mother said she was on a visit to Kuwait and saw the wife grabbing the victim by the hair and hitting her head on the wall. The mother added, she then told her daughter-in-law to return her to the recruitment office if she was not satisfied with her work and the latter ignored. The mother added, she could not stick to the behavior of the wife and decided to leave Kuwait before the expiry of her visit visa. She went on to say she saw her son 10 months ago in a police station in Syria.

He was in a very bad health condition and he told her he had a bypass surgery. She also said two months ago she called her son and he told her his wife had given birth to a baby.

Philippine officials in Kuwait said they had been coordinating with their Kuwaiti counterparts to launch “rescue missions to save distressed OFWs from abusive employers and harsh working conditions.” They had also been conducting information campaigns to warn Filipinos from being victimized by illegal recruiters, the DFA said.

The whole nation still awaits for the update of the case but all cries justice for Demafelis.

With Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’snewly released administrative order which stated total ban of deployment of OFWs in Kuwait, overseas workers expressed varied reactions where some were in favour while some were not.  However, aside from the Filipinos, the Kuwaitis also had something to say.

Recently, a video posted by a Kuwaiti named Mohamed Aldhufairi gushed the social media as he expressed his sentiments on the said issue.  He was all praises to all the Filipinos whom he described as hard workers.

Mohamed claimed he had seen Filipinos all over Kuwait in shops, in companies and other workplaces. He said he admired them for being hardworking and for having that ‘burning’ passion to perform their best at their jobs.

He added that Kuwaitis love the Filipinos and found them as amazing people.  He said that the Philippines is an amazing country as well whom he described as a place who has the best islands in the whole world.


Mohamed wows the Filipinos for being polite and sincere.  He claimed they are true and sincere to every word that they say and not just merely spoken.

On the other hand, the Kuwaiti also expressed his great admiration towards Duterte for declaring the total ban out of concern to his countrymen.  The order came after there were mysterious death cases in Kuwait and Duterte had to do something to protect the lives of the Filipinos and ensure their safety.  However, he claimed they cannot just let their Filipino workers go because Kuwaitis love Filipinos.

Towards the end of his video, Mohamed showed 2 Starbucks Coffee Shops where he was greeted by the friendly Pinoys.  There he proved how they were passionate with their work, how hardworking they are and how they were easily loved by the Kuwaitis because of being friendly and hard workers.

See below :


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The family of a Lebanese man in whose apartment the body of a Filipina was found is in shock, claiming: “It is impossible for our son to commit such a crime.” The body of Joanna Daniela Demafelis arrived in the Philippines on Friday after it was found in a freezer in the apartment rented by the Lebanese man named Nader and his Syrian wife Mona.

Amid rumors that Interpol has arrested the couple, thought to be in Syria, Al-Rai daily located the family of 40-year-old Nader, who hails from Budai and was raised in Ouzae in southern Beirut. He left his apartment in Kuwait along with his wife 16 months ago. After a court ruling was issued in favor of the owner, police discovered the body of the Filipina maid, who Nader reported absconding two days before he left the country. Murder charges were filed at Maidan Hawally police station after detectives discovered the woman was tortured and suffocated.

Nader’s mother was surprised when she was asked whether she knew her only son was arrested. “I don’t know…did they really arrest him? My son cannot even kill an ant, and for sure his wife put him into trouble,” she said. “How can I save him from this dilemma? Nader is a quiet and reasonable man, unlike his wife, who I realized was cruel and badly treated the maid when I visited them in Kuwait,” she added. “His wife used to bang the maid’s head against the wall. I asked her to return the maid to the office if she did not like her, but she did not pay any heed. I left Kuwait because I couldn’t stand the lack of mercy in her,” Nader’s mother claimed.

Philippines television network GMA spoke to a Filipina who said Joanna was kept hungry, physically assaulted and not paid. Nader’s mother said she saw her son 10 months ago, adding he was a “lost man.” “I didn’t know anything about him, until I learned he was in Syria. I went there with a youth who contacted Mona’s brother, who denied knowing anything about Nader. I felt he was abducted by them. The youth that was with me said, ‘If you are not in touch with Nader, then give me the number of your sister.’ I was then told Nader does not want to see his mother. When we insisted, he gave us a number, and we in turn gave it to the police, who called Nader, and he came,” his mother said. She said Nader was in a very bad state. “I did not know why… he told me something major had happened but couldn’t tell me about it,” she said, adding that on top of that, his wife was pregnant.

The photo of employer/suspects who were allegedly responsible for OFW Joanna Demafelis’ death has been finally exposed in the social media.

Over the past few weeks, the reports regarding the dead body of a female Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) identified as Joanna Daniela Demafelis, which was found inside the freezer of an apartment in Kuwait has been the headlines of local and international news outlets.

The remains of Demafelis has been recovered by the authorities upon serving a notice of eviction for the tenant of Salmiya apartment.

Joanna Demafelis’ 

The apartment where the body of the Pinay OFW has been found was allegedly owned by Syrian woman and a Lebanese man.

Recently, Interpol has launched a manhunt for the primary suspects allegedly responsible for the death of the Filipina migrant worker.

Joanna Demafelis’

Joanna Demafelis’ Employers

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said that they were hoping that justice would be served on Demafelis’ death as they work with Interpol and Kuwaiti police.

Joanna Demafelis’

“There will be criminal charges definitely under Kuwaiti law. There will be criminal charges to be filed against the suspects,” Cacdac said.

Joanna Demafelis’

As of now, the authorities were hunting the Lebanese man and Syrian woman who are primary suspects in the crime. The authorities also found out that the couple was hiding in Lebanon due to charges involving fake checks.



