CBK to introduce free SMS alert service

Kuwait's Central Bank (CBK) has instructed all local and foreign banks in the country to provide their clientele with the Short Message Service (SMS) free of charge, giving them real-time transaction alerts.
the measure as a surveillance tactic that assures clients of foolproof security given the alarming rise in banking fraud


The woman's husband revealed that he had only Dh100 with him and had been unable to raise funds to pay the penalty.


A kind Dubai police officer paid a fine of Dh10,000 imposed on an Arab mother with a 7-month-old baby to save her from being jailed for 100 days. 

Lieutenant Abdul Hadi Al Hammadi, an officer at the Rashidiya police station, came to the rescue of the family after he found that they didn't have money and saw the woman's desperate husband seeking help in vain. 

Abdul Hadi Al Hammadi said he couldn't bear the sight of the husband sobbing in front of him and couldn't come to terms with the thought that the woman may have to languish behind bars depriving the infant of mother's much-needed care.  

It was a financial issue that the woman had got sucked into after she signed a cheque on behalf of her husband's company, and couldn't pay the amount.

The cop didn't want anyone to know about his gesture and keep it a secret, until the local media got a wind of it. He paid the fine without the hope of the money being returned. "On realising that the man had failed to find support from his family and close friends, I decided to help out the family," the Emirati policeman said. 

He added, "I was assigned by my seniors to help people and solve their problems. So when I saw the plight of the couple, I swung into action to ensure that the mother is not imprisoned and goes back home with her child and husband." 

Plight moves policeman

Al Hammadi was busy doing his routine work at the one-day court, when an Arab man entered his office in a dishevelled state and looked completely crestfallen.

He approached the police officer and sobbed while telling him that there was a case against his wife in the court and that they were supposed to pay a fine of Dh10,000 or the mother would face jail for nearly 100 days. The man revealed that he had only Dh100 with him and had been unable to raise funds from kin and acquaintances to pay the penalty.

While narrating his story, the man broke down many times. Al Hammadi said, "I asked him to wait for sometime and spoke about the case to director of Rashidiya police station Brigadier Saeed Hamad bin Suleiman. After instructions, the fine was paid through and the bill of payment was handed over to the man."

"I told him to keep it a secret, but wondered how the media got to know about it. I think it as our duty in the UAE to help people who need care and attention," the police officer pointed out.  

The woman's husband said, "When I approached the policeman, I was feeling helpless and everything seemed dark. I couldn't have seen my wife being jailed, with my little baby left alone. I asked the cop to help us get out of the problem. However, I never imagined that he would save my wife from jail by paying the fine."


Source: khaleejtimes

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A Kuwait Airways aircraft landed off-centred at Kochi International airport following heavy rains early on Tuesday morning. A few runway lights were damaged which were repaired immediately and the 161 passengers in the aircraft were safe. There was no damage to the aircraft also.

According to report from Indian Media, a Kuwait Airways flight KU 357, which arrived at 4.20 am on Tuesday faced difficulties in landing due to inclement weather.

Heavy rain had brought down the visibility drastically due to which the aircraft could not keep the alignment with centre line correctly.

The aircraft moved to the edge of the runway and damaged some runway lights on the southern side. After landing, the aircraft taxied to parking area and the passengers alighted safely.

Flight operations on the runway resumed minutes after cleaning and correcting the runway lights. The aircraft returned to Kuwait at 9.40 am with all passengers after wheel change.

Torrential rains, overflowing rivers and a series of landslides have claimed 45 lives in Kerala.


Heavy rains again hit Kerala on Wednesday killing four more people and taking the death toll to 45 since August 8.

It has been raining heavily in several parts of the state since Tuesday evening. The authorities were forced to open 33 dams across Kerala.

Those reported dead on Wednesday were a couple in Malappuram who were crushed after their house crumbled. Their six-year-old child is missing.

A person died in a Munnar lodge as it crashed. A 70-year-old woman in Ranni near Pathanamthitta was electrocuted as her house was submerged.

The Idukki dam floodgates were reopened late on Tuesday as the water level in the Periyar river and its tributaries flowing through Ernakulam and Thrissur districts rose menacingly.

Following flooding in and around the Cochin International Airport, all flights were cancelled till August 18.

The decision to suspend the operations was taken after shutters of the Idamalayar and Cheruthoni dams, part of Idukki reservoir, were opened last evening to release excess water. 

The airport is situated near the Periyar river bank.

"Operations suspended to/from Cochin International Airport till 1400 hrs...due to flood level in and around Airport," an airport spokesperson said this morning.

The authorities took the decision to shut the airport till afternoon after reviewing the situation. The arrival operations at the airport were suspended for two hours on August 9 in view of possible inundation in the airport area. The operations were resumed later on.

Torrential rains, overflowing rivers and a series of landslides have claimed 40 lives in Kerala. The Met has forecast more rains till Saturday.

Authorities are maintaining a close vigil especially in Idukki district as the shutters of the Mullaperiyar dam were also opened at 2.35 am after its water-level crossed 140 feet.

People living in and around the dam were evacuated late on Tuesday. Leaves of all revenue department officials have been cancelled, authorities said.


President Rodrigo Duterte again floated the possibility of cutting his term short as he expressed frustration over the continuing corruption in government.

