India's top court bans the Muslim practice that allows men to instantly divorce their wives just by saying 'talaq' three times

India's top court has banned the Muslim practice that allows men to instantly divorce their wives if they say 'talaq' three times.  

India's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday the tradition was unconstitutional and requested the government officially put an end to triple talaq.

The bench comprised of five senior judges of different faiths deliberated for three months before issuing its order. 

The order comes in response to petitions from seven Muslim women who had been divorced by their husbands saying the Arabic word for 'divorce' three times through any medium - text, social media or spoken. 

Now, the government must amend the sections of India's Muslim personal law that allows the practice known as triple talaq.

More than 20 Muslim countries, including neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh, have banned the practice. 

But in India, the practice has continued with the protection of laws that allow Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities to follow religious law in matters like marriage, divorce, inheritance and adoption. 

While most Hindu personal law has been overhauled and codified over the years, Muslim laws have been left to religious authorities and left largely untouched.

Most of the 170 million Muslims in India are Sunnis governed by Muslim Personal Law for family matters and disputes. 

Those laws include allowing men to divorce their wives by simply uttering the word 'talaq', or divorce in Arabic, three times - and not necessarily consecutively, but at any time, and by any medium including telephone, text message or social media post.

The order comes in response to petitions from seven Muslim women who had been divorced by their husbands saying the Arabic word for 'divorce' three times through any medium - text, social media or spoken

Zakia Soman the co-founder of the Indian Muslim Women's Movement, which was part of the legal battle to end triple talaq, said: 'It's a very happy day for us. It's a historic day.

'We, the Muslim women, are entitled to justice from the courts as well as the legislature.'

India's Muslim Law Board had told the court that while they considered the practice wrong they opposed any court intervention and asked that the matter be left to the community to tackle. 

But several progressive Muslim activists have decried the law board's position.

Activist Feroze Mithiborwala told New Delhi television station: 'This is the demand of ordinary Muslim women for over 70 years and it's time for this country to hear their voices.'

The current government supports an end to the practice and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in many public addresses that the practice oppresses Muslim women and needs to be ended.

5 Days off for Eid Al-Adha

Kuwait The cabinet announced that Eid Al-Adha holiday would be 5 days from (Aug 31 - Sept 4), government bodies will resume work on Tuesday the 5th of September

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McDonald’s to shut 169 outlets in India

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Move, following a legal row with a local franchise operator, means all McDonald’s outlets in north and east India including New Delhi will close

New Delhi: McDonald’s said Monday it is shutting 169 restaurants in India after a legal row with a local franchise operator.

The fast food chain’s Indian subsidiary said it was terminating its agreement with Connaught Plaza Restaurant Ltd (CPRL), alleging breach of contract and payment defaults.

The move means all McDonald’s outlets in north and east India including the capital New Delhi will close, although the company said it would look for a new partner.

McDonald’s outlets will remain open in south and west India, where it uses a different franchise operator.

“We have been compelled to take this step because CPRL has materially breached the terms of the respective franchise agreements relating to the affected restaurants,” the company said in a statement.

McDonald’s shut over 40 of its restaurants in Delhi in June after they failed to renew their eating house licences, a police registration to operate a place of public entertainment.

The fast food restaurant market in India is worth some $1.5 billion and growing at around 15 per cent a year, according to Delhi-based consulting firm Technopak.

With a population of 1.25 billion, more and more of whom have the money to eat out, India is an attractive market for foreign fast-food firms.

But foreign operators must have a local partner to operate and the process can be highly bureaucratic, with restaurants needing an average of 50 licences to operate.

Major multinationals such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds were effectively locked out of India until as late as the mid-1990s before the government began to open up the economy.

Executives at CPRL could not immediately be reached for comment.

Company chief Vikram Bakshi told the Press Trust of India news agency that CPRL was considering what legal recourse was available.

“This is a completely contemptuous, malafide and yet another oppressive act indulged in by the McDonald’s,” Bakshi was quoted as saying.

