(KUNA) -- The Interior Ministry said Tuesday the Coastal Guard will conduct a shooting drill using live ammunition in the country's territorial waters during January 15-17. The exercise will be carried out from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm near the Islands of Qaru and Umm Al-Maradem, it said in a press release.
The Interior Ministry advised sea-goers to refrain from approaching the identified locations during the drill.

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Almost 300 people have been evacuated from a Germany-bound flight after the aircraft made an emergency landing in Kuwait. The pilot requested the landing over a suspicion that there was a bomb aboard. Authorities searched the Eurowings plane on Sunday but found no explosives, Kuwaiti officials said. An initial search "confirmed the plane was explosives-free," KUNA quoted Mansour al-Hashemi, a spokesman for Kuwait's civil aviation authority, as saying.The passengers have been evacuated, according to the state-run KUNA news agency. The pilot has requested an emergency landing at the Kuwait City airport after leaving Oman's capital Salalah, the report added. KUNA cited a bomb scare as the reason for the move. The flight was set to arrive to the western German city of Cologne.

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Lufthansa confirms no bomb

Eurowings said that the plane was directed to Kuwait "for security reasons" without providing details. The Airbus A330-203 carried 286 passengers and ten crew members, according to the company, which is the budget subsidiary of the German flagship Lufthansa. Lufthansa spokesman Tal Muscal confirmed the flight was diverted and that no explosives were found. "I do know there is nothing on board," he said.

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Arrangements and preparations have been completed for the 18th “Hala February” festival that will kick off early next month, said the Higher Organizing Committee
on Saturday.

The annual month long national festival is part of the efforts to stir tourism, shopping and the entire economic scene, committee member Walid Al-Saqa’bi told KUNA.
Hala February 2017 will include a variety of events and activities, for all ages, including intellectual, literary, cultural, religious, entertainment and sports to promote Kuwait’s civilized image, added Al-Saqa’bi, who is also head of the festival’s media committee. Al-Saqa’bi noted that the 2017 version will also focus on youth’s small and medium-sized enterprises and initiatives. Four major private sector malls are taking part in the festival; one of the most successful shopping events in the Gulf, he noted.

The sector’s participation in the Hala February is growing year after year, he said, expecting up to 10 million reward coupons to be offered over the month. 

Hala February 2017 will offer prizes worth $2 million through a multitude of activities, including daily ones, cash and kinds’ awards. Many of the prizes will be handed over to winners live on and by Kuwait TV. Al-Saqa’bi expected 20 percent increase in participation in the festival.


The construction of Sheikh Jaber AlAhmad Al-Sabah causeway is going underway according to its pre-set timeframe and it will be completed by 2018, an official at the Ministry of Public Works said Saturday. 

An undersecretary assistant at the ministry (Eng.) Ahmad AlHassan told the press that 71% of Subiyah link has been completed; it’s where the main causeway crosses Kuwait Bay linking the Shuwaikh Port area on the south side of the bay to the Subiyah New Town area to the north; its total length is 36.14 kilometer. While 51% has been completed at the Doha Link which crosses the south of Kuwait Bay linking Shuwaikh Port with the Doha motorway. 

The Ministry of Public Works, the owner of the project, always conduct inspection visits to follow up on the progression of the work plan, he pointed out. 

In cooperation with Environment Public Authority, periodical reports are being written on any environmental impact of the causeway; reports have been shown no negative effect on marine and land environment, he said.

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah causeway is one of the largest infrastructure projects to be constructed in the GCC region. The causeway project provides 
new strategic highway routes to facilitate planned development to the north of Kuwait City. It reduces distance between Kuwait City and Subiyah area from 104km to 36km; hence, decreasing journey time from 90 minutes to less than 30 minutes. 

Al-Hassan said the causeway is considered to be the longest in the world. He explained that the project has two parts – Subbiya part and Doha part. About 72 percent
of the Subbiya part and 51 percent of the Doha part have been completed so far.

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Kuwait : The traffic sector conducted campaigns throughout the six governorates led to the issuance of 33638 citations, impounding of 66 vehicles ,16 vehicles recovered , arrest of 72 individuals who committed major traffic violations and referral of 10 people to the Deportation Center for driving without driving license, The department affirmed these campaigns are ongoing round the clock in all parts of the country in a bid to strictly implement the traffic regulations and to protect the road users.

Kuwait marks 11th anniv. of late 'Amir of Hearts' Sheikh Jaber

After 11 years have passed since the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah passed away, Kuwaitis still recall the deeds and achievements of the "Amir of Hearts" who spent his life serving his country.
Sheikh Jaber who passed away on January 15, 2006 after being at the helm for 28 years was the 13th ruler of Kuwait.




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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. An image of what looks like severed feet emerged after a diner went with friends to a restaurant in Padua, Italy, and asked for the Chinese delicacy of bear paws.
A Chinese restaurant has been accused of serving human feet after a waiter posted a gruesome picture - allegedly taken in its kitchen - on social media. The grim photo shows what looks like two severed and partially decomposed human feet in a blue bowl. It surfaced after a diner from Slovenia went with friends to a restaurant in Padua, in northern Italy and asked for the Chinese delicacy of bear paws. The waiter, who was not named in reports, claims his picture of human feet were the 'bear paws' that were later served to the Slovenian and his friends.
After seeing the disturbing picture on social media, a regular Italian customer reported it to the authorities. Police and food standards officials inspected the restaurant and found 55lbs of meat and frozen fish of doubtful origin. They also found dirt and grease all over the refrigerators, on the floors and on the oven, reports said. Packages of frog legs and crab meat were reportedly found to be well beyond their expiry dates. Police have consulted a forensic pathologist about the feet picture, who said they appeared human, and say they are still investigating the image's origin. The restaurant's legal status and whether it is still operating are unclear.
Source : Mailonline

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Snapchat has added a new universal search function designed to make it easier for users to gain followers. It has launched for some people on Android globally and will roll out soon to all users.

The first Snapchat update of 2017 is here and it is huge. The app has a totally new look that makes it far easier to find friends, Discover publishers, and Our Stories. 

The noticeable addition is a search bar that shows up on every screen, including your camera. That search bar lets you quickly chat groups and individuals, but also shows you people you may be interested in following. This is somewhat similar to Instagram's Explore tab, but on a much smaller scale. Still, it's something that we've long been waiting for Snapchat to introduce. 

It's surprising to see such a major design overhaul so close on the heels of Snapchat's big December update, which launched groups, new creative tools, and a Shazam integration. But hey, if this is a sign of larger things to come this year, we're here for it.

If you don't see the changes right away, be patient: The update is rolling out to select Android users first, beginning today, with iOS coming soon. Click through to check out how all the new features look in-app.



When  you receive the update, a search bar will be present at the top of your app.

You can search for people using their name or username, or explore new people to follow using the 'Discover' channels or 'Our Stories'.

When you find a new user, the person's card appears.

Holding on someone’s card brings up an overview of their profile, while tapping the card will start a chat with them.

Tapping the story preview icon will bring up their public story.

Fire broke out in the administration offices at Farhan Al-Khaled High School for Boys in Bayan, the fire department was immediately notified. An investigation was opened to find the cause of the fire.




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