Kuwait Traffic department ready for national day celebrations

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Traffic department is ready to carry out its duties as part of the security plan for the celebration of National and Liberation Days. Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Maj Gen Fahd Al-Shuwaie said that the plan was set on the instructions of Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah to deal with traffic jams and maintain traffic flow. Shuwaie said bad behavior must be avoided during driving as streets will see a large number of pedestrians, children and families, so all efforts should be made to avoid any accident.

KUWAIT: Abbassiya stabbing incident: Sushma Swaraj seeks immediate report


The external affairs minister Smt Sushma Swaraj reacts to the stabbing incident of an Indian national in Abbassiya and said that the Indian Embassy in Kuwait has taken up the incident with authorities at the "highest level".

“I was informed about the stabbing of Mrs. Gopika Shajikumar an Indian national from Kottayam. I asked for an immediate report and we have complete details of the unfortunate incident,” Minister tweeted. “Our Embassy has taken up the matter at the highest level in Kuwait to ensure safety and security of Indian nationals there,” said Swaraj. She also wished Gopika a speedy recovery.

In a tragic incident, Indian staff nurse working at Jahra hospital was stabbed in an attempted robbery incident at Abbasiya on Tuesday morning while she was coming back home after finishing her duty. She underwent a surgery at Farwaniya hospital and her condition is out of danger.

Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain had taken up the issue of such incidents against Indian expatriates living in Abbasiya on several occasions with high level authorities. In an earlier meeting, he had briefed the situation in Abbassiya during his meeting with Farwaniya Governor and with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior on various occasions. However there is no solid action from the authorities yet.

6 Injured In Mahboula Fire

Kuwait : Residents had to be evacuated from their building following a fire broke out at building in Mahboula area yesterday, 30 people were safely evacuated from the building, 6 people were injured including two firefighters, an investigation is opened to know causes of the fire.



UAE to build 'first city' on PLANET MARS by 2117


As the space war intensifies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has come up with a new programme that will make humans' longtime dream of settling on the Red Planet a reality.

mars city architecture

The UAE, having scaled the heights of Earth with the world's tallest building, has now announced its plans to build first city on Mars by 2117.

The UAE's Mars 2117 Project was announced by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Gulf News reported on Tuesday.

Mars City United Arab Emirates Full Width Tall 1020x544

Mars City Building Interiors 1020x610

Mars City Design 1020x610

UAE's 2117 Mars project, which will be in collaboration with specialised international organisations and scientific institutes, aims to explore how people can get to Mars and how to create food and energy on the Red Planet.

The announcement was made on the sidelines of the World Government Summit in the presence of representatives of 138 governments, six major international organisations, as well as leading international tech companies. As part of a 100-year national programme, the UAE will set in operation a plan to prepare national cadres who can achieve scientific breakthroughs to facilitate the transport of people to the Red Planet over the next decades.

The 100-year plan will involve scientific research programmes to nurture national cadres specialised in space sciences at universities in the UAE. "The landing of people on other planets has been a longtime dream for humans. Our aim is that the UAE will spearhead international efforts to make this dream a reality," said Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed said the short-term goal is to develop the capacities and skills of Emiratis. "The 2117 Mars initiative is a long-term project, which will first help develop our education, universities and research centres that will empower young Emiratis to enter all disciplines of scientific research fields," he said.

In 2015, the UAE announced its Mars Probe mission, which will send the Arab world's first spacecraft to the Red Planet in a scientific exploration mission that will land on planet in 2021. The 2117 Mars project will also try to find faster transportation methods for travelling to and from Mars.

Meanwhile, SpaceX's Elon Musks and NASA have expressed their plans to send humans to Mars as early as 2020s and 2030s, although both have a common obstacle in their ambitious plans – lack of funds.

Facebook scammers steal pictures of a toddler with chickenpox to con people out of cash by pretending he has CANCER

Scammers have been using pictures of a three-year-old boy with chickenpox all over his body and claiming that he has cancer in order to con people out of their money. 