In a speech in Malacañang Tuesday (August 14), Duterte revealed telling soldiers and policemen during their August 7 command conference that he is considering stepping down from office.

“Sinabi ko sa mga sundalo at pulis, ‘Guys, I want you to know that I am thinking of stepping down because I’m tired. While I am not against or angry against anybody, my chase against graft and corruption seems to be endless and it has contaminated almost all government departments and offices,” he said.

Duterte, who ran on a platform of fighting corruption and illegal drugs, said graft appears to be “endemic” in government and part of almost all transactions in the bureaucracy.

The President has been firing several officials over corruption allegations since the start of his term.

On Monday (August 13), Duterte dismissed 20 military officials over alleged anomalous transactions at the V. Luna Medical Center, a hospital for soldiers.

He also fired the entire board of Nayong Pilipino Foundation for entering into a supposedly disadvantageous lease contract with a casino developer in Parañaque City.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018 10:44


According to the Fishermen's Union, the number of shrimp or nayra baskets in the Fahaheel market on Wednesday was 19 basket and basket price 85 dinars and the number of bags of lubricant shrimp 25 basket and basket price 35 dinars

The judicial control team launched a large campaign in Hawalli governorate accompanied by media coverage from Kuwait TV during which the cases of direct exploitation of electric current and the misuse of electricity and water meters were seized.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 19:44

For the first time in Kuwait .. Ban fishing

Source: Mashaal Al - Salama - Al Qabas

The head of the Kuwaiti Fishermen's Union Zahir Al-Suyyan said that for the first time in Kuwait, the fishing ban will be applied for two months from Wednesday 15 August 2018 until 18 October 2018 in Kuwaiti territorial waters, similar to the Gulf States. 

He stressed the need to adhere to the embargo periods, pointing out that the General Authority for Agriculture will apply the penalties provided in case of non-compliance with the embargo periods. 

Al-Sawyan said in a statement that all fishermen are looking to open fishing shrimp in the territorial waters and not leave the share of Kuwait from the shrimp go to waste, explaining that the fishing profession faces unprecedented challenges and there are hidden hands pushing towards elimination, hoping to implement the recommendation of the Council of Ministers to provide real support For fishermen, and to reconsider the speed required for shrimp fishing in Kuwaiti territorial waters.

He reiterated the demand of the Minister of Commerce to implement his promises and transfer the importer's auction to the new irrigation market, referring to the strange situation reached by the market of East because of the presence of the importer and the causes of odors odious as well as cases of fraud and mixing fish.

Kuwait was ranked 85th in the world, and Austria is in the lead

Mohamed Marah - Al Qabas Electronic

Kuwait City ranked third in the World Index for Living Welfare, a unit of the Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability. 
The cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates were the Arab leaders, where they ranked 69 and 71 respectively. 
Kuwait was ranked 85th in the world as the best liveable city in a list of 140 countries across the world. 
For the first time, the Austrian capital of Vienna has removed the Australian city of Melbourne from the top of the world's wealth of living index, leading to the world's best live city.
Despite the fact that the Australian city of Melbourne held the first place in the past seven years, this is the first time that Vienna leads the survey "Economist Intelligence", which began in its current form in 2004, and achieved a "near perfect" with a record 99.1, Ranked second with 98.4 and Japanese Osaka ranked third. 
Each year, 140 cities are given 100 marks based on a series of criteria, such as living standards, crime, transportation, infrastructure, education and health care system, as well as political and economic stability. 
On the other side of the index, Damascus remained in the last ranking, and the poll does not include a number of the most dangerous capitals in the world, such as Baghdad and Kabul.
"Although cities in Europe have been affected by the spread of a perception of the threat of terrorism in the region in the past two years that has led to enhanced security measures, last year saw a return to normality," the Economist Intelligence said in a statement released today. Vienna, which has been competing for the title for a long time to replace Melbourne because of its increased rating in the category of stability ». 
The list of the top 10 cities in the world prepared by the «Economist Intelligence» for the year 2018 as follows:

1. Vienna , Austria 
2. Melbourne , Australia 
3. Osaka , Japan 
4. Calgary , Canada 
5. Sydney , Australia 
6. Vancouver , Canada 
7. Toronto , Canada 
8. Tokyo , Japan 
9. Copenhagen , Denmark 
10. Adelaide , Australia .

As for the Arabs, the arrangement came as follows:

1. Dubai , United Arab Emirates, ranked 69 globally 

2. Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates, ranked 71 globally 
3. Kuwait , Kuwait, ranked 85 globally 
4. Doha , Qatar, ranked 87 globally 
5. Muscat , Sultanate of Oman, ranked 90 globally 
6. Bahrain , Bahrain, ranked 94 globally 
7. Oman , Jordan, ranked 98 globally 
8 - Tunis , Tunisia, ranked 106 globally
9 - Riyadh , Saudi Arabia, ranked 108 globally 
10 - Jeddah , Saudi Arabia, ranked 113 globally 
11 - Casablanca , Morocco, ranked 115 globally 
12 - Al Khobar , Saudi Arabia, ranked 120 globally 
13 - Cairo , Egypt, ranked 123 Worldwide 
14 - Algeria , Algeria, ranked 132 globally 
15 - Tripoli , Libya, ranked 134 globally 
16 - Damascus , Syria, ranked140 worldwide

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