Kuwait will deport Syrian and Yemeni violators

A source at the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said Wednesday that the ministry will look into the conditions of Syrian and Yemeni detainees and will deport them to their country if they are in violation.

Al-Rai newspaper quoted the source as saying that "one of the most prominent measures to remove any Syrian or Yemeni resident to his country immediately and for the public interest is to violate the laws in the country or commit a crime according to the rule of Kuwait's interest and security, which is more important than any consideration. To put any surrogate. "

"Those who do not respect or apply the laws of the State of Kuwait will go to his country, even if he is in a war."

He added that "the situation in some Arab countries that were experiencing wars" has become almost stable, "especially in Syria."

The source explained that "in the past the Syrians were excluded from deportation as a result of what they are going through their country, and taking into account their humanitarian situation, and for that was lifted deportation orders and canceled by the Ministry of the Interior."
He pointed out that "the competent committee to conduct a comprehensive study of the cases of those awaiting deportation from the detainees in the Department of deportation headed by the Attorney General Counselor Mohammed Rashid Al-Duaij, issued its report on the implementation of these controls and forwarded to the Ministry of Interior for implementation.

The Syrian government denies that some Syrians reside on its territory through a visit visa.
More than 146,000 Syrians, most of them residents before 2011, have been living in Kuwait, who have worked to bring their families into the country following the war in Syria, through visit visas in the hope of giving them permanent residence or residence.

Source: Syria News Official

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