Jasper Allen hit the headlines last summer when he was hospitalised for five days with the worst chickenpox doctors had ever seen after being turned away by a GP’s receptionist. But his mother Sarah Allen, 36, was recently shocked to discover the photos of the sores - covering every inch of his body - have emerged again, posted by social media charlatans.

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The pictures have racked up millions of shares alongside claims he has cancer and needs money for surgery.

Nursery manager Sarah, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, alleges she has reported the photos to Facebook 30 times since she spotted them earlier this month but said they have not been taken down. Married mother-of-two Sarah, who also has a daughter Poppy, six, with postman husband Keith, 38, said: 'I first saw and reported the pictures two or three weeks ago.

'The photos of Jasper are on Google, but that’s not the point. It’s not the fact they stole the pictures, it’s the fact they’re lying - cancer is not something you should joke about. 'I have had friends and family call up thinking Jasper actually has cancer. It is really upsetting and distressing. I’ve even seen people commenting on the post offering to transfer donations.

'I think it is disgusting. They are scammers. They can’t be real human beings, because no person would think this is ok. They are making up lies. 'I commented on the post and said "you sick b******, this is my son, he does not have cancer, take these pictures down" and the page liked my comment. 'What Jasper went through was awful but it was nothing compared to cancer. That’s why you shouldn’t just throw something like that around. It is not a joke. 

'Facebook can achieve amazing things, but sometimes it fails you.'

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Jasper was hospitalised last July after developing 'hundreds' of chicken pox spots but his mother claimed she was refused an appointment at her GP surgery 48 hours earlier because a receptionist did not think his condition was severe enough. She launched a petition calling on the government to make a vaccination against the disease - currently only available to certain children on medical grounds - free for all on the NHS as part of the routine childhood immunisation schedule.

But now the fake post - which claims Jasper has cancer and said Facebook bosses have agreed to donate money for surgery for him - has more shares than her original awareness message. It reads in full: 'This little baby has cancer and he need money for surgery. Facebook has decided to help by giving. 1 Like = 2 dollars. 1 Comment = 4 dollars. 1 Share = 8 dollars. Please don’t scroll down without typing Amen.' Sarah claims she has reported the pictures to Facebook about 30 times for copyright breach, child nudity and inappropriate content and received a response from the social media giant stating one of the profiles had been taken down.

But she claims the post is still visible and has now racked up 1.2 million shares, 239,000 likes and 149,000 comments. Sarah said: 'Seeing those photos keep coming up on Facebook is hard - it was a horrible time. And it isn’t just Jasper - they are doing this to people all the time. 'Everyone is commenting on the posts saying it is not cancer, it is a little boy with chicken pox. 'I have reported it for nudity, for copyright and for inappropriate content - about 30 times in total. 'I have had so many people message me about it and I keep reporting it constantly, lots of my friends have reported it too.

'I received a message from Facebook saying it had been removed but it is still there. 'Apparently these fake pages share as much as they could to get likes and followers, then when they have enough they sell the page to someone who wants it for business. 'Now this fake post has more shares than my petition calling on the government to make the chickenpox vaccination part of the NHS’ routine childhood immunisation schedule.

'Facebook need to make the reporting process better and take things like this down straight away. You can’t even have a breastfeeding photograph on Facebook without it being taken down, but somehow this is fine?'

Source : Mailonline


3 Days holiday for National and Liberation day

3 Days holiday for National and Liberation day .The Cabinet : 3 days holiday for Kuwait National and Liberation day for all state bodies from Friday to Sunday ( Feb 24 Friday - Sunday Feb 26) All public sector institutions will resume work on Monday Feb 27, 2017

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Liberation Day is celebrated as a public holiday in Kuwait

Every year aside from their National Day, Kuwait also celebrates Liberation Day every 26th of February. This official public holiday is celebrated in honor of the country’s independence from Iraq after the first Gulf War.

History of Liberation Day in Kuwait

From the time Kuwait has been released by the British, The government of Iraq found Kuwait to be promising because of the discovery of large oil reserves of the country. In fact, on 1952, the country became the largest exporter of oil in the Persian Gulf Region. Being one of the wealthiest regions in the Arabian subcontinent, Kuwait’s economy sky rocketed and attracted several opportunities from foreign countries.