Bakshi has been locked in a legal battle with McDonald’s global management since he was ousted as the managing director of the joint venture in 2013.

Last month an Indian tribunal restored Bakshi as the managing director and ordered the American food chain to pay him Rs1 million ($15,590).

No work permits for North Koreans

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KUWAIT CITY: According to a decision taken by Residence Affairs Department of the Ministry of Interior on July 18, 2017, work permits will not be issued for North Koreans, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The decision also says about 1,800 North Koreans will be affected by the decision because the authorities will also not renew the work permits of those who are already in the country. Most of those affected by the decision are working with contracting and construction companies.

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Kuwaiti authorities have begun taking measures against North Korea, including stopping direct flights to and from Pyongyang, state news agency KUNA cited an official source in Kuwait's foreign ministry as saying on Thursday.

The official source said the measures included stopping entrance visas for North Korean workers and stopping the issuance of commercial licenses.

Kuwait's measures come as U.S. President Donald Trump ratcheted up his rhetoric toward North Korea on Thursday.

Trump said North Korea should be "very, very nervous" if it even thinks about attacking the United States or its allies, after Pyongyang said it was making plans to fire missiles over Japan to land near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.

The United Nations Security Council imposed new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday that could slash by a third the Asian state's $3 billion annual export revenue over Pyongyang's two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in July.

The Kuwait foreign ministry said it was committed to implementing Security Council resolutions on North Korea.

It also said it had stopped financial transactions and loans to North Korea, banned all North Korean imports and decreased the numbers of North Korean diplomats in the country.

The United States has called on countries to sever diplomatic and financial ties with Pyongyang and suspend the flow of North Korean guest workers, as well as impose bans on North Korean imports.

Lebanon helps foils plot to take down plane in Australia

Lebanese intelligence plays major role in foiling the plot to take down the plan bound for Abu Dhabi

FILE -- In this Nov. 15, 2015, file photo, Lebanese Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk holds a press conference at the police headquarter in Beirut, Lebanon. Machnouk said Monday that the country’s police intelligence played a major role in foiling a plot to bring down an Emirati passenger plane that was supposed to take off from Sydney in Australia to the United Arab Emirate capital of Abu Dhabi. (Bilal Hussein/Associated Press)

Beirut: Lebanon’s interior minister says the country’s police intelligence played a major role in foiling a plot to bring down an Emirati passenger plane that was supposed to take off from Australia.

Nouhad Machnouk told reporters Monday that four Lebanese-Australian brothers, including one who is in detention in Lebanon, had plotted to blow up the plane with a bomb hidden inside a large Barbie doll.

Speaking to told the Saudi-owned television station Al Arabiya Al Hadath he said the bomber had planned to blow up a plane bound for Abu Dhabi.

Australian authorities have said they thwarted a credible terrorist plot to down an airplane by smuggling a device onboard.

They have provided few details, including the precise nature of the threat or any airlines involved.

Machnouk said two other brothers are held in Australia while the fourth is a senior member of Daesh based in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.

Earlier this month an Australian man was detained in Sydney during raids to disrupt what authorities described as a Daesh-inspired plot to bomb an Etihad Airways flight.

Source : Gulfnews

Kuwait removes ban on Palestinians teachers

The first Palestinian teachers to arrive in Kuwait following a hiatus of 26 years said they were looking forward to “renewing the educational achievements accomplished by their predecessors who taught generations of Kuwaitis.”

“The contract with the Kuwaiti ministry of education is a great opportunity for us because of the increasing levels of unemployment in our country,” Diya Abdul Qadir, a physics teacher, said.

“We are so keen on the reinstatement of Palestinian teachers in Kuwait, especially since our Palestinian predecessors have left an outstanding impression on this land. We will again boost the reputation of Palestinian teachers as we endeavour to help lift the level of education in Kuwait to new heights,” Diya who left Palestine for the first time in her life, told Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas.