Women had been told not to play the game by the General Presidency of the Holy Mosque
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Picture of women playing board game at Makkah mosque goes viral
Women had been told not to play the game by the General Presidency of the Holy Mosque
A picture of four fully-covered women sitting cross-legged at the mosque and playing a board game went viral on social media, triggering a wide array of comments.
“The women were spotted at around 11 pm on Friday playing the board game Sequence at the western square near King Abdul Aziz Gate,” Saudi daily Okaz reported on Monday, citing a source.
“The operation room was alerted and the women’s section at the General Presidency was tasked with dealing with the situation. Supervisors went up to the four women and requested the women to respect the sanctity of the mosque and stop their game. The women complied and left.”
“Regretfully, there are some people who use such incidents to doubt the professional commitment of the staff and question their work.”
The General Presidency for the Holy Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah confirmed that it had told the women not to play the board game at the Holy Mosque.
Most online users condemned the attitude by the four women whose nationality was not known, saying that they should respect the spiritual significance of the mosque.
“The Holy Mosque is for prayers, supplications and devotion, and all people should make sure nothing else disturbs their piety,” one user said.
However, another user said that although he did not condone the “public show” by the four women, he compared it to the use of smartphones by some worshippers.
“Some people, waiting for prayers or for friends, have a tendency to take out their cell phones and use applications for several purposes,” he posted.

Kuwait’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said Monday that an agreement has been made with Filipino authorities in a bid to regulate workforce in the country.

Authorities in Manila made the request for the preliminary deal, Al-Jarallah told the press after a meeting of a parliamentary committee dealing with foreign affairs.

He revealed that His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has invited Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte to visit Kuwait next month, pointing out that, “calm has by and large been restored after the uproar created by Duterte’s recent remarks.” “We made clear to the authorities in the Philippines that this issue needs to be rectified,” Al-Jarallah said, citing “positive feedback” from Filipino officials.

Meanwhile, Al-Jarallah went on to say that the parliamentary committee has been assigned to investigate the Filipino President’s comments, pending a report to be referred to parliament, On the meeting, the Kuwaiti deputy foreign minister noted that prices of domestic service, which have gone through the roof as of late, was among topics discussed.”We are working closely with our embassies abroad to address this issue,” he added.

  • Philippines to Kuwait: Our passports will be at the Embassy and their salaries through «Knet»

Philippine Ambassador to the country Renato Pedro Ovila disclosed the details of his foreign minister's meeting with the Kuwaiti ambassador in Manila, Assistant to Al-Zawikh, where they discussed the situation of the Philippine employment in Kuwait. He pointed out that the two sides agreed on the importance of the joint meeting scheduled to be held next March on signing a new agreement For domestic workers to ensure their rights and protect them from abuse or abuse, explaining that it is under discussion on determining the date and place.

In a statement to the news agency, Ophila said that his country's foreign minister had asked the Kuwaiti ambassador to extend the deadline given by the Ministry of the Interior to the violators of the Kuwaiti residency law to benefit all members of the Filipino community in Kuwait. From the incident of the victim of the freezer.

He pointed out that 900 of the community members of the violators of the law of residence have already left Kuwait, as well as access to 1800 of the community is cleared from the Ministry of the Interior out of 3000 submitted to take advantage of the deadline granted by the Interior of the violators, according to statistics of the embassy, indicating that the embassy expects That the number of applicants to benefit from the deadline during the current period.

The Philippine Foreign Ministry also proposed that the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait keep the passports of Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait in order to prevent misuse by homeowners.

Philippine Foreign Affairs Minister Alain Kaitano said that if the passport remained in the hands of the Filipino worker, it would be her responsibility to the Kuwaiti government if she left the employer. So the compromise is that the Philippine embassy in Kuwait keeps passports. "

The Philippine Foreign Minister said that some Kuwaiti homeowners holding passports of Filipino workers were preventing them from leaving and reporting violations.

In particular, the Philippine Passport Act of 1996 states: "The Philippine passport shall remain at all times owned by the Government of the Philippines and the holder of the passport shall be a holder of it, as long as the passport is valid and may not be handed over to any person or entity other than the Government or Representatives. " This means that under the law, it is not permissible to hand over the passport even to homeowners and businesses.

He added that the system of salaries of domestic workers should be done through ATM cards, and said at least when dealing with ATMs, in banks, there will be an electronic record to enable us to know whether the workers get their salaries or not.

Kaytano also proposed the idea of creating an international line for Filipino migrant workers to report their concerns immediately.

On the other hand, the Philippine government has formed a technical committee of members of the People's Assembly, whose task is to set a budget for the repatriation of Filipino workers from the Middle East, including those returning from Kuwait.

Gisolito Manalo, chairman of the committee, said that the committee is working in the light of the remarks made by Philippine President Rodrigo Dutertti, which revolves around the axis of preserving the dignity of Philippine employment. The new committee is trying to ensure the rapid settlement of Filipino workers in the Philippines, The Philippine Labor and Employment Minister Silvestre Bello had proposed to the Philippine Congress an increase of 1.1 billion Philippine pesos in the Ministry of Labor budget for the purpose of resettling Filipino workers returning from the Eastern Mediterranean region In the light of the directives of President Rodrigo Duterti.

Members of the Philippine Congress last Wednesday expected the return of 10,000 Filipino workers from Kuwait alone, most of whom would finish working in Kuwait, and called on the Philippine government to urgently prepare for resettlement in the Philippines

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