However, it was on 1982 that Kuwait gone through a short period of deterioration in economic standing and prices in oil all went down. During the Iran-Iraq war, the Kuwaiti market finally recovered and even managed to fund Iraq for eight years on its battle against Iran. But conflict started to develop between Iraq and Kuwait when the latter refused to pardon the former on its billion dollar accountability.

Disagreement developed between the two countries and on 1990, Iraq finally declared war and invaded Kuwait. Because of this, the Persian Gulf War was established which participated by over 34 nations who wished to dismiss the Iraqi rule over Kuwait.

And finally, on February 26, 1991, Iraq’s authority over Kuwait was abolished declaring the country as independent and on full sovereignty.

Liberation Day in Kuwait Traditions, Customs and Activities

The Liberation Day celebration of Kuwaiti is celebrated by the whole country with pride and salutation as the country was able to make a stand and run on its own.

It is a whole day of public gatherings and parades participated and organized by many different civic groups and government organizations. The country also remembers the 605 Prisoners of War who are still in the hands of the Iraqi government up to the present time.

WhatsApp launches encrypted disappearing picture message service to take on Snapchat

WhatsApp could put the brakes on Snapchat’s international growth with today’s launch of WhatsApp Status, a new tab for sharing decorated photos, videos and GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. It’s another Facebook-owned Snapchat Stories copycat, but the twist is that it’s end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp messaging.

WhatsApp tested the feature for beta users in November, and now the Status tab is rolling out worldwide on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Users can watch updates from friends and reply privately, shoot and adorn their imagery with drawings and captions and send their creations to all their contacts they’ve chosen with a persistent privacy setting. Sending media to specific friends is still done through message threads.

Status could also open up new advertising opportunities for WhatsApp. If it followed Snap and Instagram’s lead, it could insert full-screen ads in-between friends’ Statuses.

The new Status feature replaces WhatsApp’s old AOL Instant Messenger-style away messages. That was actually WhatsApp’s only feature when it launched almost exactly 8 years ago.

“The original idea behind the project was to build an application that lets your friends and other contacts know what you’re up to,” CEO Jan Koum writes. But the company tells me it saw so many people quickly updating these statuses to communicate in real time that it pivoted to chat, but always kept the away Statuses.


Now WhatsApp has 1.2 billion monthly users, with users sending 60 billion messages per day, including 3.3 billion photos, 760 million videos and 80 million GIFs. WhatsApp is parleying this success in messaging back into broadcast social media in a way that could spell trouble for Snapchat. If WhatsApp Status takes off, it could hinder Snap’s global growth opportunity in user-generated content, forcing it to rely on squeezing more cash out of existing users, or earning more revenue from hardware or professional content.


Instagram Stories, now with more than 150 million daily users, showed how appealing a good-enough Snapchat clone conveniently bolted onto a popular app could be. TechCrunch first reported that Instagram Stories was stealing Snapchat usage and lowering its view counts, according to analytics providers and social celebrity managers. And Snap’s IPO filing showed a massive 82 percent drop-off in its user growth rate from 17.2 percent in Q2 2016 before Instagram Stories launched to 3.2 percent after in Q4.

Instagram was bold enough to stick Stories in its main tab above its feed, while WhatsApp is burying Status a lot more in a separate tab. But Status has the opportunity to spread the Stories slideshow format to parts of South America, Eastern Europe and the developing world, where Snapchat doesn’t have strong traction yet. If these users aren’t already on Snapchat, they won’t even see Status as a clone.


WhatsApp had been positioned as few-frills utilitarian chat while Facebook Messenger sported all the bells and whistles. But late last year, WhatsApp adapted to the visual communication age with the launch of additional camera features. Now the question is whether WhatsApp can eat some of Snapchat’s lunch abroad without watering down its core product.




Emir Cup between Kuwait and Kazma Club on Tuesday, 02.21.2017 Final

Emir Cup between Kuwait and Kazma Club who will be on the ground Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium on Tuesday, 02.21.2017 Final


Kuwait Project Salmiya Salem Al-Mubarak St. Into A Pedestrian Street.

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