Osama Al Awiwi, a chemistry teacher, said the new Palestinian teachers were aware of the significance of their “noble mission.”

“We have come a long way from our homes, more than 1,800 kilometres away, to Kuwait in order to prove to the world that the Palestinian teachers are an integral part of the Arab and Muslim people and we will prove our aptitudes and capabilities and do our best to enhance the skills of the students,” he said.

Aslam Razaqat, a Maths teacher, said that he and his colleagues were keen on restoring ties between Palestine and Kuwait in the education field.

“Palestinian teachers are serious and competent and we will be as committed to the highest standards of education in Kuwait as we were in Palestine,” he said.

The recruitment was the first after Kuwait last year lifted its ban on hiring Palestinian teachers.

Palestinian teachers achieved an enviable reputation in Kuwait after they made remarkable contributions to the development of education in the country, mainly in the 1960s during the early days of the nation-building process.

However, their status plummeted in 1990 in the wake of a deep Kuwaiti-Palestinian rift following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussain, which was supported by Palestinian leaders.

Kuwaitis felt betrayed by the pro-Saddam attitude of the Palestinians and following its liberation in February 1991, the government cut off ties with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), froze its financial backing and expelled a large number of Palestinians from the country.

Bilateral relations started to improve in December 2004 when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas apologised for the Palestinian position on Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

Relations have since evolved and Kuwait repeatedly announced multimillion dollar donations for development projects in Palestine.

In April 2016, Kuwait’s education ministry said that it would be recruiting hundreds of Palestinians to teach mathematics and science in its schools. The teachers will be hired from Palestine or locally from the Palestinian community in Kuwait, it added.

However, as the education ministry announced its decision to end the hiatus, the interior ministry said that the Palestinian passport was not enough to grant them the residence permit that will allow them to stay and work in the country.

The legal hurdle was cleared one month later after the ministry said it would request Palestinians to present their passports as well as their travel documents when they apply for the residency permits.

“We need the travel documents because it allows us to deport the expatriate home in case he breaks the laws of Kuwait,” a ministry official said. “It is the guarantee that we need as a security department so that we do not face the issues we faced when dealing with Palestinians carrying Syrian, Jordanian or Egyptians documents, who were not accepted back on deportation by the countries that gave them the documents.”

With plans to hire 180 teachers in maths, physics, chemistry, biology and geology for the next academic year, a delegation from Kuwait’s education ministry in spring travelled to Palestine where it conducted tests and interviews to choose the successful applicants from a list of 1,173 teachers, including 425 women.

However, following the final selection, the ministry was able to recruit only 103 after the other 77 successful applicants said they would not agree to work for a monthly salary of 480 Kuwaiti dinars , well below the KD800 they had expected to receive.

2 Sisters Fighting Over A Man Die, After One Mistakenly Pushes The Other To Her Death Then Kills Herself In Indonesia


According to facebook user Aishat Alubankudi Two pretty sisters from Bandung,Indonesia fell in love with the same guy.

The moment you finds out that he is dating someone else, thats the moment you should make a final decision that he is not worth dying for over other women. Two pretty sisters from Bandung, Indonesia fell in love with the same guy. When the elder sister knew about it, she confronted the younger sister and a heated quarrel started.This led to a fight during which one of them was pushed and fell from the balcony of a high rise building. Out of guilt and in fear, the remaining sister also jumped to her death. Many onlookers tried to persuade her to give up the idea but it was too late.

Kuwait Eid Holiday Announcement

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Kuwait Eid Holiday From August 31, To September 4 ..

Day of Arafah On Thursday August 31
Eid Al-Adha On Friday September 1


MINISTRY OF INTERIOR KUWAIT : Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians nationals are required to check with the General Department for Residency Affairs to amend their data so that they can travel

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Increase the security force at the Kuwait International airport 250 officers

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Kuwait Photography
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Awami Housemaid Office
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